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heh @ exterminate their butts

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well, either way shes fun to hang with and no one else will watch F1 with me
and she feeds me and gets me stoned probably more than i do her, which is always a plus

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shes too loud
like, not literally, like she talks about getting stoned in class and shit
so im not really worried about her as much as her telling someone and that guy being a dick
same as me, mechatronics
i feel like there is a low but not insignificant chance of that, shrug

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yeah but usually they will have one that matches the social media site theyre on
i installed once, laughed, uninstalled
i dont even facebook and im not on naked terms with any fellow kids
tho one hanging out with me every chance she gets
she woke up at 7:30 am to watch F1 with me
ya maybe, her not being 21 kind of makes it more complicated
like, she prob drinks 10x more than me, because normal college student

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rimworld looks like angband
im kind of annoyed how many things are using snapchat based logos for all social media
like, formula e youtube and twitter is bunch of racecars coming out of a snapchat ghost

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like, at first i was kind of wtf this tastes like nothing, but then realized it was the only coffee i had roasted that tasted *only* like coffee
prob awesome if you do blends
oh damn yeah i dunno if buying 3lbs of teas is a good idea

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i dont think it works like that
im almost out of synthtea
yeah ive been lazy about roasting coffee so this what i been feeding french press in the morning
in that context its lasted pretty long
i get two brews out of the leaves
and yeah still same impression, its like blue mountain coffee
it just tastes like tea, kind of slight sweet/honey aftertaste
blue mountain coffee was most anti climactic cup ever

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