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which would increase resonance frequency, my guess is ceramic cap resonance is out of audio range and its just piezo microphonics that a problem, and not ringing
and theyre not great at it, in the examples ive heard
they pic up transients, so like sound of something dropped or loud footsteps or percussion
like, smack a pcb with a screwdriver handle and hear it thought a speaker type stuff
it would be interesting to try and make a transducer out of a ton of them

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right but its the excursion that matters, in that context
because thats what controls how fast it reverses direction, which is your resonance freq
and diff materials and densities will change the speed of sound
its like EM waves
you can use that to create smaller tuned cavity filters, just like RF
this is the hot shit earplug tech
i imagine ceramic is towards the extreme end of changes in wave propegation
i think denser things move sound faster?

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like, it creates waves which interefere and dont create a single clear tone and eventually damp themselves out
the ceramic would be comparatively rigid, so itll deflect across the plate with less distortion, so its capable of creating a single clear tone
its also possible that there is resonance in the audible range, but i would guess its higher on average
and itd definitely change with cap values
but the rigid plane would create a higher q resonance than a film cap, if it was tuned to audio frequencies
basically the metal vs fabric tweeter thing
nik1: sound is the physical movement of things
maybe indirectly tho
like, does sound == sound pressure
in which case, sound is a force, and deflection is what sound does
tho sound might be the movement of things, so like the strain of an object, and pressure is how its measured

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ceramic caps have super low ESR, which can cause oscillations in some regulators
theyre *too* good, but also theyre microphonic
which im guessing has to do with the tons and tons of parallel plates, plus high rigidity
like, the foil is prob really soft compared to the ceramic, sounds like an awesome condenser mic
if youre really unlucky, you get positive feedback loops
but most likely its just going to cause measureable distortion in a situation where you probably wont be measuring it
what do you mean change size
stored energy i guess
i think its generally just considered a piezoelectric thing
i think mostly it deflects
with film, i think it causes distortion in the film plates

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ive only messed with it using modified examples
in which case its always like, 1 line easy, very misleading
k nite

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this isn't a keil thing as far as i know, its a chip OEM thing
the ST license?

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how is keil a 3.11 program?
because it doesnt have a ribbon?
seems like a normal ide
also the help menu is ++awesome
if you have to pay for something theyre not going to give you the license until after you pay
i kind of like that it doesnt have a ton of UI grips and handles and popups dock arrows
anyway doesnt seem important
jero32: i think most of the license mines are in the abstraction libraries
for example i dont think all the USB libraries are free

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cap needs therapy session

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i would press it like a button
the cap
yeah the split metal tops, not so much
went to bookmark, already bookmarked
chrome search sometimes finds the bookmark

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i hate the one button thing

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eclipse solution work as well as every eclipse solution ever
slow, clunky, thousand different options have nothing to do with what youre doing
but shit mostly works
sounds like rab found good instructions

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its abstraction tho
that shit is going to happen, which is just another argument for learning to flip bits inr egisters
like, if youre fucking around sure, get an arduino, if this is for like, work and family and glory, prob should get down with the cortex shit
mine doesnt has an lcd =(
but i thought performance wasnt a big deal
keil is really, really polished
not necessarily
right, or small things
basically every other solution i tried was successful, by time consuming with lots of steps
keil is like, install, working
ohsixi can you be more general
right portability is the other reason learning without abstraction is good

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c with cubmx type shit might not be much harder than avr
ohsixi: i think the goal is to make shit easier
anyway the tiva energia shit is pretty much arduino, if you just want to spin a chip and dont care about learning embedded
(arduino style)
cubemx is like, same concept but professional
i dunno thats old news, they both work
im sure theres politics, and a bit of learning involved to figure out which is which
you can always use the std periph stuff
anyway, if youre trying to learn c on embedded without abstraction, avr will be way easier but way less powerful
that said its pretty fuckin useful
rab: ya

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TI tiva has some shit called energie based on arduino
its how i tested the board, got it up in maybe 15 minutes including drivers
no this was referencing ohsixi
because arduino is low performance trash
and we dont want to go backwards?
rab: all i know is i clicked a menu item for example for my board, hit compile and load, shit blinked
that TI 3rd party hacked arduino ide is my only arduino experience
ohsixi: yeah unless you care
im pretty sure the DDS shit i was doing on AVR wouldnt fly on arduino
maybe with one million jitters
and 4/5 dropped samples
twiddling regs is pretty much what embedded is
sometimes theyre mem mapped
right, so why arduino when you can stm32 in c
if im going to abstraction layer, i want power
not something designed for asm
avr in asm is so much <3
arm in asm is making this more obvious, heh
blackmoon: you can usually if youre not dealing with *another* layer of abstraction

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i was going to say...
that guy doesnt play here anymore
hes on freenode a lot lately, so now im not
blackmoon: oh it has pre/post dec or something?
i dont remember if you can do that with the pointer regs on avr
damn i have rusted
yeah theres three pointer pairs i think
only one is used as stack
i dont remember if the inc/dec was variable opffset
but thats one opcode?
thats stm32 for arduino?

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the last two times fren people asked for pc help, i pointed them to pc parts picker and signed off on their selection
youre servicing electronics?
this is so much money an hour the job doesnt even exist anymore
right i am saying thats quite a bit of free
so usually i only help with prototypes i give to people, which might be hard to get reg customer support for
and when they stop saying thank you, i stop helping
ive seen zero harry potters
no thats not true
ive seen like .3 harry potters
yeah pretty much
its been on while i was at a place, then i left

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rab: wtf

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