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omg i got three right now, feer
still got 4 hours until class, not even worried

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but suburban the home studio white kids, my impression is he is a god to them
i inserted suburban much too latter
my voltage is the voltage
and my current is the current
fuck diff equations
some of them are like intuitive to me now, it makes me feel a little dead inside
ive come a long way since freaking out about i as a high school freshman

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right i couldnt
i could completely understand even if i did not relate at all
it means comma family
i think its only used after a comma
eh, thats been around long time
bouncer at drum n bass weekly was doing 'sup fam' to me like maybe 5 years ago
shrug, its 90s and hispanic biased
right home-slice alot more like fam
i dunno man probably i dont keep up with the kardashians
ah, well before he was just what all the producer kids were into
most people i know dont seem to listen to hiphop like that, and im not into hiphop enough to know much else

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omg the paper match the ltspice
1 of 6 problems done and its only midnight
fool they said it out loud, i have to hang out with fellow kids erryday
haha at this exchange:
girl: what do you mean, ass fuck? why does everyone keep saying ass fuck? everything is butt sex?
girl2: no, like, as fuck
girl: ...ass fuck?
girl2: right
girl: butt sex?

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at least i am within an order of magnitude this time

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okay lets see if i am a basic as fuck circuit pro
guys, 'as fuck' is officially youth slang
i dont understand how things fucking *everyone* has been saying for like my whole life are now new and cool

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oh and computer art electice in the game nerd department (we have that)
is prob like, DIS A RASTER, DIS A VECTOR

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i think next semester of electronics, we model a transistor with some dependent sources
thats probably kinda cool, not so horrible to be forced to practice
i take digital design course next semester, i hope is mostly FPGA shit
also measurement and instrumentation, which is probably easy + statistics
mechanical engineering design (?) and dynamics, which im pretty sure i will hate
unless it ends up being the same math as electronics, because that shit happens

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spend hours getting wrong answer at RLC + sources transient analysis
know its the wrong answer because took 2 minutes to learn how to use voltage controlled switches in LT spice and simulate the circuit
thats prob why that one instructor banned schematic entry for spice analysis, he just doesnt want the kids to commit suicide when they realize how futile all this math is

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its like how dial up modem song seems random, but its the same fucking thing every time
which is maybe related to the deftones song writing technique of, if you repeat anything 4 times it'll always sound right the next time around

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blackmoon: right yeah, a lot of tracks the machines are clearly distressed about something and having trouble expressing themselves
yeah see that would kill it for me
because spectrogram is perfect example of kind of random orderly patterns
producers face pops up and its like, oh thats how you made that
because theres usually enough moving information overlaid it obscures clear patterns
like, to a random observer its fuzzy junk, but theres ton of information can be pulled out of it

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i think retro future stuff doesnt do it for me because it all sounds too orderly, like an old view of what was technical
like, patterns in noise and bending tones reminded me of like, patterns in huge blocks of visualized data, modulated serial comm static, reflected interference patterns

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heh, like, post people music

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this is maybe truth
like, all those little late 90s early 00s intro noises would make me think of machine things trying to tell each other stuff

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wtf futuristic
it just sounds like someone loaded star wars samples into a sequencer
in fact thats prob what 90% of it is
rab: thats just sounds like someone is drunk with an appregiator
i still think nothing is future now sounding as neurofunk and techstep

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rab: dont forget bad 80s techno music
somewhere there is a checklist from a NIST or ASTM standard for industrial demostration videos, with a line for bad 80s techno music

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there has to be operational issues or something

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its the same vid
its like this shit is ultra secret or something, ive only seen the same two vids of it

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