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100 hours with 6dB crest pink noise is an industry standard
3dB is 3dB
its double power
is he not coming back?
lets hope

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those are actually pretty good for audio
fuckhead type acoustic guys will use DMM to measure pink noise RMS voltage
when you point out bandwidth issues that will fuck up the measurement, they point out that it says TRUE RMS on the DMM
like somehow averaging of absolute values makes the voltage response of the DMM go from DC to light
anyway, the cheapo DMM will usually rolloff much higher than a Fluke or Extech, so they will be more accurate at bonehead pink noise measurements and mid and high freq sines
my theory is because they are spending less on a filter cap somewhere
i just said, pink noise
specifically, its usually bandpass filtered pink noise soft clipped for a 6dB crest factor
to test amplifiers and transducers

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i just dont understand why a bt thing needs a sim
but an actual phone like that would be kind of cool
New A20 BT3.0 OLED Headset GSM Mini Mobile Bluetooth Dialer Original BT Phone Insert SIM Card - Golden 18596
Tiny and discrete Micro phone takes a micro SIM card
yeah tiny rubber flap says SIM
yes but someone knew what they were making
like, is it just a little flap that says sim that doesnt move, or is there a slot behind it, and if slot does it do anything when you put sim in

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im not sur ei understand
tho ear-phone is kind of a cool concept

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blackmoon: in the age of movie length and FPS gifs, i dont understand why jpeg is even a thing

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