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not doing that saves a fuckton of time, money and freakouts

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ohsixi: thats kind of my point if they didnt rip off the actual dies, and it doesnt seem like that did
they mostly did implimentation, and not so much work into the designing the spec
profit is in $ vs speed and peripheral set, so your kind of gambling on the market when you design the peripherals of a family of product

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right and if youre doing serious numbers, youre prob still going to get better reliability and response from the original developer
well, at first, fuck knows how ST handles it if it becomes super widespread

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its like, is a ripped off circuit a ripped off circuit, what if the layout is the same, what if component values are the same, which if the individual blocks of the circuit have existed before, etc etc
like, basically, how much time and how much money for lawyers you got
rab: right yeah i think thats a good way to put it
rab: i guess the other thing to consider is if clone is really a bad thing in this context

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if theyre paying arm, theyre just responding to the market
if theyre not paying ARM, theyre making pirat clones
if thats the case, doesnt seem much diff than google making android using javas code spec
assuming the dies arent literal copies, which they might be, then mostly theyre ripping off top level design via documentation
and then right, what is a clone, and what is just using standard uC blocks in a way that makes sense to modern customers

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i dont know
software will be detailed later
eece is having a budget/staffing crisis, shrug
pretty sure i want to put the extra work for a BSEE, but i dont think i want to get it at this school
mech eng department pretty cool, tho
department share a head, that guy is an ME, so i dont think things will get better in two years

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anyway, save fellow kids $4, make like $.06 on each one (aaaw jeeeeeeah)
has anyone used this TI cortex shit?
does not seem cheap, nor fast
more of a curiosity
they were using discoveries last semester
tho one section, i guess everybody failed everything almost all the times, so everyone got a B
like, wat

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dont stand on axis, wear thick gloves, believe in gods
or i guess dont stand in the cutting plane
i mean its all the same, if you read comics thats probably ok too
k i ordered four so taxed and shipped they are $16/ea
oh man huge accident sound bbl
no mustangs involved, everyone safe

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yeah he sponsored brawn gp, as far as im concerned thats his main contribution to the planet
hell be okay
so sexy
$13 at mouser

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greymoon: i dunno man, feeling a couple mil axial play prob not that hard
have chinese instructor for embedded, young guy. was like, wait for the IEEE club they gonna get dev boards
he gets back to use with the price, its like $20, professor is like, thats not very cheap you can prob get it cheaper i dont think im going to invite those IEEE guys to class
i like him
is that bitch chuck norris?
bruce lee wiped his ass with that dude

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HF stuff is usually okay if youre not using it daily for work
like if you use it every day for a year probably its bearings go to shit, but once a week or so and andf im guessing its prob okay
buying online is a bit scary, id want to be able to pull on the grinders spindle ro make sure not a lot of play

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