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physics dorks are actually really good at it, theyll argue scemantics and back it up with identical forms of equations between the systems

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you can explain most of electronics with real world metaphors
not so much

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the dummy books are not very good for math =\
pretty sure thats everyone
even advanced math geeks, i think most of them are pretty specialized
yeah that was yuuuuge for me
well integrating, its just tables and practice
the wolfram thing is actually super helpful with that stuff
but trig, thats hard to fake
like it just assumes youre cool with trig identities and will intuitively see alternate solutions because of it
so all the hard shit in calc and diff eq was trig related
yeah the wolfram thing is algorithmic enough it doesnt, which i like

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khan academy is pretty good, similar flow to most textbooks ive used
for textbooks, i google for syllabus PDFs
yeah they have problems, im not sure they have in depth text explanations
you know whats really good for step by step explanations?
you know how wolfram alpha has subscription thing?
their app does all the same shit and its like, one time pay under $5
or was
i got it way over a year ago so maybe diff
but it understood things from their step by step format as much as from text explanations in books
which sometimes suck
er, *I understood

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but it died same place i sold the 280z so maybe went down same way so i merged the memories
i think the 280s was kind of the coolest experience
even with rusted out holes in the body

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muffler fell off the crx, i got a muffler shop friend of a friend to straight pipe it
was like 1.5L motor, my friend said he could hear my driving away all the way to 5th gear
and THEN i got a turbo high flow muffler put on, because cheap
almost as loud
neither was fart can sounding tho
and then the head siezed up
totally unrelated
thats the only car i have zero recollection of selling

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wait no im confusing estate with some other stance dork term for diplomat looking car
right because europeans
but yeah, fuck that guy
the coolest thing about the volvo was how it handled
was way more bmw than benz
yeah i think the forward ones are sometimes resonant chambers, dont muffle much

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that would be a neat track car
more affordable then a miata
thats not that estate
look at all that matte black

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80s vette, no way the tires going in the car
viper, prob same
nsx didnt have huge tires, not going in the car
fiero, mr2, nope
sub voof
ill put an led in the port
also, fuck stanced cars
on so many levels
but tire economy is a huge one
a lot of cars have independent rear suspension
since the 70s
prob not your jeep
because jeep people are afraid of post ww2 tech
my crx didnt have ind rear suspension
its like the last one
and it had a twist axel
as a form of anti roll, like two pieces with tortsion bar between or some shit

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and car is at least two 55s fast
but not much more, geared really short
the CRX had 13" wheels
i carried all 4 unmounted tires to my car in one trip
they all fit in the car
well thats because youre a big giant ogre mfkr
hmm, misleading
also i dont think ive ever owned anything with a spoiler
280z didnt have one, crx didnt, and my tC is tastefully unoptioned
macegr: no

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fellow kids get in my car, see a tachometer and a coolant temp guage and are like, YO IS THIS SHIT FAST
want to slap
i say yes

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ive probably forgotten similar stuff in the freezer
there you got two points you are officially pro
charge yourself $3000
wait did you have to solder?
if you had to solder or screwdriver, $8000
well thats cool you know youre all about the ring terminal now
im just talking about the calibration part
cal shop isnt going to do all that
whatever its a vehicle UI temps are good
show me all the temps

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with ice cubes, you have to smash hard
i guess ideally you would freeze the sensor into the ice cubes
poor sensor
i dunno if that works great for calibration because it would prob form a vapor barrier
macegr: yeah i dunno, because so much air in the frost
probably tho because i bet it melts a bit around the sensor and refreezes
like if you left it there it would work

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you says 93C before
but yeah typically with kettle and ice cubes i get within a C
not all the boiling water is boiling until its like, all angry
and rumble noise doesnt mean boiling at all

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