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i was gonna ask about that
if you had any suggestions

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thats what i wtf'd about

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Room 209, Building 7, Shengli West Rd, No. 9, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

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rab: neat
linked phase mentioned phase conjugate waves
between diff eqns and lin circuits 2, im like fuck anything else that mentions conjugate anything
The result of using a resonant wavelength is that micro-organisms which are invisible in white light suddenly become visible in a flash of light when they are exposed to the colour frequency that resonates with their own spectroscopic signature. Rife was thus able to see these otherwise invisible organisms and watch them actively invading tissues cultures. His discovery enabled him to view organisms that no one else could see with ordinary microscopes.
hmm, clearly scientology is true

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rab: status of test tube holders?
like, any cracks i guess

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ya kostix messin with that stuff daily
new videos and soundclouds pop up pretty regular

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