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right but it might be real, just not that guy
just by coincidence
just because so likely

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does anyone know if this is debunked?
oh looks like top comment says translation is something diff, haha

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oh fuck yeah id take a brahmin
just ride a brahmin with a fat man and and a .50 sniper
people will leave you alone eventually

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looks fun
ya sry =\
i know but i already physics at school
at home i just wanna race things and blow mutants and metroids up
and raiders fuck those guys
i always kind of feel bad about killing of bros of steel
have you played tis100?
beat last level of tis100 for me
k not rly prob easy to find online anyway
i kill em all
yeah thats how they turn you into an asshole
you join them
get cool shit
then when it makes sense because of your other faction relationships, you take them out
right after taking even more of their shit
because theyre assholes and youre not
at least not from the perpective of yourself and your robot and dog
blackmoon: same exact mindset applies, but even more

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theres like, a competitive race for the best drive in formula 1
and then a race between the two mercedes drivers
and some people are actually tracking points that way
this makes me happy

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so then mercedes is like, well fuck
our championship contender is down to his last engine turbo and gearbox
change ALL the things THREE times in ONE weeks
get like, 150 place grid penalty
start at the back
still get on the podium because like, yeah we get it your car is best
im not joking
they literally installed and removed engines three times in one night to front load him extra engines
and it was perfectly legal by the rules
not literally, like give him extra engines for later he wouldnt take any more pentaly on
yeah thats why he got the penalty
but since theres only 22 cars, its like 180 penalty grid positions get thrown away
it was done like that to help the worst team
somewhat out of respect, as the entered this formula late
they were a team less than `10 years ago
and dominated as an engine provider in the 80s and 90s
but yeah, the best team ended up totally fucking that regulation in the ass
like, we can start from the back and still get podium, oh yeah now we have 5 extra engines
oh by the way, we won the constructors championship last race anyway

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they eat themselves
part of the competition is like, when do we change this part
gene haas is saying that thats where theyre learning a lot right now
about how long the car lasts
blackmoon: you know the haas cnc guy?
he is racing in F1, using as many ferrari parts as the rules allow, and a chassis made by an indy and spec race chassis company
its like the guy back doored into F1
but now its almost end of season
and car is breaking lots because running parts too long
and gene is like, only guy with american accent like, DAMN YEAH THESE PARTS WEAR OUT FAST
well its getting a bit ridiculous plus loopholes
like there are 5 unit max on individual components
then 5 grid penalty
but if they made it cumulative, then honda would either have to srart at -5 laps
or like, start last every race even if they get pole position
so they made it non cumulative

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the older drivers especially
some dont like it, they complain
yeah that too
but they all seem to adapt quick
its in a spot where its basically just out of overlapping focus
i think theyre supposed to be able to see through it when looking straight ahead
yeah but how to they get out?
i think a cockpit solution is the way to go
and its faster
to me its not even a hard decision
actually in a venue with no fans and less personal on hand i would be okay with that
i mean, youre going to take out helicopters and shit
yeah but then what
ejecting sideways cant end well
i dont think its a liability issue i know fans would want to attend, i just think at some point you draw a line if you want the gov to let you keep racing
i mean, you drive to a track theres a shed size sign like YE WHO ENTER OFTEN DIE. YE ARE YE, WELCOME.
well the cars fail tho
like these things have negative safety factor over a race season considering fatigue on the parts

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the cars are almost formed around the driverm but seat style and removable neck bracing make it super quick to pull them out
they usually kind of slide out once they unstrap
if car is like upside down or on side
no too heavy
more explosives in the car prob not a good thing
the windscreen thickness is because felipe massa got hit by a suspension spring in the head
and a driver in another series got killed when a tire bounced onto his helmet
they were going to spec this for next year
a developed version of the concept
they dropped it, i think its smart, its half assed
and not a big change
the halo
or the sandal, or flip flop, as some prefer
how do me make it safer? put some shit right in the drivers forward vision
theyre fine with it

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yeah sounds really neat
some of those brush motors are pretty fuckit
want this
plus g suits
tradition and extraction issues
not funny!

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haha no
it would just explode into carbon shards and aluminum crystals and the driver would be sitting in a burning pile of it
more a laborghini thing
these cars are not built with much safety factor
does it have speed steps?
or it just maintains speeds loaded or its full variable or what sex is this
oh who knows what the LEDs mean
so it just gets stuck?
does it crobar until you let go of the button?

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what if it was kimi
dont put mud on kimi hes a nice guy
he just wants you to leave him alone because he knows what he is doing
just remembers when you are like whatever at this ferrari the driver is an asshole i can crash him a little
sometimes the driver is kimi

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i dont think thats really typical
im not dure
its prob diff there, but i think it mostly just covers if you smash your car or other cars smash you
because its prob super efficienct and cheap for insurance companies to settle with each other
versus dealing with outside insurance agencies
basic wouldnt even cover a fire hydrant here
blackmoon: so fucked
its sad that i guess its better for their to be more insurance companies
i think the girl in the advertisments for my insurance is cute
i want for them to keep giving her lots of money so i keep using them
people call me up like WE GOT CHEAP INSURANCE im like, i been using these guys 10 years, i pay this
thats how it works man
but one day youll splash a ferrari
and feel okay about your insurance
dont be my sister

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inflatable outrioigers pop out the step bars beneath the doors
blackmoon: complexity isnt really a good thing in that world
like, they made the hilux suspension and 4wd system a little more complicated in the TRD off road models and i guess now they break more
old hilux got excellent gas mileage!
so like, it basically gets the same mpg as my car, which has the same size engine, by toyota
my shit prob hypermiles better
because not a brick, heh
i got old my shit been as low as $75
full coverage

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normal driver will half or over correct a lot of the time, and boom, youre a youtube vid
naw, theres drivers that will deal with that
the reason they can do it in the first place is grip feedback and reaction time
oh dude yeah for sure less than 1%
but its not necessarily a bad handling characteristic if yopure going for a certain thing
and hilux kind of has a reputation for being high and bouncy when unloaded
its kind of what makes them fun to drive unloaded
the old ones, the new ones are kind of huge
hilux is toyota tacoma, btw
its only sold in america as as tacoma, because rest of worls is like
taco mother what?
rab: yeah buts its gotten much, much heavier than when it was designed as scrappy little work truck slash special forces attach vehicle
tho hilux attached to black B52 pylons would be rad
little parachute in the roof

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i would put them on matched tires
higher than standard grip
basically whatever grippiest tire a consumer can buy for all of those trucks
well theres almost too many variables at play to call out one thing
trucks are high because of load capacities
theres a tradeoff between ride comfort and load capacity and unloaded height
and then suspension geometry, and then wheel and hub and brake weight, and tires, and weight distribution
the thing is sometimes a car like that can perform better with a skilled driver
its like how an F16 is more maneuverable because its so fucking sensitive and on the edge of falling out of the sky no human could fly it unaided
like, some people can deal with the sensitivity and predict the loading on the tires

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rab: https://youtu.be/xoHbn8-ROiQ
debatable whether its motorsports, but its telling that he calls the DUTs 'competitors'
like, with robot cars, you can use an actual robot moose

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in response to the sponsor calling it a scare tactic, i noted that anyone who should be racing will still want to race after seeing that
or lauda burning, or senna not moving on the ground, or earnheardt crashing, or biachi driving off the track
or rally fans eating it, or TT riders wrapping around trees, or cars catching air because of bumps and ground effects and landing on fans
i considered sending that to him that to make the point, but if he knows what it means thats kind of going too far

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macegr: haha a team sponsor called it spam when they got the email
a NASA-JPL safety presentation sent to students building 30kW-Hr battery pack to be used for racing, with a student sitting in between the battery containers, is spam
so yeah, pretty happy with the outcome
also taught the group lead about BCC

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The F.B.I. is investigating illicit text messages that Mr. Weiner sent to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.
good job tony penis

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from a runoff mining standpoint, tibet looks like a goldmine
all the colors

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roofs torn off
im guess the wind is nuts and theres storm runoff issues
if you zoom out see how the lakebed runoff flows, its like a lake the size of arizona draining out when it rains
they prob have to fix all the things after bad storms, heh
sculptor: yeah neat

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denkishi: no i think its very very flat
turn off sat view
theres water errosion issues and dry lakes all over the foothills of the mountain range
sculptor: confirmed or guess?
i think its a pretty good guess, not like the demand is ever going away, and the dry lake prob has salt until forever
Here is the Lop Nur town, blue rectangle rule is SDIC Xinjiang Lop Nur Potash Co., Ltd. (referred to as "SDIC Luo K", people concerned about the stock market may have heard) evaporation pond.
maybe fertilizer, maybe whatever they can get out of the arizona size lake
denkishi: shrug, gov is involved in everything over there
yeah there are lots of those buildings in the area
lots of them are clearly abandoned
yup those are some of the ones i was referring to

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yeah theyre not very big
the water thing is much more interesting, its like the size of the san fernando valley
oops, k again

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sculptor_: maybe there are multiple track routes that will meet at a hub at the water facility
so they can run whatever it is out to multiple locations in both direction in parallel
they vector roughly towards the other thing you pasted before
sculptor_: oil sands, pipes
sculptor_: no it does look around it
there are roads that formed naturally by the routes beween ridges
and they decided to pave some
who knows why

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sculptor: second one is trains im guessing
tunnels, over and through the mountains
future trains or some sort of weapon system heavy enough that tracks make sense

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salt/mineral processing, sediment based water filtration
cant really think of anything else
oh maybe a farm?
its china, maybe they decided to build a metropolis there in two years and are doing the pipes first
also if its mineral processing no reason needs to be close to anything
also farming, fish or rice
prob not water filtering

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honestly, i think its just scam so they could call each other up and shoot the shit back in the day
he was okay even tho he was a shitty business man and not smart enough to get away with shit
almost all his business was low income people on medi-cal, im pretty sure non of them minded lower prices for imported mexican drugs
considering they were all mexican and went there because he had the cheap mexican drugs

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youre just moving around more instead of waiting in line
and yeah, PPO is private practice i dont mind that so much but its still kinda of silly
like, every claim ive made i get hammered with letters and paperwork
like justify why you let the dr tell you what test and teratment to pick
like, i dunno
i just did what she said and picked up the drugs from the guy and followed directions i dont even like doing this shit and now youre saying i owe you thousands of fucking dollars unless i can get a medical education like RINAOW and figure wtf youre even asking me
and asking me in the form of a 6" stack of fucking slightly different letters
so yeah mostly i just dont go to doctors
dude my dad was a pharmacist
he could read their writing and his was worse
yeah i dunno it was all squiggles to me

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pretty sure there are checkboxes about it on registration forms
sculptor: a bug bit my eyelid and it got all swollen for a couple days, i eventually left urgent care because so many sick smelly bums and crying people my triage time was going to be hours
and i felt like i was more likely to get sick by staying there
but at least professionals have confirmed i am overweight and my body temp and blood pressure are fine!
yeah i just looked silly for a couple days
like a boxer in a movie
or you go to a fortess and have to walk to 5 different offices to be seen by 2 specialists and three technicians for 90 seconds each
PPO health care is pretty okay
HMO is pretty similar to urgent care / emergency / public clinic levels of fucked up

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well fuck go to neighbor then, prob takes literally a minute for him to shine scope into your eyeball and make sure its fine
i found out for a year i was paying for health care while i had free health care through a county i hasnt lived in in years
thanks obama?
now im poor enough i get medi-cal, w00t
not really, since covered cali
i think before then if you were a student and not covered by parents, theyd sign you up for medi-cal
so not automatically free but most likely free

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drink all the gatorade
drink it until you pee is cyan or green or whatever
hey man if youre going to give your body high energy density ant food, while sick is prob the best time
sculptor: ow
thats good i guess
is dr expensive?

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what, it decided it found the drive after i deleted the existing machine entry that could find the drive?
there are no other VM
im not saying it didnt do that, im saying wtf why osnt even it trying to check if its doing that
i feel like this is a reaction to too many CS tickets over deleting VM because the OVEWRITE? Y/N option

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unf, virtual drive inaccessible, looks like at some point while cleaning up storage i decided i didnt give a fuck
wow vm tells me i cant overwrite a virtual disk "because it can be already used" by another vm disk

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you cant do that with virtualbox somehow?
yeah i was just thinking by now there would just be some sort of right click, browse to log file save location thing
im surprised how often i imagine a feature and go to check for it in the logical menu logcation and shit exists

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pence plane crashed twice in one day?
haha naw kidding, chicago would stomp pence if he showed up there
on win 7 or win 10?
oh neat
haha that maybe works better than modern win
tho really, besides normal manual driver install on dev shit, my shit just works in win 10
neat, i trust things a lot more with that setup
published comm commands and then a frontend app to make everything clicky

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oh definitely, thats where my moms from
its like 4 or 5 gens back, pacific coast native and a spanish immigrant
i just dont know if it was chill to be a mexican indian 200 years ago
from what i understand, tongva and chumash (socal indians) would meet at the topanga beach terriroty border and work shit out, generally peaceful
not a lot of competition for resources
no crazy storms to wash your beach stuff away

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shelter optional
no i think it was the same deal as california, lots of peripheral interests via individuals
the economies weren't locked into slavery
Ii wonder if they were like socal indians
meh i need a nap
im confused and think you misread but it would just be my fault for fat fingering the shit
peripheral interests or pacific mexican indians on the beach
the thing is, it might be kind of hard to defend a beach
and mexican indians seem to be scrappier than socal indians
like, there wasnt a fuckin chumash empire covering 50% of north america

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texas is east of california, isnt it?
no youre a texan
youre as much a yankee as i am
i think in that context i might actually be confederate biased
was youre family in texas during the civil war?
my family was from eastern europe and pacific mexico, vampies and jaguars, real problems
i wonder if they were socal indians
basically no threat is they mostly kicked it at the beach

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beyond fucking ridiculous
this country deserves whatever it gets
right and i dont think the technology is anywhere near that level of good
meanwhile stoners test as sometimes driving better while driving by two government, and top gear, and they go to jail
thats the current solution
dude i live in california
thats not theoretical
okay all the stupid people from your place come here
and complain about each other and get drunk and crash into things

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probably a lot easier after a few more people get killed by tesla
has anyone but a driver been killed yet?
anyway, pretty sad people apparently shouldnt drive anymore because drunks
i dont even know what you mean by get there as a society get where
there is an alternative to driving its called walking bike taxi carpool uber
if alcohol is so bad that no one should be allowed to drive at all because of those who abuse alcohol, distribution of alcohol should be illegal
and we should make alcohol addiction treatment a #1 priority in america
so far this is your only reason

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especially where there are 100.000% safe and responsible ways to rapidly develop this technology
i think 10 years is enough time
i think 1 year, and people in charge maybe should be getting death penalties with certain outcomes
i mean, i dont agree with the death penalty, but thats the laws we got
okay so give them the death penalty
and that will end
real quick
way quicker than safe driving cars
but givin them much, much heavier penalties isnt
at all

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and the technology hasnt been around enough or used enough to really be accounted for
im not talking about things like impact avoidance braking or even steering
these systems dont come into play until the level of risk is perceived as being much higher than the dangers involved in automated control
i mean, orders of magnitude in risk difference in easy to detect circumstance
these systems DO NOT drive the car
theyre cool
okay cool
turn off all auto driving
make tesla do a driver retraininger
make renabling based on this training being complete by drivers
force rebranding
pretend like like the people in charge give a shit
they can collect data without the features enabled
yeah well i dont think any of that shit is going to happen
and thats why im not so happy about this situation

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rab: also autopilot is misleading because theres nothing to crash into in the air
autopilot is hella primitive
yup, enough that the gov should be involved in his timelines, one way or another
yeah man hes got a lot of money and human life aint worth too much money in the car industry
this is something that needs to be improved across the industry in general
this isnt ABS brakes, or power windows, this is like space travel level shit for mass production
rab: anymore than normal?
that trend is nothing new as far as i know

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i actually think thats a really happy outcome that will be positive for motorsport
but the technology sucks and i dont think initial rollout should be profit based
rab: no, theres too many qualifiers in that statement
a flawed computer can be a lot of things
also what is 'a lot'
i agree that we can make technology that will make me okay with robots taking me somewhere
enough to make me be okay with no being allowed to drive
i think current technology is a joke and i will leave the country if this is legislated anytime soon
theres too much money in the technology and the government is not educated enough or coordinated enough to regulate it

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i want you to support them more because i really believe its the fadster way to working safe awesome technology
omg i am sure 2016 isnt the right time thats so obviously clear i dont even think thats the conversation were having
but i think training drivers, rebranding, maintaining the current levels of driving, and spending a few years making it something indisputable safe is going to put things like a decade ahead versus the all manufacturers cracking eggs methods
omg @ perfection
i understand that theres going to be some risk involved in anything
i think engineers are capable of making things much, much better in a controlled, accerated environment, with open transparent comeptitive development
well, youre wrong
i happily will let go of driving and just drive cars at race tracks if the technology doesnt suck

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and they can uber or cab but they didnt
so why they going to autodrive
im saying if the technology didnt exist, they didnt use safe options
well the other drivers didnt sign a eula rab, and i think thats a reeeeeally fucking big deal thats being overlooked
you show up at a race track, you show up to possibly die for the love of motorsport
yeah even more are gonna kill you because using uncooked technology because told its that safe
bad enough people are masturbating on the road
you see this as making idiots more safe, i see this as making idiots more dangerous for quite a long time
there are safe, public, COMPETITIVE ways to develop the technology
i dont think the streets is the place to compare different self driving technologies

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youre saying things on the street will happen that cant be simulated?
i just dont agree with that, i think making competitive challenges that push corners of the performance envelope is much more likely on a track then on the street
and youre proposing they learn on meat baffles
i guess because faster
when they work excellent with a girls falling into the street at 5x speed
and when the bouncing ball is the size of a marble
and when they can do intersections at up to 200mph with 90% success rate
without signals, without networking
im not joking
they can turn it off, shrug
i dont think autodrive is ready to save people at that rate
and there is already a system in place to deal with drunk drivers

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rab: if you can explain to me why my last line isnt true, then support it with stats relating tesla car's hours of autodrive use versus casualties, all driving hours versus causalties in the US...
i would maybe weaken my position to not wanting a court order that ends all tesla autodrive functionality
oh i forgot an 'and', shrug. guys its raining, brrrr

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right, so do that with unlimited downforce and tires at 200MPH, with and without visual aids
look, im right, thats it, i decided
it should be done in motorsport first
mil can help i guess
they did okay with that whole internet thing
yes exactly
and when we can do that is when they should be introduced
and then you start pulling them out a little a time

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rab: car had a bug, driver isnt responsible, pushed back onto manufacturer?
driver didnt update the car driver
okay, well between killing people on the open road in order to solve this in court
and taking the technology to the race track, and perfecting it at 200mph, with fans who have agreed that its okay if they die just by entering the racetrack
i think the better solution is to table the shit and race
crazy 8s at 200mph rab
for safety and glory
id pay it
i really think youre having a really limited view of motorsport
formula D plus robot pedestrians with subjective AI judging
do you know what crazy 8s is?

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i know non technical people who want a tesla because they want to take naps on road trips
meanwhile, teslas can see a truck pependicular to a road
fuck i rabbed
rab: how do you hold the car responsible
what cage

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blackmoon: do you hear his voice change when he realizes what a marketing jewel he was just handed?
15 sec
listen to his sigh before hes not so happy
like 11 sec, tesla wrecked my building?
13 sec, ???
15 sec, $$$
omg it killed one of his cars
they need to race and pull back on rolling out robot russian roullete on wheels

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ha, sanders would beat that fucker up eventually
the booster will reach solar-galactic orbit, but the pod will fall off on launch and land perfectly next to the launch pad
while the boosters are burning

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kaine administration here we come
rab: what do you think the chances are that trump wins, in his victory speaks calls all his supporters sick fucks, gets into his spaceship and leaves the planet

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