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ha @ picky yeasts

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k night
and yeah, dont reduce the pressure below the boiling pressure of the water
just the alcohol
i dont think anything will ever visibly boil
unless the pressure got too low

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yeah so prob not expensive
but yeah doing the vacuum thing without having to add a bunch of heat would be pretty neat
neat wiki says doing it without heat is a thing
jesseg: right but you could prob figure out how much liquid would keep it from getting cold enough to kill the yeast
right the liquid is the surroundings because youre not boiling it
just whats inside, if youre doing this continuously the alc % is probably going to be pretty low

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eer, i doubt it would drop temp much if you kept the sugar water level up
like, youd need figure out some pressure/level sweet spot or feedback loop
well, im basically suggesting a pretty accurate vacuum regulator
then a way to get liquid in without stuff breaking
right but i dunno what the pressure ends up being, or what typical valves deal with

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thats pretty hacker, its not been done before?
i guess temp control is not such a big deal as long as you keep enough of the solution in it?
right i get that
you just wanty to lower the pressure until the alc boils but the water doesnt?
with no added heat?
yeah but then how do you distill it
yeah but thats what im saying
dont make it boil the water
just boil off the alc
i doubt that would drop pressure too much if you kept the sugar water level up
sure but that should have much yeat so you could just distill it again normally

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ha, i did some boards in cad like that
because robot machine tools are neat!
also because circles
circles are neat

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we never +m

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tecan: thats fuckin weird

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blackmoon: they reciprocate?
i wonder how far they go in a cycle
some of the reciprocating tools are pretty neat, put you hand into them and they wont cut, go right through rigid shit
wait what
theyre just thicker?
okay so just big teath or knife edge
yeah thats like, awesome, but very very very scary

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macegr: also, we have 120 years of experience with gasoline

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they bypassed BMS, and the 90V string started charging at 60V

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macegr: heh, 103 people on that list
The explosion is 45 seconds in. The planned FSAEE battery pack is about 8 times that much energy. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is typically considered pretty competent. Take care of yourselves.

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macegr: thats actually one of the reasons why i ejected from formula sae electric
besides being flaked on, on a sunday, by the battery/control team lead the day before they collected membership fees, in general they didnt seem to understand the amount of work or the danger involved
i am, to the entire copy list

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macegr: niiiiice
macegr: so theyre saying put water on it
after noting that they were negligent enough to not have the type of fire extinguisher specified
yeah i hope he sues them

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eck0: !
the_gfr|w: back! while i < war games and ally sheedy, it was a movie and the world didnt disarm because of it. You are alive because of MAD, which is explicitely dependent on the potential that the other side can win a nuclear war if your side falls behind or is caught off guard
EMP blasting an oppositions control systems and taking them out completely because they were too distracted by internal political struggles to react effectively would be a decisive win

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