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timecop: it was pretty much the only outcome since hours ago

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this is definitely the more cyberpunk outcome
so theres that

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its over
winfan: if youre looking at electoral map data and swing state percentages, its pretty obvious
it has been for hours
no one likes hillary
the DNC fucked this hard
shultz is going to get suicided
johnson cracked so many times
in so many interviews
amd jills tits just werent enough

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ohsix you matter .0002%
thats the size of your demographic
you need to use more proper nouns ohsix
thats kind of my point ohsixi
again, youre not using enough words and i honestly have no idea what youre talking about
i stand by my statement after considering your points
because they dont vote
because no one votes
but asshole butt hurt white people, super excited this cycle
so many pickup trucks today
stars and rainbows in the eyes of the white homeless bums

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timecop: obvious result is obvious
its over
she cant flip the remaining states
no one likes hillary clinton except moderately educated suburban housewives who drive SUVs

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i want to vote and sleep
study buddy got mad kittens
they dont know about toggle?
if you write to the input reg it toggles, or some shit like that
could just hammer that shit with a two line mainloop
thats a thing on avr?
oh for xmega
what was it?
yes but what was the 32b part

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timecop: omg
omg nonono
can dds in probably under 10 cycles
i dont want to class

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