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timecop: its servicable
because they prob had to scrap whole seats when tips got stuck in the jacks

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living in the future is good
totally too close, and not TRS
thats the plane shit i think

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i dunno man i just buy chipamps

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heh, internal dummy load
on turnon, max output into dumm loads, you get heat from output devices and dummy loads
then you switch to outputs
so the failure there is the whole point is to make the amplifier stable, pushing the amp to max on turnon prob not a great idea
use relay based anti-surge resistor
just like, dont turn it off for awhile

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this is audio i think youre overthinking this
youre just underestimating the amount of heat this thing is going to generate from all its parts
the barrel jack is a heatsink preheater
on some discrete amps, a heatsink preheater wouldnt be a bad idea
because shit temp compensated assuming mounted with common heatsink temps

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i would call them about canada shipping
instead of trying to find it on amazon
no that means its not sine wave crest factors
oh, yeah that is kind of mismatched
laptops prob do it

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when china companies knock off the china company
i believe it has to do with psu modulation on a class-d
youre throwing money on the floor not making your shit go to 11
youre really putting the marketing guys in a corner with shit goes to 10
well its a knockoff
thats kinda cool

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shrug, do a DPDT toggle and some pomona dual panana binding posts
i think its single driver and passive radiator?
so no crossovers, so pretty straight forward
doing something with external speakers is asking to put the amps into protection
just get a lepai
theyre cheap enough theyre kind of awesome just because they do all the things on the box

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ideally youd want air cores but expensive and big

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you can get a strap maybe?
theres a teardown in the review, guys says it affects bass
prob gonna depend a lot on the load
ferrite cores distort in passive xovers but i think that has a lot to do with the higher currents

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rab: theres nothing to show!
they went to cap touch haptic home button?
see even apple thinks that stupid now
reveal vid doesnt show the front?

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i thought that was known like two weeks ago

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blackmoon: you can try a balun for the charging noise
they make little miniplug transformer dongles
blackmoon: 105dB is fine for a house party where people are having convos

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