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fuckin books

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3A into 10Ah battery that sounds pretty safe?
find some chinachip
now you are just being lazy
you dont even smoke weed you have no excuse
oh haha

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the charging part of an audiophile battery system is kinda of the wtf part
like i guess it auto charges charges when the thing is off but thats pretty lame it just dies if you leave it connected to shit so i dunno that seems more complicated top level design and less fun
but probably it could sell, we get timecop to figure out the marketing
no this is for the audiophooz

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so dunno how much luck i find anything turnkey
mobile app is the more fun one, like maybe some sort of big pack
but yeah just using them in general would be pretty neat once charging is sorted
or just really or really, really high current batteries
which are a thing now, i have more confidence in them now that ive used one 2" from my face almost shorted out for a couple years
nicotine, yay. or something
also i think caps could help
then have all the switching crap in the external charger

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high class bums
im not trying to deal with cops over a whole foods cart
oh cool i like those
rab: kinda not enough but i look into their other stuff ty
i usually just grab the baskets
i remember the ti software getting annoying
i want to look into big strings
to do audio rails w/o switching supplies

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im guessing extremely well
if not, itll prob look cool when it chips away
rab: i think edges might be an issue
media blaster would be so neat
rab: like any li-ion charging ic?
ive played with ti stuff before

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i want a miata
an NB

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i think stuff like that ends with ticket and court date, instant license suspension, get picked up, car impounded if parked in illegal spot and you got no one else to legally move it
and yeah i think she actually has a decent defense with the lane ending like that, unless thats just how they do it wherever that is
its like theyre trying to kill you
traveling has taught me to respect california transportation engineering
haha, probably that shit is in california somewhere

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but right i dont think she didnt notice him, she was ignoring him and smiling because embarassed and stupid

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the shit is theres no clear end to the lane, theres no signs
when it looks like its ending to me, shes not alongside completely yet
but its ambiguous, regardless shes a bitch
blackmoon: which is why he should have backed off instead of getting that close to double yellow with oncoming traffic with her off the road
if there was a pole or someone trying to get out of a driveway with nose out, she would have had to cut in, he could have died, and it would have been his faul;t in the sense that theeres no reason he had to stay alongside to honk at her to make the point
he could have done the same thing without doing that

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laws aside, thats just the right thing to do for lots of reasons
no she was ignoring him
she knew
she got about half a car length on him
its not clear when the lane ends
she was smiling, she was just ignoring him, she was embarrassed because she did something stupid and got caught
anyway, if there was a clear end to the lane, and she was half a car length when it happened, biker should have backed off
shed be a bitch for doing it, but ahead is ahead
if youre even, shrug i dunno, if im trying to pass someone ill back off
doesnt happen much but it happens, highways go through towns here so youre trying to go 55, someone trying to do 25, so you try and get ahead or stuck behind them for 5 minutes

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you do if if your next
hes right typically you merge L/R/L/R, but theres also the general, if you got like half a car length on someone, youre ahead
the lines in the road are also on crack
the lane ends up being inches wide
that doesnt happen in california
i dont think ive ever seen that
anyway, real problem in the first vid is hes on a motorcycle and she didnt give him space

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accelerate into spot to merge is how to merge?
match speed, look for traffic, if its there, go faster, merge
well thats accelerating to merge, thats just being an asshole

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