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timecop: ha, yeah textbook sections reads as: 4.1 Stellaris LM3S and Tiva TM4C I/O Pins

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anyway, i was writing the right reg, but since address offset is 0x00*4, it was completely masked
they mention this in the description but its so wtf you dont really register it
maybe this is it!
this has drivers w/ that name

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so 0xFFFFF3FC is completely unmasked
timecop: its just 8b wide because 8b ports
this has 8b ports
it says read mod write the reserve bits
because future
look man i didnt pick the hardware i was excited when i thought we were going to be using discoveries
but i guess the teachers for this course sucked so hard and students failed so bad, theyre like tear it up change all the things
this masking wouldnt make sense unless you had wide adressing
you could just have a reg for masking and a reg for data
data reg has an offset right
and i keep writing to the offset
and nothing happens
but the EQU for all the other regs match the offset
so im like wtf is wrong with my EQU, then notice the example is offset waaaay off 0x00
offset of 0x00 is pretty easy to recognize

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timecop: does ST do this weird port masking shit where the port is actually 256 registers and the 8 bits of address lines to select the port are also the register mask?
this is some creative shit
no this is what happens you have a ridiculous amount of addys because 32b
this wouldnt fly in 8b
this isnt really paging tho, its like, arbitrary masking using the address lines
the 256 registers that map to one 8 bit port
you read/write with an offset of 255, shifted left twice because mask is actually bits 9:2, to read the port unmasked
so 0xFFFFF000 is completely masked

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so yeah, just dicking
so far seems pretty similar to ST stuff

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this is both intimidating and beautiful
timecop: system control register description section, click the plus to minus, 121 registers
TI tiva c datasheet
i was expecting maybe a dozen

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rab: omg they didnt charge me for the auto-tensioner, confirmed that they did replace the auto-tensioner
they rang me up with the original quote
they would not rotate tires because they says i need new front tires, i almost argued thats why i need my tires rotated, but dropped it
so yeah, like $200 saved in parts and labor
that almost pays for the water pump job
and holy shit my car cant even idle without stalling after a battery disco
took it maybe 15 min to stop acting like a tard

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yeah he seemed really concerned. if hes a con guy, hes really really good haha
naw maybe middle ish
its hard to tell but he didnt seem that old
maybe bit older than me?
late 30s early 40s, shrug

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i dont feel like this was a thing 10 years ago
rab: almost every little shop treats me like a fucking soccer mom, ive had two try and sell my brakes a few months after they had done my brakes

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or i guess they are stacking the labor, whatever its more expensive than when they are being friendly
rab: the local mechanicals want to charge me $50-100 just to look at the shit
er, mechanics
tho maybe i just start calling them mechanicals
yeah this doesnt happens when i sears, they ask me whats wrong, i tell them, they look up the jobs, i get charged the hours attached
if shit comes up, they call and i say yes or no
fuck this $100 or you dont exist to me shit, just replace my fucking alternator and if the thing that im telling you is probably going to be a problem is, call me

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aw, they says water pump will take them days or else crazy expensive part
ha, i think theyre just like FUCK THIS MINI CAMRY TELL HIM ITS $$$ OR DAYS
rab: their quote was kind of on the reasonable side, theyre not stacking the labor so im guessing they dont want to do it
and id have to amazon it to get it cheaper, ive looked
the girl at sears was good about checking all the local places and calling them up
i still get free tire roation, \o/

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rab: status of completion of electric 240 w/ welded diff

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w00t, looks like they gave up on the auto-tensioner, have to take apart that side of engine bay to replace, so toyotaCar gets a new water pump
i asked how they got the belt off if they couldnt turn the stipped auto tensioner, 'uh, ya it tooks some doin'
i hope they didnt beat my car up
i miss my 86 crx
belt tensioner = lean on alternator while tightening it to the curvy-slotted bracket

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i do a polar and a non

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maybe romania
relay coils are usually spec'd as resistors
shrug, my coils look like coils and my resistors look like resistors
on that basis, i have decided i win at symbols
i hope they finish fixing my toyotacar today
trader joes is too far for bike
i cannot accept either seagull cap
i try, cant

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i do mine like on the left, but more humpy, less semi-circly
rab: like that or axially, ive only seen the slanty thing in relays
anyway, box resistors and humpy coils is pretty un-ambiguous when hand drawn
zag resistors and loopy coils are a coin toss depending who is drawing it and how much of a hurry

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rab: um, every relay coil ever
its a modern part whose symbol is as old as box shaped inductors
ive seen it in old tube schematics
i think maybe with a line going through it axially instead of filled in

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yeah the euros are better at the resistors
atmel and ST use box resistors
i try to resist mentioning that boxes are old symbols for inductors when this comes up
timecop: eh, DRC isnt going to tell you if your circuit just doesnt work because youre dumb
just says you connected your shit right, and if im doing a layout ill do schematic entry
jpeg artifacts are pretty 2016
because millenials are media format dunces
hence HD movies in gif format

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whats wrong with drawing circuits?
all the professors at schools use zag resistors and loopy inductors
so basically, squiggle resistors and squiggle inductors

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synth: tea guy called he says if i dont let him know i got it next couple days he send out more tea
originally he was like by today, i suggested we wait couple more days as in my experience customs can be pretty inconsistent

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