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i usually dont have more than 4 at once
one is usually a markus gravey and one usually an underground
im like level 80 something, 200k caps, full x-01 and prob 10 frames and least one set every other armor
and ive kept every single legendary weapon ive found in a safe for modding later
basically all my carried shit is max out modded legendary weapons
and i still avoid my explosive sawed off because it still makes a lot of stuff too easy

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yes, you need to make a bethesda game
i havent played either fo4 expansion
the NPC backstories arent that great so its not too hard to avoid sidequests

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because custom skins yo
sky is blue because it reflects off guns

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i didnt know that was his IP
pure coincidence

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so they figured out software doesnt need a warehouse or trucks?

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i dunno
i just want a stupid car that only knows how to car

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eck0: yeah because i guess easy to fuck up limb joints?
riders rolling always looks like crazy mess of arms and legs
The issue demonstrated is only triggered when the web browser is used, and also required the car to be physically near to and connected to a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot.
omfg its probably just some buffer fuckup
does that shit run android or its their own browser or what?
blackmoon: only when they change lanes!

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like, they wouldnt have time to kill the car before it could damage stuff, so i wonder what failsafes theyve put in
i think its pretty stuff
*pretty big
ha, yeah i got some by my door
its how i stop
seems to depend on the trap
they can dig themselves in, theyre low and the whole bottom is flat
did you keep it up?
ow, did you bounce or just stop?

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it shouldnt be possible on FIA spec racetracks
and im sure the stewards will have kill switches
i wouldnt be surprised if they attached it to track limits
in any case, its a real issue and the FIA are rather pro about this stuff
like, when track marshall got killed by a tire, they implimented the wheel tethers, i think in all their F1 feeder series too
the tracks have all been redesigned or built new with either huge runoff and gravel traps, or layers of water filled barriers or tire walls
formula-e is street circuits tho
so in a lot of places its just concrete barriers and heavy fences

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what that
eck0: formula E season 3 about to start
theyre going to have a spec roborace support series
fully automated, i guess youre basically competiting at programming
FIA so i kind of wander what safeties they have on the things
im guessing that almost every race gets red flagged, heh
i think they can fast lap and qualy fine, but they cant even make AI work in sim
fuuuuu, i bet thats where they sourced all their programmers

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is because eck0 doesnt work on oil pipes anymore

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doesnt that shit permanent stain?
oh i guess it only gets a deep as a few layers of skin so wears off

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yeah thats just not true
tons of blind tests comfirm this
the layman's threshold is around 1%, little lower
coincidentally, this is about the distortion of an average decent loudspeaker
no, it tends to mean its a well designed amp
but 0.1 THD is transparent to 99% of people
but ive blind tested someone who could tell the diff, repeatedly, between ~0.3% and 0.05%
note that this is a man who spent his life with a measurement microphone watching FFT and RTA plots with realtime THD values in front of him
listening is a skill it can be developed
blackmoon: its not really that consistent
and a lot of companies are doing 10% now
because a lot of chipamps are spec'ing 10%
because a lot of audio products are made for support roles in products where no one gives a fuck
that stuff is leaking into actual audio products

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you yuu turn the bass boost on and THD pokes into audible range down low
so ya, definitely what the audiophile expects
most directly associate LF distortion with higher output
cerwin vega subs good poor pre-production feedback when they fixed low frequency distortion issues before protection compressor kicked in
the fix was basically setting the limiter threshold high enough that is never triggered, after asking project manager like 5 times if thats what he really wanted
somewhat related, i had issue's specing a subwoofer amp power at 1% THD, because the compressor was well behaved enough that it never hit 1%
sounded awesome, i guess totally unmarketable to home audiophiles

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and they basically sold out and went away so that was effectively a release price and not representative of what a sustainable product would cost
i like these, they worked great for year until i stepped on them, theyre ballpark same price range
neat, mine broke and they sounded meh
they were pretty low distortion tho so mostly just a voicing thing
ill take some distortion and fun bass over boring analytical shit unless im actually doing work or similar
this is a possibility
anyway i had to make an effort to use them, which means i didnt like them that much
blue mofi is the same

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rab: honestly i think evaldi killed evaldi
the elliptical plug tubes made them less comfortable, a bit compared to standard tubes (like 3 or 4 mm?) and a ton compared to etymotic tubes (prob under 2mm)
and they had that flay analytical sound but i didnt like them as much as etymotics which are sold w/ same hype
and eventually, the cases split
well, not true, one side split but i didnt exactly use them after that to see if other side same issue
and considering materials and finish should have been molex's strength, its pretty dissapointing
thats not true at all
how much were evaldi? more than $30, no?

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