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because it probably breaks

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its awesome for voice coils, because lighter so more flexibility on moving mass spec, solders easier than aluminum
i dont skin effect has anything to do with it really
lope: 'How does LVDS manage to carry 1.3Ghz over a little twisted pair of aluminium... Wikipedia confirms LVDS runs at 1-3ghz'
it doesnt, thats not how transmission lines work
the signal is being fired down the insulation between the pairs
the conductors just set up the fields that the signals travel through
twinlead and coax behave like waveguides

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tubaman: hi
that takes a long time to tell time

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hey guys
shes way defensive at first, i think tony rocky horror was pushed out the building because of foot massage
i never thought that before

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one day that stream is going to end with no explanation

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"We've found that these Schottky barriers, which most engineers try to avoid,
if they made enough that they werent so fucking expensive im sure most engineers would be thrilled about a schottky standard world
thats like saying im trying to avoid buy a beach house
which i dont think matters a ton compared to typical on currents and the fact that were trying to save power
prob plenty of it in landfills

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well, maybe better deaf than nicki lauda

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yeah i guess the idea is youre better off not being able to breath for a few seconds, than beathing fire at all
and in that situation if someone is not there to get you out right after, if you cant on your own, shit went really, really wrong

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was that a thing in the early 80s?
pretty sure it was just the power switch on the computer that multiple companies in the building were storing patient info on
still used in racecars

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tell them not to press it
if you want them to press it
i once turned off a buildings main frame because they told me not to press the red button, and then one day didnt give me money for the vending machine
im told i almost died on this day

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is that edge connector have 2" wide fingers? heh
ha those are 2" wide fingers, neat
can you mod it without opening it?
just meant the ENA part
or just be more responsible about what you touch
plus kapton
haha, fucked up
lets build a death machine and show it off to some kids

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hmm, no i guess because one the first started the cut, all the rubber bands on that side moving towards static side of rubber bands
that guy gonna die
rab: what are those from?
maybe office printer or some science lab thing
oh, maybe they are bigger than they look?
neat, tho yeah from pic i thought way smaller
like the input was one of those 2 pin dealies
thats a big table

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wait what is the problem with the constant current driver chip
ya i was like wait how is the rubber band ball involved
then realized it didnt start as rubber band ball
haha yeah it shot at him because he only loaded one side of the watermelon with the last rubberband
so prob with just the force of half of a single rubber band, he might live

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i wonder if this messed with self driving sensors or they dont even react to brake lights
74 series shift regs and a bunch of fet switched resistors for current
haha this sounds silly/awesome

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majority LED tail lights on video look retarded
get rear ended by epileptics if it actually looked like that
frame syncing sounds like a lot of work/drama to be less capable
see, drama
or you could just leave them on and be like, fuck the trees

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me gusta
The STP24DP05 guarantees a 20 V output
driving capability, allowing the user to connect
more LEDs in series.

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