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blackmoon: ha funny
(i found vid of it)

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blackmoon: its okay youll be american soon too

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just realized i turned microwave and toaster oven on
same circuit
nothing is tripping
how am i alive

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kinda yeah
rab: when condering that 50% of the weight was past the end of the rack, is prob the equiv of much more
because milk crate

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rab: water is heavy, and i have exceeded the delta racks max weight spec by like 33% at least
still okay
right because my city is paved in etched glass
i bet that would make an awesome track
naw fuck that im just talking about smoothness and grip
black like obsidian would be sexiest
i was hanging out with fellow kids last night
and for kicks im like HEY ANY YOU GUYS WATCH FORMULA ONE
and like i get 8 looks like, huh
and one guy, i dont even think he was trolling but this is like, max stereotype troll
one guy is like YOU MEAN LIKE NASCAR

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timecop: probably selling the survey im taking
also late fees
the_gfr|w: its in 30min segments
i think the price is like $8/hr
i had a vw jetta last trip
and before that was a focus, i think it was a hyrid
dunno didnt care shit transmission
was like a noodle to drive
the jetta was cool tho
its a little further and booked more often

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rab: also with self driving cars theres a lot less need to own it
zipcar is neat like that too
park get out lock door walk away, not your problem

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