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ha, aptx across the room and through some gear, is like clarity with momentary lapses of crunchy

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amazon stream 256k at high quality, variable otherwise
aptx is neat

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so like, if youre running 24dB linkwitz-riley crossovers, and you want to boost 20dB, you should be down almost on octave on on your low pass, while maintaininf your high pass
almost no one does this
some crossovers dont even let you unhook the high pass from the low pass frequency
but i mean its pretty obvious when explained, blatant when drawn on a plot, and you can definitely hear it
his talks are streams of this
so yes, deeeeeeeep

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this guy should have lectures on the web, he did a talk on how he uses the analysis software he helped develop, the guy has a crazy deep understanding of how to use pro sound gear
like, for example he awknowledges that 6 to 20 dB boost on bass is reasonable and even expected with a lot of genres of music, which in of itself is offensive to a lot of people
but right, he does neat story, point of which is you have to drop the low pass frequency of the active crossover to maintain the actual crossover frequency

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AES has a white paper library
most of the lectures are related to those or standards, and i think mostly they arent recorded when presenting
i dont remember there being cameras in the lecture halls when i volunteered at LA AES convention couple years ago

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audio technica seems really good at coming out with affordable products that make sense in new markets
i like ADAMs
also wolfgang is the industry standard for transducer measurement
he did a lecture on updating a standard for speaker test that isnt relavent in an era of modern speakers and digital sources
and he basically rigidly defined a set of standards that closely described how ive been testing active speakers
so i <3 him

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timecop: does audio technica sell a lot of stuff over there?
right i dont care about what they want me to think about their reach
i want to know what timecop thinks because he mostly doesnt give a fuck
so if he actually has noticed,safe to say they are a name brand over there
like, teac i assume is just a bunch of suits in an office somewhere in jp who just coordinate shipments of containers of products theyve never seen between chinese CM and distributors
i dont think theyve had engineers there for a very long time, they were selling random AIWA style shit in the 90s had nothing to do with their core storage media products

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soundcloud wasnt cutting out but i think amazon is higher quality, i havent checked but shit was pretty spacey and detailed with earbuds, if its mp3 its prob 320
so maybe just shit wifi at school, but it was weird that it was consistent
kinda but not really, wider soundstage in headphones is usually crosstalk issues
people go nuts about soundstage in open headphones, its like well yeah youre leakin all over the place yo
also SBH80 havent fucked up yet, cables still look okay where they go into the earbuds, been like two months
i hope when everyone else gets over making headphones sony doesnt stop too, i feel like this is their special hidden talent

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wtf is a kancho
ha nice
if its not going to be funny like the youtube guy who is always shocking himself, shrug
guys i got amazon music trial because free streaming two recent dnb album drops, and that shit was freezing up for like 10 seconds almost once a song
eh, its a phone app

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jezus fuck timecop, youve been gone for a long time
kinkos has been fedex office for like 5 or 10 years who knows
they still have kinkos in jp?
yeah but i think they dropped the kinkos brand completely
its same thing
ya because in jp thats prob actually emergency status
do you do the down on your knees while offering card with both hands while looking at the floor?

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damn half my lines got typos
time for sleepening
well, time for more math then sleep, i guess
my first thought was graphic designer
visual optimization engineer

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as long as their guitarists there will be germanium diodes
when they run out theyll just sell 4148s
not like more than 2% will know the diff
even i called condi a bitch in 06
shit everyone not down with war crimes thought she was a bitch
so thing is, i ready that i was like YA CONDI
fuckin trump got my rooting for some of the worst people in the known universe

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i used to wear wool socks a lot
now i just buy grey crew socks

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the number of my socks with holes is too damn high
hmm, becase tile floors

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youre having issue when focusing on other things?
never experienced it, but it correlates with other sensory equalization stuff
like, you brain will eq sound to make midrange more intelligible, and will eventually flip upside down vision

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synth: k he says i should have it by late next week
ya thanks
yeah he knew a lot of funny details, heh
taiwann doesnt like thick packages
not so much, he was just very concise with reasons and instructions
if i wanted a tin (he says he did not have them before when you purchased) it would be $3 plus extra postage because taiwann charges for thickness
anyway bbl gotta go to library life too distracting

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i would be pissed if i only had one PC and it was the laptop i had to install that shit on
but that laptop is pretty much a school hoopty
heheh, 8 year old dell w/ SSD and 8gb ram
yeah i think they have instructions on how to do it without the thing
steve jobs is laughing at you

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most dont even understand the concept of a server because apple renamed all the infrstructure of the internet 'cloud'
because when you have multiple accounts the first page is a user switcher
kids dunno what a server is, but they know how to remove their login from a google account switcher
like, theyre angry because school killed the VPN library
these are the same kids who complained that solidworks on the vpn sucked
they have some sort of authentication app now
and it forces you to install antivirus on your pc
im like, bitch this my school pc i dont do real world accounts i dont care if this gets owned
right but theyve kept it consistent here, its same multiple semesters, i only redid it with newphone

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i never answer that shit doubt they look at it
bc pc is dead
because kids and old people control the money
oh wait they dont SO WTF INTERNET
i laugh when people are like MILLENIALS SO GOOD AT TECHNOLOGY
bitches, tech was abstracted and dumbed down so old people could participate and spend money on the internet
and thats like, what millenials grew up in

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is like making webpages just one long page
fuck wells fargo i boycotted them years ago
yeah thats not cool
youre going to f that up at some point
when you do feedback do you tell them its timecop?

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synth: got response, sent paypals and info

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paypal switched to a weird font
7s have turned japanese

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no im just reading immunication test results from when i started at school

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omg i have 4x immunity level for measels antibody
its like i have the measels

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jero32: i guess in japan and korea theyve done this for a long time to interface their 50hz and 60hz systems
i bet the tape is good but the adhesive not so much
yeah this is how stuff ive read about works
the IGBT are prob the size of cars

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its huge but its not like assembly lines were something he invented
he just applied it to something more complicated than is typical
tesla isnt on your sites list
jero32: i highly doubt he invented that
we have mosfets now, so converting voltages isnt so hard
jero32: thats related to the conversion problem
DC at HV doesnt need to be lossy
and theres no phase sync issues with HV DC
putting the insulators above the lines is my guess
the lines are pretty much always hung

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blows me away that there were unlubricated steam engines
siezing up a steam engine cant end well
franklin was in the list
it has an arrow, hes second page
tesla is a few after him
why is morgan freeman there
youre mistaking him for james earl jones
i dunno if inventing mass production counts
he didnt invent cars
which is about management not invention, shrug
nik1: supposedly ford

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Steam is down for routine maintenance every Tuesday.
now theyre going to go down every tuesday as an excuse for going down this time
ha at the animations: https://i.imgur.com/x7yey0y.gifv
is bella black or not?
well thats pretty important

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nice @ 3 vs 4 in reactivity
will detonate when it feels like it

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yeah i like stoned-girl-from-the-90s-through-fuzz-and-reverb vocals

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blackmoon: they sell bonds to china to cover that

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honestly, if its about putin i trust hillary the most
limited nuclear war is worth more money to her than global nuclear war
honestly i dont think she knows what shes talking about on complicated issues
but she seems like the most fun
the $3500 punchline is awesome

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ha, ya that ones funny
also why im like fuck johnson
jill has better boobs
why i gotta prove shit the candidates dont
jills steins nips 2016

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its like slot cars but if the rails fucked you die
honestly it could have total complete shit brakes thats not what would scare me
their cart is much lighter than i thought
but yeah in general fuck train tracks

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most likely itd just slow the bike down, and if it did lose rear grip, thats like normal operation for this type of bike
they would hit the frame
i didnt want the pannier wings because of the spoke thing until i realized
so prob not an issue
but like, the seat post is aluminum ive had it twist on me after awhile before
not this one but other long aluminum seat posts
oh man i would so not feel okay on that

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yeah that totally sounds like a description between coffee and cannabis
heh @ Taiwan Tea Research and Experiment Station
where the scientists vibrate
i dont
rab: i got bike rack w/ pannier wings
i like that if the clamp looses and it moves, the wings would keep the weight from swinging out too far
future proofing and paranoia
id rather have the rack come down on the top of the wheel and at worse break rear traction than swing outwards

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synth: k emailed for 100g of the ruby black 18 stuff
i bet tea is as bad as cannabis with creative naming, +5000 years
oh i guess 3000 years

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synth: ty for reminding, i fell sleep

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time to get your crayons and your pencils, yo

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rab: neat @ the roots
man, i have cosby's picture pages song stuck in my head

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