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this seems like a choking hazard
i has to do thevenins on two circuits with a bunch of dependent sources
professors are assholes
stupid kids

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omg this is so hawt

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this one clever

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did not give a fuck
right except that nothing is getting better and possible loading it when weak is making it worse
also after two days, everything was kind of weird
like when you do many edibles too long
no i mean psychologically
hard to explain, kind of a general fuckit numbness, like the chemical version of dont-give-a-fuck
but like, a happy slightly confused kind of childish dont-give-a-fuck
anyway, i like that muscle relaxers work but its like being stoned x100

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honestly man nothing works consistently for everyone for migraines
he was prob just giving you a task to focus on instead of crying
yeah bullshit
i dont feel one, 2 kind of works, but 4-6 actually makes pain go away
this is also why i try to avoid drugs
this is why i just get mad stoned whenmy hip hurts bad
muscle relaxers removed me from the universe for 12 hours
and i feel slow for a couple days
and i do not want to build a tolerance or dependence on them
the shitty thing is they work
my muscles loosen up, swelling goes down, and nerve unpinches
vicodin doesnt do shit except make me not give a shit
then make *everything* hurt when i stop
right but i could tell my hip was still like, mechanically fucked up
i could put weight on it, go about my day
but the pain feedback was still there

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right thats exactly what i would expect
youre designed to pick out patterns from noise because language
most likely
or maybe language happened because we are good at picking out patterns from noise
it only always signals above a certain threshold through
we are basically way overcomplicated versions of that
yeah i wonder if that just had to do with conflicts caused by having more than one nucleus in a cell
like, we cant share, so if we bump into each other, i gotta make sure to fuck up your nucleus
so one amoeba has some code that makes an enzyme that fucks up other nucleus
and i think at that point, youre officially eating
which means you dont have to bump into that shit your damn self

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try feeding to noise gates, theres prob more actual signal there than your realize

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its neat is has a lot of rumble and weird noises
ha crazy stuff at 7:15

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anyway my guess is one ear at a time, or a mono signal is going to be less disorienting than running two seperate signals generated in a similar manner
theres mid frequency content, if you create non-mono patterns in the mid freq region, your brain will try and figure it out
yeah its probably less fatiguing
because you can hear the patterns without it wigging out your spacial orientation
like, this is specifically what i was testing for
the fact that i generated a psychological response was why i concluded that it was a vlid production technique and it was not 'hi-fi' at all to dismiss out of phase information and processes it into a single polarity signal
what is this?
its a measurement of something? what?!

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osha standard is like 85dB for 8 hours, thats not that much
people usually have there stereos between 90-100 db
but i mean i already feel congested and shitty
anyway in isolation i wouldnt be surprised if this gave you a headache
now its turned into a robot saying nigga please in the rain with his robot barking in the background
not sure what you mean
i had open headphones before, i have high isolation earbuds on now, pretty much same effect
i guess im not sure what a hullucination sounds like
im literally hearing a robot saying nigga please and his robot dark barking, in the rain
its some fake bernie ecclestone rain, too

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yeah like that vvvrRAAAR kind of noise i can hear instantly
the wub WUB noise in the background took awhile to get back
and there is another deeper variation of the wub WUB thats less stoccato and more fuzzy
meh, grados dumb for this
heh thats prob an auditory compression thing, it has to do with your ability to deal with a huge dynamic range, but not necessarily all at once
and youre into the range where youre hearing may be damaged over time
phone prob goes loud enough to auditory compress, which means its loud enough to damage your ears if you do it consistently

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i was just making a point how when you repeat pseudo random noise, you can usually hear patterns after awhile
the shorter the sample, the more obvious the pattern
but on stuff like closer to a minute long, after a day of listening while i was working, you would know when it would loop around
pink noise power testing
or transducer break in
its not perfectly full spectrum
right you can hear that
like your brain is specifically trained to turn down ambient noise and focus in on patterns
and even more than patterns, anything you recognize
so once you hear the pattern you cant unhear it
so your brain can look for other noise patterns
ive spent way too much time listening to pseudo random noise =\

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just looks like a noisy signal with some interference
yeah but thats as much about how that program is rendering the information as the information itself
humans are pattern recognition engines
so given some noise with a bit of random pattern thrown in, youre brain will kick into overdrive looking for shit
like, in your soundcloud, the noise drops away pretty quick and the loudest repeating pattern comes forward
and once youre clearly listeniong to that its pretty easy to pick out other repeating patterns
i dunno
i know you can disorient someone with sound
with isolating headphones, its not very difficult

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i hear multiple background sounds
anyway yeah, shit like this will totally wig out your spacial orientation
oh totally
anyway, MLS signals have enough information that they can be analyzed to produce a full spectrum frequency response from the transient response
but MLS and looped pseudorandom pink noise will have a repeating 'pattern'
like, some generators you can specify the sample length of the noise, and the patterns become super obvious
it just sounds like noise bursts
thats a good writeup, still looking for a file or something
its really just known wide spectrum noise to compare a measured response against

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so any effect that creates random or just atypical patterns in that region is going to do *something*
like, mixed electronically in headphones, the effect was kinda muddy in terms of position in a soundstage
it was kind of in the middle
mixed acoustically by splitting the two detuned synth sources to L and R, the shit was just confusing
it came from everywhere but had no depth
it was the most fatiguing thing i had ever done to my ears
its not stereo?
sounds cool
anyway it sounds a bit like an MLS noise response
it switches?
MLS is basically a known random audio signal

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what happened?
what does the code do
i did that with acoustically mixed reese bass
ok lemme google
so its basically random
anyway anything that produces phasing effects in the mid frequencies will disorient you
its how your brain tracks sound sources, by comparing time differences between ears

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because we need volunteers for your country
mil is probably as good at making info literally not exist as it is at keeping track of things
maybe because they worked

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what would you expect to find tho?
so probably most of it is just random off the shelf antennas, high power RF amplifiers, and some guys with arbitrary signal generators and notepads
hire some hookers, blackmail their johns, spray some greymatter with RF, grab some notes, burn it all, drug the hookers and johns, gently nudge them into psych hospitals
i dont think connecting dots like that always happens, the info is effectively lost

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edgelord: this firmware rocks, all the bugs are fixed, HIDE IT NO ONE CAN KNOW
i think the bulk of snowdens leaks were powerpoints and communications
i really dont know if there was much about detailed architecture
it all looked like vague shit targeted at informing management and users
so yeah, applying my typical 'how mil/intel gov really works' model, theyre capable of much more than they would even admit to management, but nothing really works perfectly and probably some shit is totally broken
right when they try and get creative instead of completely random, its usually a bit cringy

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but the army had both those as can openers
yeah really tho i think obsfuscation is actually one of the reasons
along with exessive acronym usage, stupid project codenames
like, its just a habit to try and come up with something that makes sense, but not to anyone else
blackmoon: only if its convenient, i have no doubt the military can keep track of things better than anyone else when they need to
i wonder if average military code is very very good, or very very bad

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i think his bellet chains have velcro
oh damn internet says its m60
m50 is headphones
thats a cool condensing of memory
wiki says it came after korea
so m60 guy wrapped in his ammo goes back to at least vietnam
p51 = sexy lockheed dual boom ww2 fighter plane
p51 = grunt can opener
wait im confused but this confusing in general
p51 was the mustang, the lockheed fighter was the p38

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thats like wearing armor made of bullets to a war
ya kinda
i mean the reality there is that man has no armor
no man thats how shit goes down when youre the M50 guy and your army cant afford ammo boxes or a dude to carry them for you
also, because you have an M50 and you can and it would be a bit sad if you ended that phase of your life without pic of yourself wrapped in bullet chains
right, hes the guy with the m50
this is like, a man who is crazy but who you also can trust
well you have to undo one so its not a loop anymore so you can feed the gun

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i personally dont like them but theres a sane argument that theyre less likely to couple like that
but yeah like 9/10 PCB ever, bent electrolytics
do you know how hard it is to get that shit to stand straight up while hitting it with a giant fucking wave of solder?
its very hard
and if its soldered by hand i can guarantee you that tech doesnt give a flying fuck about how the cap stands up
in fact shes prob afraid to stand him up because her boss gonna yell at her for wasting time
i dunno man, pcb fab and assembly pretty nasty stuff, health wise
youre gonna get hypothetical cancer

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how did i wrong instead of front
can naps kill colds?
im gonna try
my pillowcase gonna be all ew
hmm, ya no

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hard enough to see traffic doing left turns
i dont plan on getting into those
theyre kind of meant to crumble
oh like it broke all the pop rivets and mount holes
ha that sucks
the bumper and grill assemblies are supposed to handle low speed stuff, but i think above like 10mph theyre design to sacrifice structural bits
but yeah all the shit on the wrong is like, hung on with foam and corrugated/channeled plastic behind it
haha @ cars with the bumper covers fallen off, the impact absorbing part of the bumper just looks so suicidal

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if the shit makes it hard for you to get to sleep for a couple nights and lack appetite, okay thats not good but coffee is as bad
basically stopping weed is like having too much coffee
yeah but coffee doesnt give you junkie shakes
you drink like 10 cups of coffee, you will vibrate a bit
you wont be curled up in a bag having tremors and cold sweats with everything hurting
yeah thats big reason why i do unflavored ecig
it doesnt smell like anything
also why i dont really smoke flowers anymore
almost all concentrates
edgelord: good luck, thats prob one of thew sanest ways to go
i might switch to edibles just to kind of spread out effects
i wouldnt feel comfortable on the street in a RHD car

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yeah, i dont really agree with that
im sure thats true, but people are having same issues with prescription opiods
and theyre clean as fuck
jero32: thats kind of the point
you dont want it as much, youre not as fixated on it 24 houras a day, and in general you are more functional
life isnt as fun
but you did heroin
nothin will ever be as fun
thats why you dont do heroin
ill stick to weed
honestly weed is bad enough but i dont get junkie shakes when i run out
prescription drugs = junkie shakes
fuck that
anything is psychologically addictive, and its actually setup to do that to a person
that doesnt mean it isnt helpful
i also think its physically addictive, mostly due to sleeping patterns (big deal) and appetitie (not so much)
like i wont eat for days really if i stop
and i dont think weed is as bad as alcohol
alcohol = junkie shakes
basically if the shit can make you die because you stopped i think thats a big deal
like, fuck addictive thats straight oppressive

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i wouldnt be surprised if he liked coke, but coke doesnt seem to be a huge problem for a lot of people
like, i know tons of people who like coke but hardly ever do it
no, but i know people like that too
my point is most people like coke when they try it, but the majority of people know that being a cokehead is ultra bad news
no bullshit, coke seem to ruin lives through finances more than health
oh jezus fuck i dont ever want to know
again, health isnt really the issue if the high is so good it makes you numb to every other form of stimulus in the universe
thats a dark, dark place
and anything that makes you hurt all over when you come down is bad shit

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its a cap
it acts like a cap
but its not like you removed a voltage controlling the device
you just left it there
and any ability to control it
itll leak out eventually
they vary
like parasitic models for anything are basically caps connected between everything
which is actually really important in a fet
for BJT it comes up in precision amplifier design
theyre all cokeheads
einstein was a tabacco fiend at least
he would pick up reburns off the sidewalk when his family tried to make him quit

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no one wrote a beta anywhere
wait they are only voltage controlled
theyre charge controlled
so i mean theres current to get the charge up in there
but not for very long and the voltage is always there
even if you open the gate, the voltage is still there
no it is a cap
its not a consistent cap, i guess the charge is much more consistent than the capacitance with changes in Vgs
so yeah dont use gate cap when doing gate charge timing, use the charge spec
so right you could call them current controlled devices, but youre basically squirting them with a current to fill a nF cap
while a BJT base needs constant current
the thing is you can remove an applied voltage and the fet wont change state
because the voltage in the gate remains

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mine almost is, coindentally
blackmoon: thats transistor man
transistor man is a badass, hes in all the transistors everywhere at once
he has a dmm, and a valve
as lame as that fucking analogy is, transistor man makes so much more sense than the switch thing
i bet google has some great image searches for transistor man
jero32: its from prob 2/3 of all textbooks
but it makes sense compared to A TRANSISTOR IS A SWITCH
they handle that in the thought bubble
yes and then you start talking about beta and people are totally lost

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TL072 is general purpose high performance audio, jfet input
TL082 is same but standard performance, not cool for signal path because TL072 arent expensive
NE5532 is a very old, very low noise, BJT input opamp
because BJT input, more input bias current, so not good for filters using high impedance components, or things with very precision gain
but awesome for input buffers
OPA2134 is extremely high performance
jero32: i just fixed your problem for bipolar 15v rails
but my point is you could prob search on digikey for audio opamp, buy anything that has graphs you think are pretty enough
jero32: thats the approach everyone uses
that causes a demand for a part, which usually leads to mad supply and commodity status
in audio that transistor as a switch shit is pretty useless
jero32: youre probably better off with a book, honestly
a transistor is a switch like a gas pedal is binary

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jero32: fine then buy RRIO amps, 741 were spec'd in the labs
also he didnt teach us mesh or node analysis because he didnt like them
next semester, spend weeks reviewing mesh and node because ya were supposed to know that shit
im like, bitch i have over 10 years hands on electronics experience and im in university, mesh and node is like the only shit im here for
you obviously aint gonna teach me to much about how to run an opamp
honestly i never would if i had access to a computer in a professional environment
741 arent really bad
i mean, theyre stable
signal goes in one side and comes out the other and visually is pretty much the same
its fine for teaching kids
i dont understand
anyway, both their names are on the labs
jero32: honestly for most application modern non-commodity parts are pretty cool
the one that has the most available at digikey
because thats a mass production instinct
but if youre hobbyist and you just need enough for your project, pick the one that you think will work
and if it doesnt, you get to learn why

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anyway, he wont allow schematic entry for spice
so prof i like is just taking dudes word for it that schematic entry for spice is useless in industry
rab: i think it was a good learning experience for fellow kids, but yeah 2nd semester, and apperently its dep policy
netlists only
so like, at work i simulate entire subwoofer signal chains for multiple products in the same file, in parallel with copied reworked versions
so i can do plots showing before/after/options
like, hundreds of components
just the simple operation of copying using a simple netlist would be hellish
and OMG at trying to communicate with other engineers and managers what i was doing
i want to say something
this is the same guy who never explained that opamps arent rail to rail
fine its an intro class
but he designed labs with physical opamps without considering dropout
like, LM741 and they got labs written like theyre RRIO
obviously they aint gonna fly

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i cant believe i have a cold i eat my vitamin c gummies every morning this is unbelievable
they make olestra gummies?
mine arent those, mine got sugar, is like 100 calories of gummies
i thought that had to happen for them to be used by any cell
rab: so i like my current electronics professor, but hes grad student with decent self awareness, like he gets hes still learning
other new prof is kind of calling a lot of the course work shots

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they prob had paperboy
kevtris: honestly even if it was a good port its not the same without the handlebars
how hard is making a couple bits?

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im not sure i understand why you would need *everything* on the bus hiz
instead of everything except one
yeah but like, why

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omg a wild eck0 appears
wait is that muxes for your muxes
oh yeah i guess one very wide one works

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The Kogge-Stone adder
sounds like a cartoon artifact

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weird, ARM assembly doesnt use colons for labels
well kids are getting shit educations, but honestly theres no reason they should get otherwise
the teachers are treated as an underclass
honestly i think a lot of that shit is just done on a small enough scale that the delay is significantly reduced and the system is basically on the edge of not functioning

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i think i have a cold
i was all dripping on my embedded systems quiz

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clearny you have not taken mechanical engineering department courses
wtf you dont know trig identities
look them up
and math would be difficult to teach any other way
but its not taught per application because most teachers dont know what its for
or cant explain it in a way kids would understand
which is sad, its why i hate math classes
jero32: yeah i dont think that ever happened in my trig courses
trig is pretty much everything
blackmoon: ya is true

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i guess ohsixi
youre just lifting the cars front end
there doesnt have to be anything calc about it
ohsixi: this is shit every racecar driver would learn while still driving carts
rab: unless you got hired by the software company
math is useful as fuck
mathmeticians wont drive as well as a professional racecar driver
even if he understand the forces at play better
which means that the racecar driver has a better grasp of the forces, in some contexts
i fucking hate how schools teach math i hate math classes
but i like math in engineering classes
most phd prob cant work a cash register
i dont know how to

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im mostly done with calculus forever, everything practical about it you would probably pick up in minutes, and you would probably laugh at how a long of the corner cases are handled
*a lot of
ohsixi: ?
you brake before the speed bump and accelerate through it to lift the front end of the car
yeah man thats not calculus
thats what a 10 year old who knows about cars figures out
which is why i think you telling moon to learn calc so he can understand you is pretty silly

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blackmoon im going to have to ask you to stop freaking out and having an episode
if you need to i can msg you privately for several hours to help with this
oh man polynomials making me so angry this week
sometimes you have to divide them
and i guess its not so hard but omg its so fucking ugly
youre doing it again
ohsixi: so moon should learn calculus, so you can have a non-degenerating convo with him?

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honestly i think it might just be a lack of coordination from fatique that ends in pulled muscles
ohsixi: that kind of sounds like just being sore or a pulled muscle
always goes away for me after a couple days unless i hurt it again because didnt rest
like, if it turns into a pulled muscle or tendon or whatever, recovery is much slower
like after a few weeks its not debilitating but its there everytime i initially load it
like, i pulled something in my groin more than a month ago, still bothers me when i wake up
but what else does he do
you cant be like that because it would exclude him from all things
and hes made it clear its our job to accomodate him instead

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02:14:43 <@Rab> If it's difficult to use while walking, it might be an actual injury.
if its both, you prob have athritus
your shits fucked forever.
and the only studies ive seen that say that stretching increases injuries is when it isnt done consistently, which probably correlates to someone who is just inconsistent about excersize in general, which would make them more prone to injury anyway
stretching gonna make the shit hurt less after not moving for awhile
the drawback is pain while you stretch
if you pull something while stretching, you prob got bigger issues
if you dont hike much you might just be sore
that usually lasts a couple days
and i dont know if theres any science behind it, but i find it much easier to hurt myself when sore

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pls2watch again with more attn

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rab: they sell their generics at multiple diff chain stores, shrug
rab: and it doesnt change how i feel about it
costco is more likely to sell known good batteries to their customer distributors than through their own stores
costco customers prob used to it
because from swedish china
youre not testing them right!
s/battery\ marketing/marketing
9v ate my fluke 110
like, components literally dissolved
blackmoon: i think it was an energizer industrial too =\

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heh, if its not a buyout theres something wrong with them
anything costco
kirkland makes a batch of batteries that leak because pushed some manufacturing parameter too far
solution? sell to costco
almost all their electronics are some weird tier lacking some common modern feature
like, shit for commercial market they made way too many of
im not sure about that
kirkland is everyones house brand

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honestly i kind of think south koreans are playing the game right
they make every effort to avoid conflict, to cool shit down, they know that any sort of conflict is going to fuck both sides

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i welcome the return of this mans anger

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i would doublecheck the part numbers against datasheet options, but prob fine
like, id be pissed at myself if it was a diff width tssop

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no idea
i think ive used them once
thats prob why i bought something from them

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so theres that and an overtemp shutdown that isnt really indicated on the models ive used
which is just annoying more than anything else
i use pretty low air flow for most stuff, which seems to make the problem worse
flux helps but i dont use as much as when soldering
soldering, i will literally submerge parts for rework under gel flux
i went through a lot of iso alc
for hot air, just use enough that when it heats up it coats everything, doesnt take much
new tinned boards w/ fresh parts, i just use enough flux to stick the part to the pads, really

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ive never used that one
the handle looks the same as their rework stations w/ irons
rab: the little tactile switching in the holder
that controls auto off shit
that shit fucks up on all of them ive used
various hacks to fix depending how it fucks up
either or
my theory that i thought of right now is that the force from pushing the handle into the holder warps the little bracket over time
but like, sometimes the button will get caught under the edge of the hole
i think one time the button was just broken, and nother time it fell off the mount somehow
i only remember the bracket design on one, i suspect its changed over diff models

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anyway, if there is a hidden laayer of leadership above governments and known corporate leaders, they would be the biggest target in the world of the powerful
short of actually being some sort of trans-universal gods, i dont think people in charge would stay in charge forever
yeah he pulls shit like that, someones just going to kill him
id be pretty impressed if he lived to the nomination
er, inoguration

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i wouldnt expect it to be consistent
also i government i think black organizations have the most power
they have the most information and they dont change leadership every 2-8 years
that said, i dont think they see the president as a puppet, guy has the ability to make their life hell
i dont think thats true either, ever

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fucker is everything trumps wants to be
we are so fucked
and i dont think hillary is the same type of leader, but i dont think she would come out on top in any kind of battle of wit
puppets at that level have more power than any person known to society
to assume they are completely puppets is to assume there is absolutely no hope
short of absolute destruction of infrastructure
rab: thats my point
he isnt
but part of him aspires to be
i actually think trump is very conflicted
but thats the problem, i dont think there is anything conflicted in putin
sculptor: so youre saying the corporate leaders of the most influential company in the world want to maintain the cururent system and not have ww3 or the annexation of america by russia?
so not surprised

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i think putins fucked so much he prob feels like its a chore if not at his scheduled fuck times
i dont think putin jerks off, and if youre putin why wouldnt you want to get off sometimes, who is there to stop you
he prob has nazi hooker parties with max mosley
that was mean, i actually respect mosleys idea for F1 management a lot
guy with trophy wives prob fucks
find him speaking english
he instantly becomes like 1/10 as powerful sounding
one on the left looks like more fun but the pink eyeshadow scares me
anyway, putins kgb, i have no doubts hes gonna play either candidate

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and you cant test MAD levels of ballistic missiles
yeah i dont think that either
i think both sides got scared
i think putin knows he would get bored and depressed in an underground strangelove wonderland
i mean you put it really well at some point in some other context, but people tend to have a lot invested in maintaining the status quo
almost all these people have families

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i think that just means we have 2 minutes to figure out how to handle the end of the world instead of 8
anyway, theres been lasers and bb cannons in space for decades
and i have no doubt the test systems on the ballistic missiles work, gut feeling is readiness on both sides has always been a lie
rab: thank god we didnt burn everything
*but gut feeling
i think ww3 is going to be the most disorganized, biggest let down vs hype in history
and it will still be the most destructive event ever
no i dont think that at all
i just think in real life untested systems dont do well

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oh i think we are going to crumble because of it
i dont think we will transcend anything
i mean it would be neat, but i think its probably more reasonable to figure out how to get through whats going to be the result
i dont think it will take 100 years
i think well be digging up landfills within 20
anyway, neither side stood down their weapons
cold war never ended
i dont think it works like that!

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shrug, its least compromised, which is pretty cool
the psychotic landscape boils down to we have to be the best at this or they will kill us
which goes back to my point about original engineer
the motive of almost all professional engineering is maximum profit
thats going to fuck someone
also in a truly free world you cant stop people from defending themselves, and free people will never be completely stable, so when the inevitability of unstable people with weapons, its probably not a bad idea to have weapons

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i mean sad truth is engineering probably started to kill a mfkr before he killed the first engineer because other dude was starving
this led to a world where you didnt have to be afraid of being killed all the time, leaving time for all the other shit that we consider human specific

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weapons aside
fuck a cessna
and there is probably nothing more human
and cars likely wouldnt be efficient or safe without race engineers pushing boundaries
and planes wouldnt be as safe and racers wouldnt be as fast without aerospace engineering

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also military engineering is prob the least compromised form of engineering, placing the most trust in the user
no rab mentioned not wanting to get military hardware related stuff for nephew
fidget cube wont let you accelerate to the point of physically ripping yourself to bits
for something people will get bored with in 3 days tops
would you discourage him if he found the mil hardware most interesting?
like, even as a little little kid i understood that a fighter jet was an orders of magnitude more awesome than an exotic sports car

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youre breaking your war hardware rule?!
anyway, to not break that rule is to deprive a kid from the sexy lines of an F4 phantom or A10 thunderbolt, either of which is pretty sad

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