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i could cut the end and maybe make that work
its hard shit to smash against
and would need to be big to incluse a radiused opening to not creat localized stress

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i got some sony stereo bluetooth headset dealy
only negatives in reviews i can see have to do with one side going out
so i thought maybe i get some heatshrink boots for the end
and now im like omg look how cheap how come we dont do this to everything
for deez
i just realized i dont know how i will install the heatshrink
short of a teardown
so back to the original plan
RTV boot
no this stuff is like under 2mm recovered
check pics
right so cant install
there is 10mm stuff

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but what about stumbling around at night?!
also grey on black works fine in bright
dork mfkrs from design school seem to think grey on dark grey and light grey on white is an okay thing now

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17:03:30 <@Rab> Serial terminals did text on black background since the beginning of time. Black on white is some Macintosh 1984 shit, i.e., O.G. hipster.
personally i cant fucking stand white on black
so hard on the eyes, its like metal tweeters for your eyeballs
all about that medium grey on black
but like, using black on white in a dark room you look away, youre cant see anything. walking in a dark room try and read black on white, staring into blindness for several seconds
go back to walking, now blind
just, no

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