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i think it would be neat if aliens showed up, were humanoids with an acoustic language, but didnt know shit about math
shawn|465: stuff like that a lot of time you figure it out by context
weird part with label that doesnt google

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that sounds expensive

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i am sneezy and feeling congested
what if i got the pneumonia

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ha @ jack switching power + bias by connecting battery to signal input
would probably work with a wall wart
guys why do my ribs hurt

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i <3 the audio, i care a lot
the only person who defended you before now asks if youve clicked into autistic mode again when youre kicked
and you spent i dunno how long spamming me in msg
who is getting all worked up?
i just told you i <3 audio, i care a lot
protip: if you want to learn from someone dont act like you already know more

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whatever, if its a switching DA for driving transducers, its class-d
shrug i dunno man, its linear after the filters
linear in the output is linear with the input, shrug
again, if you want to argue semantics go ahead and be that asshole
its kind of expected
yeah well when it becomes clear youre just trying to be a winner at an argument about shit you dont really care about, im less inclined to go out of my way to be nice
when people having a discussion and they dont agree, some would call that an argument
in engineering, this is happening constantly
sure go right ahead
ah, just a prank, bro?

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that its biased?
of course its biased
how its biased is kind of the most important thing about an AB amp
because if it wasnt biased itd be class B
well what
QSC has class B amps
read what
anyway a full definition of a class b output stage requires output devices configurations within the totem and bias circuits
t is just tripath class d
they have their own switching method
that isnt straight fixed period pwm
if someone did motor control style symmetric pwm, theyd prob try and give it a class name
id laugh if thats what class-t is
that doesnt make it not class-d, class d is a switch mode amplifier
which is where the money is for semicorps
but pwm through a filter, even if the filter is just the transducer itself, is class-d
and feedback is not implied in audio
ppm means parts per million to me

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class h is multiple sets of ab output sections on different rails
class-g is sexier but class-h is more efficient
and QSC has maid straight class-b work fast enough for audio
ohsixi: your comparing your name for a dog versus everybodies name
in audio, class a, b, ab, g and h are everybodies names for something
class t is someones name for their own dog
okay well now youre sounding like youre getting into liguistic philosophy
and i dont really care so much
only if it doesnt suck and that doesnt mean everyone gonna start calling their terrier maggie
it doesnt even tell you how its biased
it doesnt tell you the topology of each side of the bridge
it doesnt mention if complimentary or not

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h is a multiple bank ac coupled hack of ab
d is switch mode
those are all pretty valid and accepted descriptions of output topologies
most of the others are just proprietary marketing
so do h, g and d
in h, there are only output devices, there is no glue between the output devices and the psu
in g, the psu switches are effectively part of the output section
ohsixi: thats just auto-off
i guess, but everyone knows what you mean when you say class-g and class-h in audio engineering labs
just because youre not there doesnt mean theyre not valid descriptions of the output device configuration in modern amplifiers
t is proprietary d
its just what tripath calls their controllers
if they dont know, it doesnt mean it doesnt have a known specific meaning
glass g is stepped psu rails on an AB output section

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building products that operate within spec at all temperature ranges that can also pass EMC and safety and cat meet a BOM cost target are an entirely different thing
yeah man and thats how many mw?
class-a is for guitar amps
dunno i thought we were talking about audio power amplifiers
signal amps are kind of a different ballpark
class-a is for guitars and people with too much money who are very succeptible to marketing
in the industry theyre know as audiophiles
how is class except a/ab meaningless?
output sections
with given performance and efficiency characteristics
ab is a bipolar hack of a
g is a stepped supply hack of ab

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shrug, its class-g with a variable supply
im not sure it has much benefit over a high efficiency smps and class-d amp
class-g is tracking supplies
class-h is muliple voltage output device banks
anyway, licensing is fine if the technology doesnt suck
but EE i respect are not a fan, i thought the topology implimentation was kind of ugly, and most ive encountered burn prototypes in labs more than working ones
class-a amplifiers are not realistic
people building amps that work is one thing

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stuff like bash is in that direction, but when you initial implimentation is about low cost more than anything else, people arent going to be that impressed
especially when they fail
people stuck in the 80s designing for 20dB crest factors
most companies are using application note designs or working directly with the ic manufacturer
ha, sad
in audio, when you get tl082 in the signal path instead of tl072, it means they really dont care
for secondary circuits like comparators or similar, tl082 are used a lot
but for signal path, tl072 are cheap and higher performance

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in audio digital basically means switching
it believe its like class-g for class-d amps
ohsixi: it depends how much coke the guys in marketing are on
it turns on, it turns off, it goes 1, it goes 0, so every switching supply or amp is digital
my guess if anything is digital inside them its the ramp generators
but prob not
a dac controlling the feedback of a switching psu would be the purest switching amp
yeah pretty much
you could do an active rectifier into a bridge into output transformers, done

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in the cases im used to, its because theyre crossovers and who gives a fuck when a speaker is playing the same thing like 80dB louder
but yeah, hearing music while bend testing crossovers through resistive loads is kinda cool
in signal audio, its usually the caps the couple and catastrophic feedback is worst case scenario
but you got to be really unlucky for it to cause measurable differences
fuck bash
the architecture is ugly and they have a rep for failing a lot
quote from more than one audio EE: 'oh, ya that shit doesnt work'

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kinda ya
everything distorts
oh, yeah thats normal
theyre basically transducers, they will pick up acoustic noise and generater acoustic noise
its the current producing magnetic force literally shaking the shit out of the coils
SMD inductors tend to be smaller, higher operating frequency, so less an issue
anyway its not always a resonance thing, smd ceramic caps are notorious for coupling acoustically
and some cheap inductors are almost full range, like you can recognize the music playing through them

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is actually excellent online store that is definitely based in Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong.
haha, top PR
im not sure what you mean

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if i really wanted china parts id prob talk to people with china sourcing wives

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biggest reason i dont buy china is shipping
i dont think quality is a huge concern anymore
i dont trust american sourced small distributor product so much anymore
that didnt work last time on amazon
went to same vendor for samsung 18650, got different versions
like, cmon guys at least buy the same fake batteries
this was from socal
and got here in couple days
east LA and long beach might as well be local china
this is where pretty much all of computer parts ship out of
nope i went to the pick vendor list and got same one
i put the effort
they sent me diff fake batteries
i wanrted the same fake batteries
now they dont match

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rugby is cool to watch but im not sure thats really sportball as much as like, normal human behavior predating recorded history
like, if you dont have rules, eventually rugby happens

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this to me is why football is the only cool sportsball game
theres a role for every type of mfkr
still sucks to watch

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