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i think i listened to something you uploaded with that
youtube i guess, was video
beep boop thup

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pretty annoying
we will just use screensavers again!

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yeah i didnt care so much for that
that would be neat
the tv i use a monitor temp burns in

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i hope not as much today
but ive heard it from several sources in my lifetime
the most recent being some airline staff making small talk
they thought it was so cool how the wing rips the air molecules apart
and then one did the whole, equal time recombine wtf shit
this was a couple years ago, i thought it was a dead thing by then
i dont think its ever going to die
im not a tv person but omg they are so fucking pretty
like, i stopped and stared
my whole people been showing me TV like LOOK AT MY TV BITCH BEHOLD and ive never been that impressed for the given era
but oled, jezus fuck, its done, humans have finished tvs
they dont need to be better than that
right give it a few years
but vidually, o, m, g

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like, they do same x but top half of the air molecule does way more y
but only in an absolute sense
yeah but thats a disconnect, all particles split in half
but i guess yeah, spread over more area, same particles halves are less dense
and there is your literal definition of pressure
so theyre like, SCIENCE BITCHES
well theyre both less dense
so it still works
even tho your wing is now a black fucking hole
i think
hmm no perhaps it only breaks the universe an inperceivable amount
anyway, science breaks because somehow your wing makes air less dense
instead of more dense on average, which would be the measureable effect like every fucking time
but right, wings, wtf pilots

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like, i dont think it has to be a longer path for lift to be generated
like, the air is more likely to take a longer path on average, and if you kind of make your shape do the same thing you get less drag
right airfoils make sense! but the way they explain it always sounded wtf to me, and it turns out it is
haha ya i saw that when i pasted
but like, i guess this is the traditional aerospace field theory
even tho its never been like that in physics

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its probably a bunch of bullshit on a lot of home audio cables, but it has its roots in sane audio rigging
like, ive torns apart shielded RCA cable that had shield not connected to either end
aounds like an audio sales guy
but hey, pilots think wings split atoms
and that someone particles of air track each other on opposite sides of wings
to magically reconnect on the other side
this traveling different distances, thus different speeds, thus diff densities, this pressure differential
its bullshit
i always thought it was wonky
like, put your hand outside and rotate, you tile your hand and force it redirected upwards
turns out, that is the simple physics explanation, and the aeronautics explanation is straight on crack rocks
jero32: right but its because something is in the way
not because of some magical particle splitting and rejoining effect
ill see if i can find article about it...

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theyre $150-300, they have $10-40k worth of gear attached
ive thrown fits because theyve smashed power conditioners shipping them and i didnt want to rack gear without one
flip side is if shit ever blew up and i didnt have one, theyd say whatever reason i had for doing it was unjustified
so fuckem i just do what makes sense
as far as sound, if i had ground loops i would try a lot of things before i throw expensive power isolators at it
if it was measurably noisy power, i would just buy a conditioner or psu depending on budget
hey so those actually do have an application
shielded cables in proper systems isnt supposed to be earthed on both sides
this isnt consistent inside audio gear, but it can be forced by shield connections in cables
in an XLR, this isnt an issue
but in TRS or RCA cables, you need direction markings to indicate shield connections

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and yes theyre used, i dont know if theyre getting measurably better audio or how theyre earthed
ground loops happen
in my case, i would use them because the gear was way more expensive than the condition
its expensive
like, 8 years working in audio labs, ive seen the fault light on a furhman power conditioner once, all the conditioners purchased were justified by that one time

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but a bobbin coil winders is just an indexed motor w/ a counter
those are supposed to be way good
sculptor: even if its not, toddlers with unlocked guns and right wing pro-life nuts are scarier
some kids at school like REMEMBER BENGAZI
im like, did even 12 people die?
like, bus accidents are more tragic than bengazi
like 500k+ civilians died in iraq, but remember bengazi, wtf
medical isolation transformers

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one day ill rite down my bot password instead of asking init to reset it some other day
then maybe he gets perm bant
if i can get it im pretty sure it has a help file
i been there before!
*get in
jero32: inductor winding is labor intensive and kind of trial and error if youre trying to hit exact values
but its not hard =\
sculptor: trump campaign plan d

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and most of that 1% does it at work
and in case ohsix is still lurking, im rounding to whole percents and hundreds of millions of peoples
ohsixi: are you going to explain why youre posting twin peaks vids

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timecop: you brought him here, you defended him when
all your fault, i decided
*when bant
jero32: you can buy cores
the fucked up buy is going to be the enamale wire, just because spools of it
tho i bet you can get around that via some ebay seller
because who else buys magnet wire
prob like 100M electronics geeks in the world
100% of them will buy regular insulated wire
maybe 1% will buy magnet wire

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because a dB is big compared to our machining skills
do you need mass production volume?
if you dont need hundreds, youre better off winding your own
or making a company thing you need thousands so they send you engineering samples
if its SMD with tons of winding, try the latter
blackmoon: i told him like 10 times i think he just doesnt want to google pistonphone
its also kind of your only option most likely
you can find equations for inductance vs geometry in most textbooks
blackmoon: ikr, some knitting voodoo shit
jero32: design around existing, or wind your own
omg i have to learn that precision shit is harder to cal than normal shit
i been tolt

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its a bit quick and dirty but it works really well with an RTA
its good for characterizing the room
its maybe the best way to EQ a system for a room
its a good way to measure subs for output power because sometimes sine waves are a bit too easy on them
in any case, ive said like 10 times how its done and hes still asking BUT HOW DO THEY DO IT
like he doesnt want to google pistonphone
oh damn now hes bustin out his google skills
so it turns out pros have their mics cal'd?
omfg i am so wrong about life
quick ohsixi i forgot what a dB is tell me what a dB is
ohsix seems to have trouble with 94 dBSPL = 1 Pa

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so general a pascal from 2-20khz
to make the original magic golden microphone
'golden' is usually the actual term for it in a given factory or lab
ohsixi if you ask the same question again without acknowledging the answer, youre going to be excluded
he just wants a known flat mic response
if you know a mics response vs the absolute, you can eq it to make known flat measurements
this is done like constantly all the fucking time
because generating a pascal in a known volume isnt that hard
efex_mini: acoustic r&d
you generate a pascal in a cavity of known dimension
thats a pistonphone is
sometimes, you do 10x a pascal
because fuckit, the mic can hang
ohsixi: thats one method

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and weighting usually isnt used for engineering measurements
weighting is for the marketing fucks and osha
in any case, weighting and munsen curves can be applied post process
cal standard is 1 Pa = 94 dB SPL
pistonphones at 1khz are used for absolute reference calibration in field
and the factory usually provides a plot of the mics response versus a known flat source
known flat source is a speaker calibrated with a very expensive microphones
in audio, you dont ever measure anything except microphones
so basically everything is referenced to some magic microphone at the factory
prob some bruel and kjaer or gras thing, with an EQ file
i dont think it is very difficult to generate pistonphones for different frequencies
if you cant figure this out i really dont want to spend the time to explain it to you
google knows

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or whatever the fuck theyre charging for them, things even feel sexy
i dont really need that kind of SNR tho
its nice, their 1u dual preamp is pretty cool, too
like, if SNR is an issue, theres too much ambient to make a credible measurement anyway
you can get away woth the $50 behringer unless youre actually testing something SNR related
pretty much
the earthworks shit isnt that flat at the extremes, either
i usually used them without EQ but if you want to be like half dB accurate, 20-20k, you gotta eq them
i dont think they provide a digital file either
the one i had, was a plot and table on very very nice paper, actual QA tech sig
like 1 pascal is shown as 94dB across the spectrum

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and run external amplifier biamp/triamp/quadamp speaker
because absolute nothing is more pro
use a pc as source, w/ ADAT optical interface
nothing to go wrong!
heh, least as far as ground loops and PC noise
ive managed to get rid of a lot
i kind of want a decent usb measurement mic
and enough turnkey DSP to do triamps + dual sub active speaker prototypes
naw you can get decent one for like $100
umik thing that works with minidsp, they have serial matched EQ files and usable SNR
yeah its not an $1100 earthworks m50

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ha thats some ferris bueler shit
graphic eq w/ spectrum analyzers are 80s hot sex
omg i <3 soft synths
modular softsynth is so much warm fuzzy
thats maybe a benefit with synths
least as far as experimental sound pattern go, like i dont think you can really untrain people
no if i had money for a system itd prob be a bunch of rack mount stuff
big io count rack DSP, 8ch AB amplifier, some big QSC for subs

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clearly we need to give you some boundaries
nope, yours are always pretty bad
yeah not talking about how we are talking
talk about tape and vinyl
or tangent into something electronics related
no tables
zzzz_ gets it
a lot of the music i listen to was originaly released on vinyl only
shrug, its been a fixture in the music i listen to for like 30 years at least
so it never really went away
and oddly kind of as vinyl is getting more popular in the last 10 years, more shows are using control surfaces abd digital media instead of actual turntables and mixers

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you get the slow jitter
okay so this is personal
im sorry i dont agree that vinyl is as useless as consumer audio tapes
ill just stfu
jero you need to stfu, tapes are bad but also vinyl, or something
mine is made out of a slab of 1" acrylic
on top of clear rubber feet, like .67" square deals
on top of a clear bin
insaide clear bin is hydroton (puffed clay balls) and a stuffed marsupalami with no tail
so talk some shit because its not particle or hardwood
or something
talk about how the power of car wind will clean it
whatever fucked up analogy you need to make up to continue your conflict
right bring it back to vinyl or tape

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you dont come across as sinister at all
right i thought i made it clear i didnt really want to
i brought up jero because you responded to me right as jero basically said what i was saying
right back at you
that said, i dont think vinyl is superior to much in terms of storage
but its a fun media to work with, and plenty of fun shows been done with it
tapes have their place, but not as much since uploading to the net effectively replaced mix tape trading
and old stereo equipment is often fine
if shit isnt broken, most amplifier spec decent, in the sense that decent speakers will distort much worse so as to make the amplifier transparent
and it stretches

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shrug, my turntables are $250
how good do you need it to be?
i dont see how an sl-1200 clone with a decent stylus isnt that
ohsixi: pretty much any media format
ohsixi why is every question you asked framed like your an asshole
well jero seems to agree
and we objectively pick apart your statement
but how about you just agree and say sorry
because tactile

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1200 still a better turntable, because made in a time with no sense of limited resources and money burnt on shipping weight
under $1000 easy

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considering show standard turntable is a ~40 year old design, its kind of been dealt with for awhile
my shit has built in RIAA EQ with line/phono switch, because has USB adc, looks like a 1200, but is actually abs plastic, abs plastic and steel plate shield inside, instead of cast aluminum and composite plastic and heavy rubber
the tonearm assembly is basically the same, with simplified but still japanese internals (technics/panasonic vs audio technica), and it has same turntable feature set as a mk5 plus reverse button

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ha, no not really
a bit for nostalgia
but its a pretty crap media format
because they didnt have to deal with them when they were kids
that has tactile benefits, tho
check if your phone has aptx, if yes, make sure the reciever has aptx
ohsixi: ive been to shows with easily the most bass in hollywood on a given night, sourced from vinyl
so like, rumble and track bounce issues have been dealt with

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if youre not going nuts for accurate reproduction, almost anything not broken works for rears
centers and main L and R should be pretty matched
i like that a lot of centers are sealed
yeah, neat
oh the center is reart ported, they are pretty matched
i didnt noticed because they put big transparent newegg logo over it

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they have powered woofers or completely passive?
polk is usually pretty good shit
like, they have engineers and shit, not just buyers with freq flyer miles

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omg i think neighbor died at candy crush
things getting thrown, smashed, yelling about the autistic faggots

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ulfury> this?
omg wrong click

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At last week’s test at Donington Park the development hack DevBot successfully completed a lap under full computer control and we’re all incredibly excited to see how it progresses over the course of the season.
i dont know how i feel about the FIA using the word 'hack' instead of prototype
least new FE cars dont look ugly anymore

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they made new version of my auto spinny pencil with slide pipe tip
ships from japan, get it in like 30-45 days wtf

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10 refills is about same price

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you mean regular erasers?
pink eraser is dinosaur shit, almost all mechanical erasers have white plastic erasers
23:03:12 < kevtris> you can get one of those white "plastic" erasers that never dries out
heh for the last 2 years ive been using the same white erasers, that i bought when i was going to school like 10 years ago
i been using this a lot, is neat for schematics and equations

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i dunno if thats a little laptop or giant netbook

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they were basically tablets with keyboards, i had a touch screen one with flipping monitor, was pretty cool
but win 7 kinda sucked at touch
i sold it and friend broke it
asshole breaks everything
but right for about two or four years, before smartphones were that useful, netbooks were pretty cool thing
normal laptops on planes are kind of fucked
the_gfr|w: so basically i feel like almost all laptops have trended towards netbook construction, netbook profit margins
exceptions being shit towards $2k, and boring as fuck shit for business
when they started getting shiny
basically all downhill from there

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my eeepc 701 works, shits like 10 years old? but one of the keyboard carbon rubber pads broke
right they got worse
shrug, i could take on an airplane and watched movies from usb hdd for like 3 hours on a plane
awesome for notes at school
still makes a good ssh terminal
and i have literally the first one, like 800x480 or some ridiculous shit like that
people bought them as their only computer, was pretty ridiculous

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because im californian
they have a checkbox for STICK IT TO THE MAN
$1900 or $2000 is pretty much the same thing
considering i can just buy a quadro gpu for my pc
and a laptop
for way less
even if i built my pc from scratch
$2k is pretty reasonable tho for work pc
but right i dont see lenovo as the reliable laptop company they were
so its basically a purchase and dont touch thing
it would essentially be a pc you can take to meetings without turning off if you are very careful
so when ideapad netbook first came out i suggest to a teacher
so she could use it for youtube in class
shes had that shit for like i dunno 6 years?
i got stolen, she got it back
she dropped it on her tile floor
she popped the plastic trim thing back and its been fine, for like half a decade
so yeah i dunno, they arent bad
least the original ones

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something like that is prob over $3k, and i dont want to move a laptop like that
when you go to newegg and click quadro there are two laptops for like $2k
theres 100 quadro gpu between $100 and $200
which is $2k taxed
i pay tax at newegg

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i dont need a laptop because the dell i stole from ewaste at work still works
and it has 1920x1200 15" display
efex_mini: the only ones that dont seem to have issues after awhile are boring heavy ones marketed at business
sounds neat
were supposed to have a laptop for school but i do all the heavy cad shit at home
i dont want to spend $2k on a laptop, and it still wont do the workstation graphics

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my gigabyte gpu fans bearings went to shit =\
anyway, a laptop is an ultra-custom OEM PC, so its basically starts out as a turd
if its not made to be a reliable turd, its going to break, gaming laptops break
sure but isnt that all they do?

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the gaming shit from dell/hp/alienware were jokes
shitty plastic cases, shitty batteries, shitty hinges, shitty keyboards, and half the shit broken in a year
the boring as fuck dell/hp/lenovo shit worked best, with the exception of recent lenovo shit
asus makes all sorts of shit for OEM since forever
theyre capable of making awesome to dirt cheap on demand
every lenovo we bought ate its hard drive at lastjob
thats like the behringer argument
that behringer is the worst brand because they have the worst failures
despite them having the current lowest failure rates
they sell 10x, so even with 1/2 the failures, theres 5x as many broken units
its the price of mad sales
and doesnt intel make oem motherboards?
shrug, i have an asus mobo works perfectly fine was replaced after like 7 years running 24/7

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gaming laptop failed, omg big surprise
building a laptop for anything other than reliability is going to end in broken
'gaming laptop' might as well be called 'money fire'
ha, laptops at work fell into two categories: boring things with usable specs that were ugly but survives multiple drops, or gaming shit that was intended for CAD/EDA but were pretty much unusable in under a year
batteries wouldnt hold charge, all sorts of electromechanical issues
the brands dont matter
the work shit from lenovo/dell/hp worked fine

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wait what? eggsalad doing teacher in the kitchen while rocking up coke?
or possibly doing an unemployed woman, i guess i assumed a lot \

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do want
my asus boards dont have those
<3 asus
ill take your statement as confirmation that im buying the right stuff
wtf do laptops have to do with motherboards
the_gfr|w: my shit lasts years with no issues, maybe dont buy the cheapest crapshit

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i only read last line... what?!
rab: sadface
sounds like some gov project name
but maybe it was something to keep track of your pets
you just need crowd funders who arent assholes trying to pay for their daily burrito

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