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rab: when you can race like 10 of those things at 300 mph, and they can still all stop when the robot girl chases the robot ball onto the track
then ill feel comfortable
i wonder if they would show when the robot cars hit the robot girl and get drivethrough penalty
i wonder if robot pit stops are going to happen
thats lame if robot pit stops dont happen

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wait what
circuit city is still a thing?
jezus fuck

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i think everything should be lemo connectors
cheap shit should be mini-xlr
the multi-tip multi-voltage DC warts were the only thing didnt suck at radio shack
you know i really dont understand the situation
they dont seem to be gone

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i think i need to go buy a heater
omg mean
like, i was going to bypass the cheap bimetal thermostat because ive already tweaked it a bunch of times
but then i thought, what if the overtemp switch is just as fucked as the thermostat
i have tile floors over concrete tho
did it turn to a puddle?
or just get gummy
workbench: barrel jack

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blackmoon: probably people went fuck you

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i get to put pacoima, ca on my resume
janitor used to make fun of people like, YOU FROM PACOIMA
last front desk girl there was from pacoima
workbench: digikey, mouser
IC, modules, open and bench supplies

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makes sense to me
or cybernetic bacteria
so it has control outputs and a servo arm?

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