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that few square inches is a big deal
they need zombie jobs, this is some seriously sad shit
but like, it fells sideways in my pocket while i was driving, bent
k time to sleep i think

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haha so before i left last job, i did a few days where i did dispatch for myself basically
place used an iphone5 se i think?
anyway i bent it
shit fell sideways in my pocket
because its like thew size of a chicklet wtf!
jero32: this isnt the big aluminum one tho
anyway fuck that job
kostix: =O
anyway, newjob has company phone i dont use it
like, i cant deal with that 4" shit
yeah my galaxy nexus was 4.65"

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yeah i dont want a phone with an iphone/samsung front button
acoustic shit has to be open for obvious reason, besides that and jacks i dont want anything mechanical or open
this and prev two phones just used touchscreen
see when i put my phone landscape, my buttons rotate
i do not like capacitive
so the cool thing about the soft buttons is they can go away completely
my phones physical configuration is perfect, although its a bit of a fake with the two speaker ports
one for voice, another for media, its not stereo
right the nexus stuff ive had is all on the screen
galaxy, 7, 5, 5x
no mechanical buttons, no cap touch buttons, it just does buttons on the edge of the screen
like when you youtube or whatever they go away
or get really really dim

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it depends a lot on the mouse
logitech ones ive used arent bad
cheap ones are like, 500ms of dead time while it wakes up
and prob like 100ms of lag
yeah i use corded mouse
not much

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theyre idiots
theyre known audio dumb
its not priority, theres no continuity
a sales rep for some industry test gear said hes sold them gear like 5 times
they have no idea what hes talking about when he says they have their gear already
that said, i really like my BT headphones
lack of cable is pretty rad
yeah, but miniplug is a pretty shit connector
i mostly use them, for music so havent noticed
hasnt been problematic for videos

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no i was just saying wtf about mr robot bc i finished last ep
jero32: non-cringey hacker stuff, saying much more would spoil

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wtf mr robot

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and yeah gimme the high current juice, i like my 5" maps
battery go boom
ha, i have aukey cable not anker

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so more like ARM
i <3 usb c
guys all the time i just plug my phone in i dont even look
jero32: shrug mines fine so far
id be fucked without it for work
is like, 6 to 10 hours of nonstop GPS use
i dont have that cable

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like $2k or some shit?
does that include the usb shit?
dont do that
why that fuck isnt usb like a uart at this point
like put all the bullshit in a little box in the corner
give its own little mcu
actually i wouldnt be surprised if that ends up being the solution
a licensed usb peripheral w/ processor and fw
yes but inside the chip

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how cheap are those?
jero32: thats for everything else
yeah its like the avr stk dev boards
pretty cheap plus also programmer
how much is license for other stm32?

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okay so this tiva thing is running in this arduino based IDE energia with some minimal driver drama
but it only has two buttons and a rgb led
not so much fun out of the box
dunno why were not using discovery stuff this semester
just a little, were trying something new this week
prob back to dirt bikes and wood cnc nexty week
you cant fuck with the price of the ICs or the dev hardware
shrug i dunno
system workbench seems okay
keil is sexy as fuck if you can fit into size limit or use the hardw3are its free with (timecop for details)

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ohsixi: right that info is available, and checked in some cases
im comfortable with the situation
youre an idiot, no wants to eat straight salt
or not

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i tend to trust the labels, the effects usually go with the numbers
i mean its not like you would buy based on 3 or 4 THC quantities anyway
theres other terpenes that have an effect, also on flavor, generally youre buying the strain and the quality of the grow
ohsixi: dude youre acting like somehow having GC tested concentrates and flowers is a step backwards
and you realize people are doing that with concentrates
pulling out the components and recombining
like, they will mix terpenes to get crazy specific flavors
we have this cotton candy concentrate smells nuts, all natural terpenes pulled from diff strains

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journals are people
there will be an amount of bullshit even in credible ones
okay you ask any more super specific questions im banning you
einstein was a genius because his brain was structurally messed up and then he had a job trolling peoples ideas into the dirt
no you tend to ask for a lot from the people your conversing with, but address nothing asked of you
gets old
like, 30mg is a ripoff for an edible
thats the truth
deal with it
of the shit that people pay money for
and people know
well, i mean you can check all over the country
with like, maps, and menus
its pretty stable
also in my case, its part of my part time job
actually you can get samples GC tested
and lots of the herb is sample tested

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and thats not even true in context of studies being manipulated or faked
youre a loon
you type in different numbers and high five your coauthor when it gets peer review by someone who just skimmed it and repeated nothing
you read the article about the guy trying to submit his comment to a science journal?
because you should chase ghosts forever instead of making useful progress
tons of recent examples where they push on despite anomolies
LHC, space shuttle
yes obviously i means anomolies in the instrumentation in them

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and pretty much all that shit can be fatal
and permanently damaging
but its pushed, on kid, hard
shit that measurably makes people stupid, totally unaware
that destroys their livers and kidneys in the process
but thats cool
ohsixi: does it matter?
heres the thing, vicodin, when i stop, my whole body hurts
marijuana, when i stop, it hurts like it hurts the whole time
i just cant stop focusing on it
but it doesnt make my entire body hurt
make that money is the doctrine
no you need to google that
im not going to explain to you all of modern business in society

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i dont ereally care, i dont necessarily not think his invisible thing exists
it just doesnt really matter
okay heres the thing
100mg gets a person pretty high unless they have tolerance, then maybe not at all
300-500, most everyone is going to feel, no tolerance people will be sleeping a lot for a day
30mg is a waste of money
this is true whether your back is bothering you, you have anxiety issues, or youre just trying to get faded
most likely all of its, majority cannabinoids and terpenes
see, i dont see you should be using marijuana ohsixi
say this to people got hurt then got high
side of effects of marijuana is so mild compared to most psychotropes
and withdrawal from that shit is like, junkie shakes level

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to them i think
youre just being dumb now
do i need to stab your ass with a needle full of hallucinogens or what
maybe a trip to a psych ward
well like, youre not accepting hallucinations as valid
so im kind of at loss
that would definitely depend on the hallucination
so youre saying prove that the hallucination isnt real?
that it didnt happen?
i mean, if we cant just accept that the hallucination didnt happen because we are calling it a hallucination, this convo will progress very slowly
ohsixi: see thats convenient, your example
because they say invisible
but what if they said, hey i have a brown visible badger in my garage
i wish jero32 would talk more

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that doesnt make what i said wrong
thats the basis for pain killers
legal ones
the shit makes you feel good when youre in pain
i dunno without the card from 1 to 10 at the drs
with the faces
no much of it is pretty obvious
ohsixi: if some has a psychological effect that leads to consistent but unrelated physiological benefits, its prob not really placebo
trust me, marijuana works
people are literally getting high
its all in their head, but that doesnt make it not happening

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also, most of the health shit relating to marijuana that isnt psychoactive related are likely not an issue with clean concentrates
if the shit is like 99.9% straight THC, which isnt that hard to get btw, youre not going to have health issues relating to the plant matter
dude i barely smoke weed
usually it will be pressed
i dont trust drug companies much either ohsixi
what do you mean by bad?
prob just put you into the couch
jero32: exactly
most companies are not very trustworthy
ohsixi: so you basically agree with the dea scheduling decision
right how many users did that have?
weed is probably into the dozens of billions
which is maybe what youre not taking into consideration
doctors are just normal fucks winging like everyone else

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its likely from the heavy metals used in the hydroponic nutrients
hence the availability of non-hyro and organic herb
anyway, people know tylanol is bad for your liver because people have done too much and damaged their liver
ive heard of this happening several times
usually tylanol suicides just end up in fucked livers
alcohol dangers are obvious
lead dangers can be seen on large scale
ohsixi: well it would depend on the person and its somewhat of a destructive test ohsixi
i said you name twice because i mean it
shrug, everyone knows tylanol is bad
most psychotropic medications are hell on your liver too
so even if typical marijuana was bad for your liver, its maybe not as bad as what its being used instead of
ohsixi: bad enough they have to give you meds to protect your liver in many cases

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or you just make it available and people make choices based on thousands of years of collective experience, and maybe be happier
maybe not
as with most everything else
okay and
so youre saying marijuana is lead
remind me what my argument was again
i think youre making a generalization and not accounting for people involved who have the education and equipment to make educated observations in this context
because i think youre just on one talking a bunch of shit
uh huh
shrug, im an ibuprofin person myself
weed can damage liver, this has been studied

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right because thats not what that means in here
dude i think ill probably be okay and if not ill just be transplanted into some sort of power armor thing
itll be neat
youre going to need to circle this back around before i find something else to do
we know you are very smart at science topics in the news
thats not my job, so no
but you are an expert and we should defer to you
okay got it

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okay be scemantic
theories accepted as scientific fact to build other theories upon are sometimes incorrect
well, no its just a solid theory
i mean, get rigid enough, there are no certain facts
i mean, its all just an assumption that it will continue as it has before
the whole issue is always muddled
the whole thing is based on degrees of certainty
i cant even assign a real meaning to what youve just said

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its someones thought experiment used in a conversation about science
shrug, einstein is a personal hero but he was maybe a shitty person in some ways
i dont see what shit einstein says has to do with all of science being implimented by humans
dunno seemed like a shit father
kid in a psych hospital, never visited
he didnt really seem to care much for responsibility like that
ohsixi: science is self correcting means that sometimes science is wrong
because science is human
thanks for having my back on this
do you practice this in the shower?
yeah because we were just talking about chem trails
no dude, sometimes its wrong

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in 100 years, well consider a lot of what we *know* to be to simplistic to be useful or just wrong
the ether was science
it probably will be again at some point, ha
so science didnt exist until was 80 or 90 years ago?
a medium to propegate energy
something to fill the void
yes this is pretty established
point is that was the science they ran with for awhile
i think a thought experiment for a specific problem i dont really care so much about
okay im wrong
i guess i do care about it

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community studied
more than anything in the world
5000+ years of it
yeah science is a lot like government dude
theres a philosophy about how it works
and then the fucked up half assed clouded by personalities bullshit that is the reality of it
and thats not even getting into the gov interference part
they do
its human, its the best we can do but its still full of holes and contradictions
is a lot better than basing life on north african myths
but the way youre speaking, it might as well be another religion
no it is

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macegr_: friend says OR recreational shit is way expensive compared to medical places
medical isnt known for being cheap
also a person i delivered to says the dosing on the edibles at the recreational shops was a joke
borderline placebo
they said that the max dosage on the 'extra strength' edibles was like 30mg
like, low grade edibles here are like 80-100mg, normal high strength stuff is like 100-500mg, and you can get stuff thats higher that wouldnt be hard to eat single sitting
er, 300-500mg for high strength

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i dunno who that is
massa is retiring
i hope that means button to williams
jenson button
timecop: so what youre saying is jews=heros
well right because its like 10 frames not a 20min 120fps movie
also they monochromed it

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ohsixi: theyre going to open up development in formula e, and roborace starts next year
roborace is like, competing race algorithms
i think its going to be expensive
and i think a lot of the races are gonna be hella red flagged

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all pulleys should be delrin.
i decided
omg massa retiring
omg sad comment: Williams seems to be where Brazilians drivers go to retire. In recent years there's been Pizzonia, Barichello, Senna Jr and now Felipe Baby who have ended their careers at Williams
omg very sad comment following: I guess Senna Sr. Also did :\
omg wrong channel
(bc senna sr died)
lemans in realtime is hard
normally i end up kind of half asleep through the finish, its kinda cool
couple times i have woke up to see the last hour or so

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get gone bananas
expensive ones just work better out of the box
they still start fucking up after a week
and then it becomes like a permanent maintenance project
i dont even know what the means
monza this weekend
i kind of want an airbrush

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07:01:14 < ohsixI> are they husked before?
jezus fuck no
ohsixi: its the left overs that did completely pop at the bottom of the bowl
theyre monetizing that
like, personally i think thats the best part of popcorn
thats pretty much what they look like in person, shrug

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rab: trader joes has their owm half-popped kernel food now
partially popped popcorn
pretty nom, i approve of this subsidized product

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the chips might have built in dacs

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i mean a lot of this is because users are too stupid to turn the source down
ok i need foods bye
kostix: i think you should try with that center tapped one!
kostix: macegr_ has built an entire career out of that shit

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blackmoon: right so theyre a BOM fuck and ive never seen them in the wild
those are almost always encoders
since forever
maybe 20 years now
a DSP, but aux in a relatively new thing
and most consumer aux out devices are low level
like, supposedly home audio is -10dBV nominal but no one knows wtf that really means
well mine steps a dB at a time, its tedious, and if i spin to quick itll dance out of order
normal encoder ui problems
its undetented too, which is annoying
blackmoon: crest factor (avg to peak) is undefined, huge variation per music genre
and home levels have been moving towards pro levels for noise performance reasons for long time, also driving headphones
blackmoon: the converters dont all go full range like that either, so you have to cut levels or accept some will clip if idiots

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rab: ha cool it would actually work in the salen keys, maybe cut cost like 40%
thats pretty cool for placement too, one opto per salen key filter
would be sweet if done with a bunch of relays
actually, thats how it is done on audio test equipment
thats what usually dies on them
blackmoon: theyre usually not very good for audio for one reason or another
sometimes they are good for simple divider attenuators
but they will be noisy or hard tied to gnd or pretty limited on voltage ranges or some shit
resistive attenuators are the only way you dont clip converters
its a kind of fucked up contradiction, because the whole point of converters is to get rid of shit like pots

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there is a /2 part allied has 411 of
they got 3 pins
the /2?
im still trying to figure it out
rab: right or maybe the complete opposite?
and you can set a v range
like in this application you maybe short one side out
it doesnt really say, does it?
center tap makes more sense, i cant think of how the other way would be built

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ha that looks familiar
$8, wowow
this might be able to do it, throw like a 560k in parallel with the thing
i think you would have to do one of those to what rab suggested for it to be effective

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use a vref instead of VCC for the min/max dividers
is the only improvement i can think off
rab: yeah this is what happens to the design when you cant get enough
rab: it might work fine over a small range of the ldr tho, and the resistances dont need to change a ton
i think kind of by nature, also they will probably be old
i think you should buy a handful and test!

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so maybe place trimmers in parallel with the LED resistors
do the resistors like 10% high, use a trim pot like 50x the size of the resistor or something
yeah thats a pretty cool solution, really the only issue is sourcing the parts
i think its similar to normal resistors in the dark, so odepends on your light shielding, and then when the emitter is on, i think it depends on the noise in the led
but pots are all kinda of shitty
*kind of
you can sell your thing partially based on this feature, i think you should do it if you can get enough matching photoR

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thats pretty rad
kostix: other hacker (audio EE buddy i worked with) wanted to do a limiter that used opto-resistor based isolator as the feedback element
the parts are mostly end-of-life, tho
you have better luck sourcing photoresistors and doing your own isolators with LEDs and some sort of optical cage
right, if it was large production, i would say its a crackish idea
but for you i think its pretty cool, you have a nitch implimentation that cant be copied by mass production designers
but right i think any filter you base on the idea will work okay if the photoresistors are reasonably linear and you adjust the emitter current
salen keys, yeah thats sex

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