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timecop: sample rate is whatever, if noise is low, higher bit count means you can record at lower levels with less distortion
so user can turn it up doesnt sound like trash, 16b is usually enough especially if there is knob
if no knob, you might have to play with gain a bit to make sure you not in the noise or not clipping
with low noise, and no headroom, you can prob get away with 10b

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engineering thought it was beautiful
cheapest way to go? nope
but the least trouble? thing prob took couple months to design
yes literally this
like its amp amp, does not need to magic
just needs to amp
put magic in the preamp
they didnt get that
engineering did, but marketing and design didnt get that you could undistort a guitar amp and driver
like, not even shit in shit out, anything in shit out
thats guitar shit
because you cant sell pro audio drivers to guitarists without tricking them
you would have to say it was a custom job and it would have to have a label from a notable guitar driver manufacturer like celestion or eminence
someone thought they were a genius

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so they can afford lower margins or even to sell things at cost just to get deeper into a market
ha weird
could maybe argue asus knows fuck all about audio, but that most likely means they just used the app note circuits
audio people dont like it when you tell them you just copied what the manufacturer said works
people want to know you did some magic
we found out matrix amps were just a design from a FET company app note
marketing and design thought the guy was a sham
engineering thought the guy was a genius
he was selling a normal, high performance AB amp with a pair of semi open frame switching supplies, and guitars were like SO BRIGHT SO RESPONSIVE SO PUNCHY
was like, guys its just an amp
normal amp
seriously we measured it, its a very very good amps, but its just a normal flat amp with inaudible thd
it was just a normal amp
normal input decoupling, audio bandwidth filtering, moderate gain
they looked like a pair of mean well PSU

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24/96 is min proaudio spec
i dont even know if my soundcard does 192 i could care less
naw, lots of 44.1/48
anything that doesnt advertise it is going to be 16/44
its fine for playback and most people dont record
thats what most people have
laptops and pc
if youre marketing something on audio performance you do 96 or 192
i have previous version of that, prob same sample and bit rate
site plays annoying audio, bad customer feedback
dont want to pay coder to fix, find audio file and replace with 0s
also asus is a huge company compared to most audio companies

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solutions usually arent turnkey because tuning the PLL that wide often jitter fucks thing
like, if you need the shit to work at 44.1 and 192
96k solutions are cheap and turnkey for high performance
i mean thats not unreasonable
seems like maybe $50 in parts
its low channel count, its about the price of a 2i2
no you can get industry standards for under $100
nope, always gotta have options for broke musicians
industry standard stage mic and instrument mic, really no one could talk shit

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96, and i wouldnt buy anything less and i do casual recording at best
right but true audiophools actually get decent use out of them for playing back high sample/bit rate FLAC and studio masters
i mean it seems silly, but theyre the only ones with 32/192 files
theres noise floor issues that even kill that argumnt a bit
k laters
i personally think recording and having media available at higher bitrates is a good thing
192 gets expensive

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k np

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and akm is proaudio as fuck
im going to start saying proaudio ass fuck because the confused girl was funniest thing overhead in 2016
haha i had to hit back like 8 times to get 16b back, was literally the first thing i eliminated
timecop: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/akm-semiconductor-inc/AK5355VT/974-1026-1-ND/2333409
happy bday, same price, 1/3 qty in stock
maybe just diff bin

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that probably doesnt suck
youre sending me mixed messages man you said most proaudio now youre like not pro audio
typically everything is capable because the format is a studio standard
16b/44.1k is fine for consumer recording and playback
really i would argue its not great for recording, but its usable
theres 21k in stock and its $3

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fuck i dunno i dont think ive ever seen ti dacs in pro audio
i do the search i guess bbiab
why ti?

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gotta go home for thanksgiving
theres always thanksgiving dnb in LA

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i should go study but i want to play metroid
i feel like this is a lifelong struggle

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knowing her its mostly geeks and dorks, so not too worried about under 18 from high schools
apperently frats gets fucked for this so much the cops are pretty understanding
SORRY STUDENTS, OUR BAD [pushes the local kid under a shrub]
blackmoon: https://youtu.be/hlAsSyDAWR8

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rab: haha
rab: well i can go and smoke everyone out and not feel guilty, and hope it helps me get ahead in the grade curve

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actually they did a flyer in my mailbox about alcohol at pary theyre like ALCOHOL TO MINORS IS MISDEMEANOR! all trying to be scary i guess
im like, oh is that all? well then

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omg 20 year old embedded study budy is like COME TO MY HALLOWEEN PARTY BYOB!
is that a misdemeanor or a felony?

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rab: omg texas grid girls

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