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blackmoon: you can get 18650 cree flashlights pretty cheap
i shorted out the little blink IC on mine so power button just turns on and off at full power, i like it a lot

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yeah i need to get some charging tiles for my desk
surprisingly, my experience with china li-ion has been pretty good
considering my application is pretty much dead shorting them 3" from my face
the only one seemed to crap out early was the one i bought local

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bagels are neat

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this is kind like how water is going to become a commodity as ocean levels rise and desal technology has existed for decades
like, wat
like how the fuck you have both those problems
i mean, honestly on a massive scale thats a solution
and sea salt will get super cheap

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quick swap batteries are the only way electric vehicles are going to work
fuck this drive 300 miles wait 6 hours bullshit
you should drive up, pay for new batteries, get a refund on the charge left in the batteries youre returning, machines pushes new batteries in one side, old batteries pop out the other, you drive away, under 5 minutes
or its dead technology
im not trying to have a 500A charger in my house, either
gas stations should convert to charge stations
power lines turnin red and shit
gas is some energy dense shit
were kind of dumb for not figure out how to synthesize it out of dirt or algae or something

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like, you cant see unlit shit at all and you step out the light youre blind
yeah i think either is fine honestly, if they can both be adjusted
oh neat its got a rollup plug
yeah i think the floodlights would be alot more useful for indoor and tight spaces
like, work on truck, work on motorcycle

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prob that long omni one
for yeardwork, the spotlights would be cool for engine type work
but for yardwork i think the omni light and setup for hanging is pretty useful
floodlight looks like it has ~160deg angle so its prob fine
sometimes obsenely bright outside in the dark isnt as helpful

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blackmoon: what happened with the game investor guy?
or whatever that dude in the email was
shorter trial?
just flat rate buy?
as long as you can do the game without them and not be at a significant disadvantage

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just get a makita or milwaukee and two batteries and youll be good for better part of a decade
yeah ryobi is maybe a couple years and then they self destruct
or they will just work forever but suck more all the time
also when you pay a little more for the pro over the home user power tools, they usually give you bigger batteries
because thats prob the biggest diff
i was pissed when i found out the blue makita batteries arent compatible with the shorter white ones
yeah bosch is good shit
even their cheap stuff seems alright
yeah places prob less willing to order stuff too because export drama
ha neat ive only heard of stuff like that in china
my friend said he liked hong kong because when school let out, the electronics shops would be flooded with kids buying parts

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could maybe burn something out, but my guess is it just has to do with the plastics they use

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i got teh stuff (tiva dev boards)
nice, they ship with a microusb

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rab: tijuana is about the same according to pretty accepted myth
and by myth, a lot of people have stories 2 or 3 persons removed, but its the kind of shit i dont think a person would ever want to talk about if it happened to them
i think any places you have huge shanty town districts within a few blocks of tourists areas, shit like this is going to go down
as far as law enforcement tracking, places like that are black holes, dirty cops and politicians could use it launder almost anything

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