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i was so sure i wasted my money but this is rather good

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no man the goal is to get rid of a car
im not a good op
electric miata would be neat, tho

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guys should i pay for zipcar membership
omg school website says i get $35 credit, but this review and submit thing is like $25
they just called a car a buggy

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yeah but she wasnt in australia, she was there
i dont think she would have time to seal up the house and vacuum suck it out
you change the density by sucking out particles

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customs is fairly random
like, if youre in a container with another shipment, and they have some operations girl who customs dude has a crush on, your shit getting through way quick
if your container doesnt have crush girl, customs dont care
timecop: fuck ya
if she was allowed large magazine assault rifles, she could have just hid in the corner and taken them all out

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man i hate it when you have a good idea
and your 2/3 done
and then you have an EVEN BETTER idea
i am my own dick manager
new goal posts dont go into the ground!
surface goal post
tradeoff is now most other things into the ground
really goal posts are like upside down hanging from the sky and attached to a wall now

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because it prob had synchronizer and the internals were prob tiny
but maybe speed diff to much skipping gears
haha, everything on those cars was tiny
do you have handbrake or footbrake? for parking brake
handbrake is easy easy to hill
foot brake, or foot release parking brake is total fail, useless
yeah you gotta fix all the things all the time on those cars
theres a reason people sell them cheap

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right but do you need to clutch to get it out of gear?
yeah neat
if i new the dogs were like that, thats what i would expect
do the teeth ever just break off?
or theyre pretty big
pretty sure my cars dogs have been fucked
since i got it, maybe couple times a month, shit kicks the gear back out at me
like, i got some special alignment of teeth thats just like, naw fuck off
thats neat
probably because synchros
would it grind or lock you out?
haha mean
ya pretty much

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or give it throttle
right i mean this just sounds like agressively using the clutch
you can drive a car like that, just not very much
but if you dont rev match and youre shifting in corners, you have to drive like that
or youll break your driving tires loose
ha fun
so you change engine speed at all and the dogs let go
right but if you came off throttle, before the dogs flipped to the other side of engagement and yorue engine braking
can you get it out of gear?
so theyre two tooth dogs right

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motorcyclists bang shift a lot, like truck drivers
if you time shit right you dont even need the clutch
you just pull out of gear as you unload them but before you load them again decelerating
yeah thats just power shifting
thats mean =(
haha, in a lot of car review results, there will be an asterisk note like, STANDARD THROTTLE RAISED SHIFTING USED
but yeah youre just using engine rotating mass and input shaft as kinetic flywheel
so in a way its energy recovery
shrug, thats how youre supposed to drive any more
find its happy place, try and keep it there
hence why the truckers dont even use that shit except to get going

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they run brake by wire on the rears
because of the 2wd regeneration
they have to balance that with the mechanical rear brakes and front brakes
well theyre already use the exhaust for the turbo
the turbo is attached to a generator
which does regen, and can also spool the turbo for no lag
which is what the porsche 918 and whatever mclaren is hot shit right now do
blackmoon: they do torque smoothing with the turbo motors
they they do everything for traction control
most will use brakes to stop wheel spin, the nsx has dual motors and will vector besides just stopping wheelspin
a lot cut throttle
i dunno i dont like the nsx
the technology is cool and everything, but its the literal opposite of the original car
instead of uncompromised sport and driver connection to the road, its a ton of gadgets

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ohsixi: which makes it more sensitive to shit like, fat drivers and luggage
not to mention atom doesnt have batteries
anyway, the awd and traction control prob a lot of why the tesla can hit 3sec 0-60 times
like, its actually *not* using the 700 hp that makes it fast
and have 2x contact patch
not necessarily
but same power into 2x contact patch is going to work better
you unload the front tires a lot
so its not like 50% of the power can go to them if you want to max out accel
the acceleration and suspension essentially put someone in the trunk
right but its tracking shit regardless
no way they arent running traction control
basically you floor it, and it sees a wheel brake look it cuts power
this is how you make F1 drivers gods
so they keep banning it
sounds awful, too
like youre strangling the motor exiting turns
not totally

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people will get over gas when they realize how much faster electric can be
macegr_: neat
because you can just get batteries at every battery station
thats a bit weak
what can it do errytime?
too bad its ugly

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swapping batteries is the only thing that makes sense
wtf charging
i need to pull up, get my extra 500 miles of range, 10 minutes max
10 minutes i pushing it
wtf charging
haha *fast* charging
no fuck you put the new batteries in thanks im gone
ohsixi: yeah that makes sense for people who have more than one car
because i dont want to rent i want to go now in my car
because normal car
i want to drive across the country
because i didnt that shit in a $15k car 10 years ago
at like 90mph most of the way
ohsixi: yes there is
with swappable batteries
dude you just design batteries that swap
this isnt a huge engineering chalenge
this isnt finding subatomic particles
this is push something in sone side, another falls out the other side
i can have my oil changed without getting out the car, i can have a battery pack swapped out in 10 min
no bullshit, like a machine gun ammo chain

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expansion wouldnt be on sold cars
would be on future units, before they RTV
that sealing glue shit is so autotmotive

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right we dont need that much
but it would be nice to be able to change range quickly with smaller batteries
timecop: they bolt together with long threaded rod?
yeah neat

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i sure as fuck didnt charge them 1" from my face
sell incandesent bulds as drip atomizers
tech is there already with the flower vapes
people do that with concentrates
just throw oil and wax onto hot stones in small rooms or cars
the leaf ones?
want to sell or donate to academic club?

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right you you pop out the pennies
macegr_: li-ion are cheap
i ran that shit 3" from my face, practically shorting them out
for years
no electronics
li-ion batteries
mechanical mod e-cig
with like 0.1R coils
i was burning more power in the switch at the base of the 18650
shit was burning my finger before i finally switched to a box mod
so yeah, anecdotal experience with pulling high currents from 18650 with like .1R loads to like ~3.0V drained
surprisingly safe
used erryday, all day and too much at night

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if we build packs, its either that or springs
besides being a bit suicidal, soldering is bant
im kind of like fuck building packs tho
no one has mentions so i think maybe im the only one noticed all the external battery segment quick disconnect shit we have to design into the battery containers
like, we have to disco all batteries before opening the box
thats might work
but fuck that seems like a lot of extra wiring
thats what im thinking
or some sort of cam thing

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motor people are more positive than audio people
what we can inrush limiting, they call precharge

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theyre perfect size for side pods
especially mounted at angles
yeah everything on one side, same orientation
that shit has a mexican sand resistor
haha @ mexican sand resistor bracket

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nice i can buy oem replacement from summit
ah fucked, $1k core charge
theyre turnkey automotive
i would rather avoid crates of 18650
someone needs to give this ebay mfkr a banana
he can do for free and gnaa can sponsor the car
ohsixi: salvage shops get 1st dibs, shit like that doesnt just end up in junk yards
just like airbags
basically anything worth $$$
like, when you buy shit on amazon and ebay, its that
thats perfect

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yeah that almost like giving you a problem more than a gift
i want everything
you know of any good 2nd hand battery packs?
i guess the tesla segments dont work unless we reconfig them
and them im guess the battery management wont work
i check those out

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either or, this is for brush DC in one direction with no regen and prob no braking
can literally be just pwm to isolation to giant low side fet/igbt
how fast you guys go?
but it has to go reverse
more complicated, less racecar

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harness, manifold
macegr_: qhat kind of motor, what controller?
im doing formula sae electric at school, theyre pricing controllers, im like, guys going reverse is illegal, and were not doing regen
were wasting 3/4 of the h bridges you guys are pricing
also giant mfkn fets got cheap
either or
200V 430A @ 85C fet with ceramic mount plate and m6 mount lugs is like $133
er m6 terminal lugs

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make it happen
EMP the playa
would have to be a big one
macegr_: danger to manifold?

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haha @ fire spinners
i know but the thought of them breaking your thing against people is amusing
duct tape
i dunno if you can RF network fire spinners
only if you tell them

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now its a fortress

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what ever happened with the bike thieves?
yeah but no news after? change the soor situation?
was before
*door situation
thats something

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three different kinds of poisonous

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