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wow yeah, mad sequels and next year, russia movies
this is the 80s again
trump makes sense now

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i think it was an axcellent sequel
predator 2 was good, too
there was something in common...
oh, no ive mixed up sequels, fuckin 80s

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im gonna go chain myself to elon musk's something

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rab: https://youtu.be/sNErAQm7YLg
because using uninformed people as test pilots should be illegal
i would more than vote for that, i would protest for that
tesla needs to name that shit test pilot mode

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eh, modern things dont just enough power
you dont solder with a 10W iron
you solder with a 60W iron that kicks down to 0w when it gets to temp
a lot of things with decent performance will eat themselves without regulation working properly
and i have no opinion about whatever specific things youre talking about
but typically things with 'just enough power' have shit performance and probably not so accurate

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0201 is like, the tinned solder on the tip swallowed the part

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depends where
way more in some places
NYC its prob like 800%
eh, they sell to the public
in WA you get taxless cigs from indian markets
or did
yeah seems opposite there
then again, in parts of canadia selling alc is a government thing
cali taxes cigs have a little stamp in the plastic on the bottom

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you would have to have a massive amount of weed to make that a real issue
at which point, you can prob afford cameras and security mofos
the best dispensarys have new jack city levels of security and checkpoints
feels very safe
yeah maybe 10x
street prices per gram
it depends
which is why there will probably always be an underground aspects
stoners know that rules are pretend from an early age

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weed is not hard to get
weed drama: delivery dude shows up too fast, didnt go to the ATM yet, cant pay with cards because square keeps shutting down the dispensary accounts and sitting on the cash

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let him know? he said he was going to ship out more tea today

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tradeoff is way less opportunity for problems for 7 years! =\

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have a bunch of courier work shifts lined up next couple weeks, if i can work that much and still study effectively and get at least some amount of sleep, maybe things fine
alternatively, i could declare bankruptcy despite not having missed a bill in 6 years, and all my problems solved

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yeah i know this too well
yeah so well see how shit goes, and i ask around about work contracts just to have options
i typically do better than i expect, i deans listed last semester after i thought i was going to fail all the things

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so when i ask around about summer contracts i see whats up with year long things, try and save up some money
honestly i have no fucking idea how i got this far, the budget on paper never really worked, heh
diff equations, materials strengths, linear circuits 2, embedded (ARM ASM stuff)
intemntionally light this semester because diff equations and strengths
yeah linear circuits 2 and diff equations have synced up, because laplace shit
also, im happy i failed first diff e first time around
class was a train wreck and he tried to cram all of laplace into a week because he was behind
like, basically you had to show up to evening 'study' sessions with the professor if you wanted to learn the shit
ha, i told that to this semesters instructor and he was like, oh shit, and skipped to laplace few weeks early

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for cert or research?
lab days were fun
howd it do?
yeah, heh
up and down, i maybe need to sort money problems out
ha that would be neat
working during semester at $9/hr towards full time because cant commit to real job is pretty fucked, as far as focus

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goofy is a form of awesome

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heh, funnt
silence of the lambs one is goofy

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