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genuinely funny

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blackmoon: yeah im pretrty sure 22LR is the only thing that wouldnt blow a hole through your hand
its hard to tell from the vid how much it actually kicks

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totally curious what recoil on that is like
22LR in a 10-22 feels like a pellet gun, almost no lift when firing through a scope
omg guy screws it together, thing is pointed at his finger half the time

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wonder what it was looking for
maybe just a threshold with no debounce
yeah but you couldnt of loaded it for even a ms
more might show up
with guns

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wouldnt it be awesome if the news was always just about real problems like this?

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ha i have a gen 1 genesis w/ 32x someone gave me
and the konami revolver

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oh man thats so fucking old thats about cows
i mean if youre going to bring up scandals, pedo plane is pretty interesting
so were not using stm32 for embedded at school, but we are using keil

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aaaaw these 250mAH 2S batteries so cute
two packs fit into altoids case still have like 2/3 the case left over

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