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timecop: LA is 600 miles away

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i dunno man you can just shoot the foam in through an earth hole, way faster than manually taping
related topic: shallots are like super onions, i am converting

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rab: this looks prety complicated
jaxdahl: weird ive seen that
prob wont make more sense if i turn the sound up

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how burnt was it?
like usb dont work now or mobo is brick?
rab: this was my thinking, i thought it was pretty creative
but also interesting because he says screw
theyre not snails, theyre screw snails
i think he is confused because nails
right but kind of a funny connection he made
i dont think that is going to be their lastissue
internet 2016: lose your privacy

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rab: i think if you filled them all with that expanding packing foam, or gorilla glue, theyd be fine
is lightweight foam potting a thing?
seems pretty racecar
n1ki: was it the scary side of the outlet and did anyone get shocked?

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is that double insulated wire going to it?
they got the double insulated wire, but then they stripped it to single insulation right at the mains terminals
this shit is awesome
oooh, yeah look they got a diode going to another led and a resistor, off the mains, on the right

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i did not see the pics, shrug
and maybe not once you get a sop down
screw snails?
im going to call them snails now
yeah so do like 20 at a time, get a long thing screwdriver bit, do some tape if shorting is an issue, they will prob love you for suggesting, try and keep it 20 sec average
totally worth the money!
where is that flying resistor going

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timecop: ha, fuck missouri
would bust that shit out in 8 hours if it was local
gas/dust mask and some headphones, decent chair, would be pretty relaxing

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