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kevtris: there is a plaid in your plaid
ohsixi: was pretty clear from context that you meant yourself
heh, 400kv should be like a ft
was getting inches off the last ESD gun rental, new shaffners go up to 32kV =O
well, not really inches, like inch and a bit
but with rapid fire!

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SLA was win, objet was cottage cheese
objet could be pretty good but it wasnt not consistent at all
plus some people are legit allergic
because they didnt have the money or time to do a proper machined or SLA prototype
and they compromised the testing that needed to be done
SLA and machined plastic work way better
and i know thats not affordable for consumers
but that current state of fab, thats what good production prototypes are made out of
every cheap FDM ive seen in a lab goes to shit when used daily
it becomes like a full time thing to get them repeatable
its hobby, art
i guess man, later
what else would you have meant?
nothing else happened except a conversation

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like, i burnt thousands of CDs and all that media is trash now
n1ki: right, $3k for something that did what a $200 word processor would have done
and a nintendo
n1ki: typically CNC machine are slower because build for loading as opposed to speed
yes ohsixi and eventually, 3d printing wont suck
and i look forward to that, but right now, it kind of sucks
especially at the consumer price point
can you iterate? yes
so you agree its great for comestics and rough fit/finish
in that limited role, i think 3d printing is great
but its not even good for prototyping production plastic enclosures
like, FDM screw boses are a joke
and modifying a prototype design to fit the prototype fab processes kind of diminishes the usefulness of the prototype
right self tapping screws rip it apart
shrug, as a prototype tech, i was usually apologized to when given FDM prototypes to build with

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maybe when its low maintenance technology and not a hobby
people dont have time
can we just drop the, ren things people should be banned from owning 3d printers direction of this conversation?
you are the only one going there, im just throwing some cold water on the hype because i think people are wasting money for capability and reliability and a low level of maintenance that simply isnt the case
right its my opinion that most people should not be buying 3d printers
money is better spent on drugs or hookers or parts
wtf why not i gave reasons
read scroll
no i meant to say people shouldnt buy them because the marketing and hype is bullshit
cd burners is a very good analogy

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basically i think its in the sam eplace as 3d printing
its gonna be great shit... in 20 years
in the meantime, its kind of in the way
abtsraction and 3d printing are put forward as solutions for problems solved simpler, cheaper, more reliable like 10 or 30 years ago
because its a product, and people are excited, because new
everyone can have a CNC
so what
not everyone should
"everyone" printers are toys, anyway
even stratosys shit is kinda janky
when did i say i would deny them printers?
i just thing its kind of useless and a waste of money
and no i dont think the gov should buy printers for everyone
not until they print food cheaper than real food
3d printing for engineering is overhyped
its great for cosmetic proofing
and i specifically mean FDM
SLA is awesome for most proptotyping
thats just not true
you could not build a drone as easily as 20 years ago as today
and i dont think everyone should have a 3d printer, because i dont think everyone wants one
and i think the idea, at this point, is silly

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you had kids learning jimi hendrix, clapton, zeppelin, sabbath, and then van halen, hair, punk/hardcore
like, im not that surprised when some kid busts out some amazing cover of some very technical piece
sure, but you have the skills of those before you to start off on
they didnt have that
n1ki: right because the abstraction becomes a standard and eventually they build the lower level stuff around it
but right i dont really think its deep enough to be truly useful, other than allowing access to people that just arent technical or interested in details
eventually, i think itll do things that human programs wouldnt be able to do one their own
like, itll be less correct but more fault tolerant, less rigid, a lot like learning algorithms theyre using for automation stuff

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then they maybe turn into satriani or buckethead, and so on and so on
i dont know a lot of people, and i know quite a few than can bust out a mean jimi riff and solo
and its evident in the difficulty to play produced music over time
heh, ask imbroken in #cars
constantly posting youtube of people in their bedroom studios doing crazy technical metal and classical guitar shit
like, i think a lot of start started in the 70s and 80s

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books, cave painting, repeated hand gestures
do a hand thing enough times, eventually its true.
seems to be a lot of evidense animals do it
no, passing on learned skills to younger generations at ages and rates much less than originally learned
like, i kind i think thats why were people, we went nuts with that shit
hendrix wasnt completely new
he was blues with fuzz
shrug, doesnt change that jimi had to learn that shit, develop it, create techniques to impliment it
and kids can copy it in various ways, and basically have the same technical ability in a fraction of them time

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theres an upside and a downside
yes exactly like the schwartz
im not comfortable with it, but im happy that abstraction is making things easier for people
its stupid now
compared to directly controlling the hardware
but higher end stuff now and eventually normal consumer stuff will be more like interfacing with animals than things
and thats when i think engineering really goes nuts
for a few years then world eats itself
n1ki: i think thats an ongoing trend
its just the nature of younger people having a head start on technique and knowledge
literally hundreds of thousands of kids as good at guitar as hendrix now
i think thats been going on as long as weve have a non abstract long term memory

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i was confused because club lead is like HOW DID YOU DO THE SCHEMATICS
and i just did a bunch of high level block diagrams with some routed nets to show power routing and harness connections
ohsixi: its kind of like a lettuce
anyway, i kind of explained they werent really schematics and wed have to do top level block schematics first
but no, hes right to car people, that was totally a legit finished schematic
so much sighs
because of similar spelling and marijuanas
i was sighing about fellow kids
they have a habit of showing videos at the meeting opening that i have already seen on drive network or jalopnik
they showed on today i was like, wait didnt you guys show me this vid?

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it usually doesnt work well for anything other than generalizations
tf is lighnight
i have to put the constants in the memory, and then get them back again and read through bits
in kale asm
nomnomnom (like a hister bunny) nomnom

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i dont necessarily mean that in general, but its advisable when youre talking to someone about preferences
so use one or a specific role
anyway, you would be less wrong
if that helps convince you
in this instance

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ohsixi: time (latency), reliability (complexity)
lower latency, less complexity
time and complexity are less abstract than money
yeah no
maybe you would prefer it until you excluded
try using I'd and I

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