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ya now youve lost me

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you are not trying to describe hard enough
if you can hear it, you can sound silly imitating it

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ohsixi: how is describing test conditions going to produce any data
yeah math hasnt solved these problems
theyre just figuring out how to model this shit for real so it actually matches up with reality most of the time
reproduciable testing isnt a problem
theres standards, and theres theres industry accepted practice
07:37:29 < ohsixI> so what you're saying is that anyone trying to review headphones can't tell anyone else what they're like; because for a given set of headphones, the 'experience' is not describable
to a certain extent, this is the truth

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and then preferences change, as far as voicing
also soundstage effects dont work
things that are done in production to similate soundstate dont work as well in isolation
like, headphones with good soundstage prob have shit crosstalk and isolation
and it does have to do with headphones
1st point, ear loading does not effect speakers
at all
2nd point, with voicing, has to do with frequency response prefs not correlating with free field prefs
ohsixi: not in a subjective way and many of the measurement methods used in 'scientific' reviews are kind of silly
like, it looks like a KEMAR/HATS, but doesnt have ear simulator cavities
its just measurement mics in a head
3rd point, concerning soundstage, is obviously headphone specific and related to psychoacoustics
because its thats mid freq spacial orientation thing
reverb is same shit

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yeah, but it generally holds with anything repetitive and abstract
if you dont find it absrasive in some way usually itll just lead to kind of daydream space out mode
kind of like a massage chair
i think that has to do with youre brain re-equalizing everything
its been tested, your brain will compress sound, and kind of shape sound to kill ambient background stuff
like, in memories you usually dont remember background ambient stuff
all hearing is a psychological effect
its why measuring headphones in a meaningful way is kind of a black hole
in a way that corellates to what a person hears
its near field but frequency response is dependent on loading
so basically response changes for everyone, same headphone

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doyouknow: that looks like some noise with some sort of noisy pattern in it to me
and theres been a lot of studies into spacial orientation and sound
most of psychoacoustics that cant be attribute to musical socialization is usually from spacial orientation processing of mid freqs
yeah i dunno about all that, but generally noise for long periods of time does something to people
when the dorks at one job tried to power test in the building, i laughed and told them it wasnt going to fly
CEO went nuts, HR lady asks me about it im like, its pink noise its like living inside a jet engine forever, itll put people to sleep or drive them insane
me personally, i used to love putting on earplugs and gun muffs, sit inside the power test chamber with bunch of subwoofers running
was very relaxing

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fairies were real but they bite so we killed them all and their bones dissolved because who knows, fairies

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yeah i think you were right and its probably a money or sourcing thing

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other funny thing about that is you unscrew most binding posts, and they will accept a right angle banana in the hole for clamping wire ends
so if a kid was smart enough, he could somehow manage to kill himself by plugging a lamp into an amplifier
im not really sure how, but euro kids are fragile i guess

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im like, who cares if you feed a lamp a few hundred watts of audio
jero32: but right on your PSU its kind of weird because banana jack is the only connection option
rab: i just dont see how an amplifier poses more danger than a normal outlet
maybe they do if its like a 2000W amplifier, but it forces you to use them as binding posts instead of bananas
so they *have* to be exposed, with many banana connects they wouldnt be
wait how does that work do you need electrical tape
anyway, fuckin euro kids need to stop chewing on circuit boards and binding posts
annoying as fuck to dig those little plugs out

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what do you mean
yours are recessed?
man i dont like his voice
its EU so its probably safety
he seems pretty smart but i cant watch enough to get much from it
maybe not
jero32: whats the spacing?
i thought it was .75 inch spaced bananas that was illegal
amplifiers that ship to europe with pomona MDP compatible binding posts ship with little plastic plugs in the banana jacks
yeah i dont really understand i was told it had something to do with the spacing of their outlets

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does it have a switch?
or an indicator?
if you short it or load it down enough itll switch into CC mode once the current hits the set value
itll turn into a current regulator and drop out the voltage enough to maintain that current
and technically you should be able to short a CC capable PSU at whatever set voltage, but its probably not a great idea
usually the procedure in the PSU manual is something like, turn voltage all the way down, current all the way down, short leads and set current to whatever, unshort leads and set voltage
i like it when that happens

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i mean maybe yours are diff but all the auyoe and clones ive used are like that
it mentioned in one of the manuals i read
its annoying as fuck youre trying to work and you look over and temp is way down, ignores set temp for awhile
i usually have air way down so parts dont get blown around
yeah i use an iron for most assembly and goofy rework stuff
hot air is good for IC or to clean up junky solder joints
yeah, honestly the auyoe hold up
that switch and the overheating are the two issues ive had and ive worked around both fine
ha nice

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thats why they sell replacements
does it have the tactile button in the handle holder?
is it still literally just the tactile button?
if you push the handle into the holder hard enough to engage the button it seems to warp the bracket the button sits on
auto off thing
and the 'rest' mode youre talking about is it overheating without indicating it in any way
it doesnt happens as much if you turn the air speed up

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oh, well yeah i dont think i would buy direct from a china factory
unless the goal was ripping other people off
right i dont really use those sites
they get their psu from the other side of china
hey what happened with shenzenistan?
the one on amazon is so old the flame retardant plastic has turned yellow

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i never know how to feel about that that shit
because when i worked for tube marty, his QA fallout was directly related to how well he was getting along with the russians in negotiations that week
and like, i dont think velleman opens the boxes
versus who, a shady west coast mastech distributor?

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hmm i must be thinking of something else
ya because cant make money if does not attach to arduino
thats not too bad
nice, uses big giant dinosaur resistors
ha k that makes more sense
thats too much for one channel
still pretty neat tho
theyre just china punting those

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