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because theyre pissed off they still have to make them

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you almost always use AA in pairs tho
and volume is probably comparable to 9v
just not very space efficient, so much of it is packaging

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anyway i can use normal battery holders, too
i dont want to do the charging circuit either, so using standard rechargable battery makes sense
but this, but batteries, but charger

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they have really shitty max current
which is guess is good because they kind of have shitty capacity
i want to do a thing with AAA size li-ion
but i know it wont work with AAA alkaline
and i already dont want to customer services
easy to charge, small
is to get like +/-8v
and low dropout
too big
i have
i suck on three of them all day
those, yeah fuck those
thats too small
im pretty sure the 14430 or whatever is what theyre making most of now
prob whats in an ego

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shrug, ECO or guerilla manufacturing
you have a deadline, you use values you know work, you boss win, you go back and clean up the BOM to save money next runs
so the problem is, the running changes almost never happened on shit i worked on, because they didnt have time to change shit on a current product, how the fuck they have time to change shit on a product thats already shit, its done, not priority, everyone sick of it anyway
so possibly your devices are an example of project management done right
*thats already shipped
not shit, but in many cases the typo is true
and by current product i mean current development
but fuck that shipped shit that shit can go die

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sounds like someone had a plan
same device?

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do you have ir cam
look for dots
also pieces of glue
but yeah if nothing obvious, i would try and disco the psu and make sure that does something
i dunno if that means cutting wires or cutting traces, or what
or be brave, just plug the shit in and feel for the hot thing

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heh, so i hear this guy trying to sound badass like ILL CUT DA POWER ON DAT MFKR
then i thought, good change person has solar and an inverter, hed cut the power and maybe nothing would happen
now what meat head
not as scary i guess
ohsixi: is it flux or something like comformal coating?
you would thing 30 years would be enough time for flux to eat all the things
well, youre fixing it so ya, could be flux

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thats kinda cool
but then you need a usb micro to female A cable
like, to use it with other peoples phones

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ive never had the otg not work with a micro to female A adapter
for storage shit
timecop: so its weird micro-usb storage is not a popular thing

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