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yeah butane is used as a coolant too
i guess when you have way worse in the same system, its like fuckit explosive coolant doesnt even change much

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rab: so you going to USGP this year?!

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whats that?

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damn montreal has a lot of libraries and a lot of pubs

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it was near a big library

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the stuff ive tried since is sweeter, has more alc flavor, and yeah almost always spiced
yeah thats how the stuff in montreal was
it wasnt very sweet, but it didnt taste like light vodka
this was tastey
but it was like honey wine
very sweet, tasted like 40 proof
maybe i could find the name of the pub and ask

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naw, my coffee and tea doesnt just sit for weeks until i have to give it away
i try not to buy stella ciders
because i really really like stella ciders
i would prob drink it even if it didnt have alc, its like jolly rancher
you guys dont have bevmo?
i walk in like MEAD?! they point to like 4 types
theyre usually spiced tho, kinda sucks
my first time was in brittany pub in montreal, wasnt spiced
i couldnt taste alc at all, maybe had two glasses of it, omfg so smashed
viking southern comfort

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like, caffeine is the only addictive thing in it, so they dont skimp, i think its comparable to a coke
so assuming the unsweetend tea is similar caffeine, its almost double a coke
and yeah, im trying to cut my caffeine consumption
basically same rate but i cut myself off at like 3
rab: eh, i just do it in my french press so takes same time as coffee
like, its neat to be able to kick it and enjoy tea, but its also neat to sit around all day and smoke weed
life not always so awesome
yes every all the time
tho i consider resting a valid productive activity
its basically same effort as coffee

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also this stuff isnt expensive compared to unsweetened tea from the market
any market, i mean bottles
im the same way with coffee, if i get green beans and roast them how i like i actually make my own coffee everyday
and i save compared to when i pay $2 for coffee at school
like, when i have shit market coffee im not very motivated to make my own
anyway, its better than anything else at grocery or quicky mart
compared to like, soda or coffee drinks
unsweetened tea in a bottle is almost the only thing besides water you can buy without sugar
right but sometimes i need go power
and black light roast coffee and unsweetened tea is how i do that
so i consider it lucky that i actually have unsweetened tea options now
because thats new
i find that the ones that just use citric acid as preservative and dont have carmel color usually has the best tasting tea
its not great but it still tastes like a plant
synth: its kind of normal, so bit low side compared to my coffee

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well i check it out and compare to yunnan stuff
i wish i remembered which black tea tasted like wet dog smell
right i noticed
how diff/
awesome ty
synth: i have to join forum and message?
dont see an email
kk ty

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mex food is prob better there
i can grow der!?
they made it illegal to grow in my home because i cant afford a 10x10ft yard to put a shed
i dunno how it would work
seems messy
especially do they do more than make beer and wine?
er, -especially

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laplace transforms
my diff eqn and linear circuits 2 courses have synced up, its pretty cool like i get twice the practice for both classes
and yeah, fuck the first time i took diff equations, took too long on early stuff and tried to do all of laplace in a week
basically if you were showing up to 'study sessions' with the instructor every night you were fucked
synth: sweet
when i mentioned that to current teacher, hes like 'oh. okay were done with this power series crap were skipping to laplace next week'
yeah i was gonna ask if you had a black tea suggestion
and i prob get a white tea too, really like that stuff

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hmm or maybe i kill my lower back on it while breaking
well i gotta see how it works out, my guess is the rack is going to end up almost level with seat
i think itll be fine if i shift the crate back a few inches on the rack
yeah thats the plan, i just have lights with little rubber straps so not an issue

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yeah and i guess i can take bags off when not using and its basically same rack
looks like someone tried to break into all my neighbors places
all the screensbent or pulled out except mine
tho im home a lot, plus lights usually on, plus music
rab: yeah i like that the weight would be a bit lower
tho the aesthetic of a milk crate strapped to the first rack is appealing

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heh @ post haste
maybe this one, tho 25 lb capacity maybe pannier bags cutting bit close

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rab: thanks! i didnt like the clamp either and i would def trust something youve used
and i usually use backpack, this is for extra stuff, like grocery+laundry run
when i realized i couldnt do that with just backpack, i tried duffel back and was almost okay but would rub on back wheel when i brake
i think bc i habitually get off seat and hover over rear wheel when i brake =\

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