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they ask devices if 60v is okay?
you said rewire i was all excited

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the LC oscillators?
yeah theyre all just feedback hax
shrug thats an smps
forward switcher is just a linear power supply driving by a square wave
a lot of that shit doesnt take feedback from the output
theres a couple really standad SMPS in audio, neither are regulated off the outputs
but thats because audio magic, pretty sure its intentional
psu sag saves a lot of money and gains you real world performance gains

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qty in stock is a yuge spec for me
i dont think they exist, for some manufacturing reason
likr, total?
prob 2/3 of that is alt package options
not like, die package, like reals and trays and tubes
i bet theres repeats for bulk vs tube or some dumb shit
yeah but this isnt switch mode and its bipolar rails
blackmoon: i feel like almost all pro smps are just oscillators through a smaller transformer
the osillator is the part that varies a lot with money
magnetics kind of constant
caps reasonably so
blackmoon: right all the secondary shit, thats where shit gets all creative
startup and protection
when i realized 90% of most SMPS schematics are startup and protection, things got easier to understand

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omg ALL the 3mm red green LEDs are common cathode
mfkrs gonna make me 3904
hmm, 3906
how much are 3904/6?
i want to use this comparator with vref
but its sink only, and min 10mA output
because a little bitch
its .70!
to drive couple optos in series, and an led
so like, 10-20mA
why cant i series optos
im drive this shit from 4s lipo
oh, to switch vcc and vee
with pmos and nmos
like, i could do it with bunch of transistors, but this is cheap and sex, and a goofy SMD 8dip
are depletion pmos a thing?
i thought they only came in n or p or some shit
i dont like them because not enough of them

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techsmurf: i prob wouldnt let pep boys do anything except my oil and tranny fluid
i usually get my alignment done at sears
mostly because they are nice and do shit like rotate tires free
some people are real bad at google

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bloggggg: omg battery so dead
er greymoon
shit went below 6V when i cranked
like 2 years into the cheapest battery at pep boys
so maybe its not my alt!

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republicans have a sound traditional platform, its pretty much libertarian, but they havent stuck to in for like 40 years
its great unless he wins because no one wants to vote hillary
pretty much, but trump is pretty dim and easily influenced

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its really not
well youre right in the sense that the taliban is less of a threat to safety in america than extremist right culture
im sure the numbers back this up and them some
theyre pushing for 1st testament as science in schools
i have no respect for that
well those people are the party
those people are the votes that make the party viable
because in many cases its the same people fucking up the libertarian party as the republican party
people fucking up the left parties are mostly people carried away with doing the right thing
GOP wouldnt be viable without the religious right and gun rights people
true libertarians are basically anarchists who want to live in a framework that supports that philosophy
im supportive of that, because i believe the constitution is the same thing
but in practice, libertarians are often as fucked as republicans

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both sides have extremists, but one sides extremism is based almost entirely on religious retardation and xenophobia
i did
point is, adoption is rolling the dice on kids getting fucked and beat up by adults
and almost certainly means kids with lower levels of education
and in a lot of situations, almost guaranteed ptsd
yes but on average they do okay
thats how average is defined
in child welfare systems, on average outcomes are very, very poor
if you dont have answers for this, you have no answers, you have a political talking point, and a false moral high ground
*every* pro lifer has no answer to what ive said
they repeat over and over theyre two seperate issues, even tho one directly leads to the other in almost a 1:1 ratio
doctors and innocent people have been killed because of these talking points
american taliban.

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it has to do with pressing religious ideals onto others
and claiming your religious values are overriding
okay well thats a non concluding argument, so basically a non starter
its based in philosophy cant cant be defined as long as coniousness is undefined
the answer is it should be up to the woman and the medical professionals
not religious fuckbag politicians
and def not states in a two party system with blatant racism and sexism
libertarians are mostly like the louder anarchists
maybe their principles are correct, but their motives are fucked and they would ruin it for everyone else
techsmurf: if you cant define when, which again isnt possible at this stage in human understanding, then its a moral dilema
and should be a private situation between a woman and a medical professional
precisely because its morally ambiguous
you cannot be pro choice without being 100% for the complete overhaul of the child welfare system
pro choice is pro child abuse, pro child rape, pro child undereducation, pro child institutionalization
but right, GOP religious fuckbags cant think shit paste step 1 in terms of consequences

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techsmurf: you dont choose where you are born, and my guess is youre not a woman
not choosing what economic situation you were born into shuts down a lot of right arguments, too
if you dont believe in equality of opportunity, you dont believe in the constitution
yes well then how is it good just because it is possible
in every situation, there will be the option where the government isnt involved
the government meddles because local people are often wrong in the context of the constitution and ammendments, or just the wellbeing of the people in general
optimal is not being a little bitch and just saying womans rights arent negotiable in the united states
because not taliban
i mean, GOP and lots of libertarians might as well be taliban, but ideally no, we should not act like religious extremists
you have a god? thats nice keep it out of gov or get fucked
no it does
it absolutely does

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i need wall hooks too
this is neat i can ride bike back with bigass pipe like sega road rash
i dunno how much damage youre going to be able to do with that
3/4 is pretty big, maybe cant even do a whip

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i kind of want a new spindle setup
i dunno, even with the hot ones, sometimes i wished they would hurry up and leave so i could jack off and get back to hacks
circuit board program doesnt get angry if you jerk off at the same time
circuit board doesnt ask you for help instead of just asking for company
is true but so do STDs and babies

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then people on the internets are like I USED THE PIPE FROM MY JACK
so im like yayay, go check, and i guess they mean their jack for some other car
anything will work if your machine has enough flex
long enough span, you prob just gotta match the ends and deflection in the pipe and machine takes car of the rest
someone in #linuxcnc posted their "pcb router", some diy gantry shit, thing couldnt even do a straight grid of drills through FR4
some salvador dali lookin shit
but this was their evidence of solid return on investment

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my shelves
thats the only metal pipes i have
my jack hand is crimped on the end
yeah i think that is plan
its usually welded, no?

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i got blood all over tools so i just went back inside like, fuckit i dont need a car
doesnt fit!
because my breaker bar has pivoting head
it doesnt fit for the drain nut on the transmission either
it might work if i went and bought a shallow 19mm socket
no its too long, the breaker bar
there is a vacuum hose right there too
not often with difficulty
i dont even have a car length section of flat concrete
yeah those are probably too thick
i dont have 19mm 1/2" drive i dont think
that def not going to fit

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i dunno, girls are grumpy waking up even if after waking up they want to sex
so like maybe they would just end up associating vibrator w/ alarm clock and hate what it represents
like, if they wanted this they could put their phone in their panties already
i need a pipe for leverage
i tried using box end of wrench around rachet but i ended up cutting my other hand
it doesnt fit
because toyota
this for the belt tensioner so right up against wheel well
no straight pipe for normal rachet
its for belt tensioner
needs constant force
so box end wrench trick was retarded and ended as expected

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nm their fb has better pictures
heh @ charging cable into panties

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i dont understand the orientation of that device

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