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even if you still want a tesla, its likely theyll be forced to drop prices a bit

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i dont agree, alienware is kind of crappy
not important
thing is mclaren isnt a lexus, its not even a ferrari
its more like a spy jet
less so since theyve spread out their models
i dunno i think its pretty accepted theyve dilluted their brand
no no, mclaren
lexus is totota, and its not an experiment its not going anyeway
like, scion was pretty clearly an experiment and sandbox
right but apple marketing is about being the best and their focus is finish, gap and step, materials
i would wait
like 2 or 3 years
i just think their will be more options in a year or three

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mclaren actually is what apple markets itself to be
the whole actually being upscale and exclusive thing kind of makes it hard to design for million unit production runs
mclaren iphones would cost $20k
if they were actually a mclaren design, andf not just an apple design with a mclaren swoosh on the outside
right exactly
a lexus is a toyota

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i should call my mom
i havent since i heard my sister AWOL'd from psych hospital
hopefully sister is back safe in jail

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thats pretty cool
dunno sounds familiar
and theres one for every texture?
ha neat

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even if her team fucking sucks at strategy, no points for fastest pit stop
i would be impressed if dennis for apple to be their title sponsor
theyve had blank sidepods forever, dennis wont lower the price, its become a bit of a joke
team cant break top 10, one of the highest sponsorship costs in the series
i would def approve of using applehead cash to help develop the shitty honda engine

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dennis doesnt allow *any* clutter on staff desks
thats their headquarters, the pool is part of the buildings cooling and heating system
honestly, i dont think apple is stylish or conforming enough to adaprt to mclaren culture
sculptor: also the only collaborative mclaren project i know of is the mercedes SLR, and its their least loved car
shrug, just make me more of a williams fan

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theyre an expensive car company who isnt very good at racing
for reference, ferrari is getting shit for underperforming and theyre on the podium like every other race at least
mclaren is doing awesome if they break top 10
but thats not dennis' style
shrug, mclaren ran chrome livery for almost 10 years
silver wasnt shiny enough
the thing is, mclaren is losing
so PR for apple isnt that great
and mclaren doesnt know how to mass production cars
they know how to mass production airplanes, really
like, airliners and fighter jets more than consumer stuff
anyway, winning is how you get on camera
sculptor: the articles say 'apple has approached'
this is probably how ron dennis takes over apple

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yeah that was confusing
i was like, this seems overkill for hobby train
unless some sort of offroad hobby train
they did?
shrug, talk is exactly that in F1 unless released PR on both sides agrees
i would guess sponsorship and slice of mclaren is more likely
honestly, dennis kind of dropped the ball on mclaren
ferrari is a race team that builds cars to support their F1 effort
mclaren was just a race team, then they a race team building the greatest street rageted sports car ever, then they won le mans with it after muirray said it wouldnt work as a racecar because street compromises
AND THEN, they put way too many eggs into the street cars, mercedes bought Brawn GP, mclaren dumped mercedes because they wanted the works team advantage
and theyve lost hard two seasons straight with honda power

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rab: no idea
also neat at hookup wire
maybe some standard based on batteries

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railway spec converter, 5g vibration rated
<3 badass reservoir power co

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so my embedded class is forcing us to learn arm asm in keil
thats kinda cool, id never learn that shit all the way on my own

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shrug, looks cool and feels good inserting
somewhat intentional phrasing
anyway, usb-c integration into life has been pretty seamless
like, i usually dont have charger on me, but 3A charging usually means i leave home with full charge so hasnt been an issue
and omg so much yay @ not feeling for micro-usb latch spikes and remembering what orientation for which tablet/phone

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still my fav connector since original usb, usb-c is pretty cool tho

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and no power through because ugly, im guessing
i bet that one will cost $30
how do we make the worlds most popular failjack better!?
add another inline connector to fail
rab: they need to build a high density of frustration
that way they can break their necessary hype threshold at launch
and signal their followers to buy newthing
rab: my guess is epoxy dot on PCB in common with external pins, and some really, really ugly china farmgirl soldering
the 1st party lightning connectors i tore down werent pretty inside, they were functional

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well shit, that answers the 'why no headphone jack' right there
you want a dongle?
you would have to call it dongle, then
yeah but thats a problem with differentiation
its like calling your product dakine if everyone already got the joke

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i wonder if they already figured out something with square
the card readers
they plug into the 3.5mm jack
prob millions of people using it for their business as a point of sale device
so apple gets a cut of every square

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