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and vacuum cleaners are static monsters

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i have filters over my intake fan so doesnt get too dirty, gets a bit hotter
i dont even monitor that shit, tho
pretty much
slowly migrating
i think i got heatpipes and welded copper sheet heatsink for southbridge
i got a gaming mobo from asus
its basically a stripped out ROG mobo, which make it pretty awesome OEM mobo
yeah thatd scare the shit out of me

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ha, no
thats good, prob last a long time
i should check that

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theyre known for reference quality headphones, and hearing test stuff
and i found their flanged plugs really comfortable
but right i would start there and try and find something comparable
i dont know much about this stuff, that was literally first thing i searched for
right, but way less than $6400

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the mushroom sticks
like on ps controllers
you could make little straps
like race bike pedals
i think everyone our age had thumb callous phases
shit wasnt very ergonomic back then

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but yeah the ink just falls out of those uni vision pens
some brands dont really work unless you do
so when they did GT3 so the pressure of the PS2 buttons actually corresponded to throttle...
i mean, thousands of dead ps2 buttons, im guessing
like, you had to stomp that shit out just to make sure
and the sensitivity of the original dual shock analog buttons was a joke
you couldnt modulate them midways for shit
if you were good, you could consistently get the shit somewhere in the middle besides full on and off
and yeah n64 sticks had a wear issue
i think goldeneye pushed those controllers way past what they were ever intended to deal with
cant stand james bond in general, but i played through the missions, was okay
but omg that was like best multiplayer ever
its an analog mushroom strap
prob money in that

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dont cut the tree, move the tree
yeah those smear
those those less than G2 gel pens
*though those
those are great pens tho
those pens happened when i was in junior high
i dont think the g2 gel pens happened until i was in my 20s
i think thats just so they take forever to leak
weird pens, maybe my fav
but i like bics a lot and theyre like 1/10 the cost
yeah bics are okay you dont needs to press that shit into the paper

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when you lift and press the tip
so like, writing makes it ratchet
yeah but not noticably
so like, if you have 0.7mm lead, its going to make a ~0.5mm line damn near all the time
i have a 0.5mm lead one
writing equations in small print is more legible with this pencil than with pens
well, ball pens, not gel pens, but those fuckers smear
what that
pocket protector!

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blackmoon: ^
like a year and a half and the mechanism still works great
but yeah it just ratchets between the two sets of offset teeth
like, as long as the shit dont wear down, nothing to really go wrong

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whole customer base is probably people who have never used them before
yeah but i dont think kids buy them twice
i didnt
its a gimmick that almost works
like audio quality in cell phones
which is sad, really
anyway, since kuru toga pencil i dont feel any need to pen instead of pencil
its a comparable experience since you dont have to rotate the pencil to keep consistent line weight
and i have mechanical eraser
writing problem is solved

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and my erasers are exactly the same?
who the fuck still uses pink erasers
white erasers dont expire
mechanicals dont
bic mechanicals are like the same price as normal pencils
sometimes those are the cheap plastic erasers
like they give you at the dentist when youre a kid
those dont even work
your staedtler went bad?
mine are 10 years, theyre like the same erasers as the new ones i have
the white abrasive erasers for erasable pens suck
theyre like sandpaper

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dude basic geometry shapes are pretty fucked once you stack two or three of them
and yeah, i feel like i should be coding something to do this for me
but right, i wouldnt get to use that on the test
because the goal of all this shit is to be an engineer on an isolated planet with no access to information
i havent programmed anything for a ti since before i knew hot to program anything
haha @ golf or something
ive had the same pencil for 3 semesters
its the best pencil
all the people talk about my pencil
my erasers are from school 10 years ago
also pens, but i dont use pens in uni
community college? lots of pen
uni? would be a waste of paper

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omfg i do not <3 this mechanical engineering shit
i totally respect how useful this shit is
i totally have no enthusiasm about calculating the centroid of intertia and figuring out bend curvature
the flip side is the mechanical program here is pretty good, but the EE program is pretty weak
or maybe that is not a flip side maybe that is a different part of the same side and there is no flip side
i did like the material science shit
so probably i am going to hate dynamics, and be cool with ME design

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worst apex seals ever

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real big file?

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i think a boat would hit it and it would rip apart whatever was unrolling the chain
or wherever it was tacked down
anchors prob tear apart the ocean floor
so basically it is defeated by two ships
cut with what?

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that actually is pretty neat
thats the one they used in the hudson river
i think its just a deterrent
like how no one wants to drive over the reverse spikes

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i wonder if that shit worked
im just wondering if they actually secured the chains well enough
seems like doing that plus making them possible to deplot is some pretty advanced shit, +10 heavy industrial stat
right i honestly wouldnt expect this to work other than maybe one test after a series of dozens of failures
i think if the chains were large enough to be effective, their deploymeny equipment would just eat itself when loaded

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tesla isnt very sexy to me
its a sedan
very heavy
well see how it does in endurance racing
eh, those things are broken
and offer zero benefit over sliding van doors
way to fix a problem that doesnt exist
theyre racing a tesla this season
and cars that dont race usually suck
well what, its a GT car that doesnt race
thats pretty weak

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it did
the 90s are over, things have curves AND edges now
the FD RX7 is about the only car that really did the ford taurus aero thing well
i guess that mclaren F1, too, but that thing is like $1M

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none of my food matches, all i have for breakfast is beer =\

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rab: mirrors!

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omg that display is so much sex
is it less than 1U?
that + rotary encoders would make a neat 1u rack thing

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i for one am happy that in the last 5 years i dont think ive had to dosbox for anything

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ao i guwaa in summary: most places are shitty to work for engineers, because thats where the money is, or something
*sideways keyboard offset issues
n1ki: when you are working with engineerds who are all good, youre the engineer that isnt any good
the cool managers are the ones who have kind of embraced that
everyone was clueless at some point
also genius mfkrs arent always right, theyre just mostly right

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shrug, places that arent like that are usually small, and taking on project management roles is a timesink
and when management figures out you can design and manage yourself, they might expect that indefinitely and be dissapointed when you decide you want to have a life
i think this happens in any industry with increasing demand
you make money by hitting the market first
and you can do that *a lot* before you lose enough cred that its time for everyone to find newjobs
you think about companies that spend 3 or 4 years degrading this way, that means someone had a job, paid bills for half a decade
modern times, thats like a successful corporate experience, even if it sucked

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rab: thats kinda like, psu chassis factory late with shipment, but psu board factory has an idea
even tho an engineer is best suited for that, thats usually the project managers job
as an engineer, you can help him decide, but you have to do whatever he decides even if you think his idea sucks or wont work

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the do work people just do what theyre told
engineers dont make what they want, they make what managers want
sometimes your lucky, and managers are engineers, too
right if you can ignore managers and do what you want, theres prob places doing it better
if you have ways to make money, people will give you money
thats how thw world spins
n1ki: yeah that can make things sloooow. good luck figuring something out

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shrug, then youll never be more than half the process
and youll be a typical softy in a hard world
you will piss off techs and engineers, but you will probably make more money and spend more time with your family
call like 10 places
like, get notebook and pen, take notes
rab: engineering managers, product managers, product designers
who often come from the realm of tiny specializations

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yes, you have to start designing with the parasitics
which means seeing electronics in the 3d physical word
acoustics is the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and its no different
this knowledge is worth $$$, which means people families depend on it being secret
timmy going to college next year and jane needs a new car, so i aint tellin you shit about process z for product y
thats pretty accurate, heh
its basically like, oph yeah that problem has been solved but no one has figured out how to apply it to your situation yet in a methodical way that can be applied by any engineer on a deadline
once someone figures it out, that dudes burger stand is ahead until someone in academics figures out what he did
and then it becomes engineering science

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they solve different problems
in one case, theyve handled the physical stuff
like, you entered a schematic, the software said youre good, it should work
in the case of PCB design, just because the siftware says your PCB matches the schematic is no gaurantee that the circuit design works, or that a working design laid out as such works, or that a working layout can definitely be fabbed successfully in your given situation
in the case of FPGA design, physical issues involving the chip itself need to have been solved before shipping the product
sorry, the product being the FPGA chip, was not very specific
jero32: it doesnt need to be high speed
high speed makes parasitics more significant, but theyre always there, they can kill low speed shit if you try hard enough

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i dont think small software companies test as well people expect
their shit to work like it was hyped to work
yeah my expectation is they tested this every possible way they could imagine, and then some random shit for the shit they couldnt think of, because their families well being depended on it, because their company dont fuck around when it comes to backing their product
do i give a fuck if the majority of places are run like this? fuck no
this is how it should be, this is my expectation, anything less means they are prob not the best and i may be better serviced elsewhere
will it be more expensive? competant work usually is, so probably yes
i tend to think its both
when you good at soimething, you dont do it for free

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shrug, anything that big is already falling apart in 1000 ways
is kind of like a person growing up
that said, thats what you deal with to learn how its dine when resources are available to do it right
ive learned that while the intentions of small companies might be in the right place, they often just dont have the resources or foresight to test things properly
i dont think this is a great environment to start off
maybe if you want like, a nice job, a comfortable life
but not if you want to learn how to make the best shit possible in a given situation
in this context, i think software and hardware are almost identical

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the majority of electronics done in industry is designing with whats available according to specifications derived from testing done by parts manufacturers
making chips isnt like that
yup, some places, some types of things, easy like a PSOC
like how PSU design is pretty advanced, but you go to advanced PSU company and your job is put together predesigned psu blocks
but from the sound of it, im glad she isnt designing chips anymore
sounds like she doesnt like chips much
i like to think that my products have been packaged by a cardboard artist and not by some orgami slave-genius

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heh, theyre prob mostly software engineers
the hardware guys id guess are mostly masters/phd EE
no man like decided on what transistors and resistors to use by sizing them in X, Y, and Z dimensions
and taking into account fabrication tolerances
and quantum physics
its likely not always the same
company like THAT and a company like Intel prob do things bit diff

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hes got small transistors
ti has an example program with these macros like RED_LED_ON BLUE_LED_OFF, and it doesnt mask when flipping reg bits
so like, two of the LEDs share a port and turning one on turns other off

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this is like the assembly language of electronics hardware
if you cant do discrete analog and digital electronics, you shouldnt be allowed near an asic
okay so you can put bits in registers
that doesnt have much to do with designing hardware
at the very least you need good discrete skills, and to be totally coimpetant you gotta be a physics wiz
if you dont already know the answerrs to those questions, then really youre just talking trash
yeah so what man you can copy some schematics from the internet is probably what you mean by that
can you make an any digi any function calc?
okay well congrats on your combinational logic skills

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