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every place ive worked has used uline, and ive regretted every time ive ordered equiv from glabal industries
its like GI goes to ulines factories and goes CAN YOU MAKE THIS USING 20% LESS MATERIAL EVERYWHERE!?
also uline will send replacements without even asking for you to ship original back or even prove problem
done this a couple times with their glued wood plank bench tops
rab: a lot of stuff is the same, the stuff that isnt seems to favor uline in terms of quality
and ive never dealt directly with GI, but uline customer service is awesome
feels like sweetwater, full compass, theyre your buds

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for personal shit it can be questionable, for business prototypes with minimal leadtime, cant fuck with mcmaster
grainger can be better for safety materials, consumables
grainger is closer to uline than mcmaster to me
rab: ya exactly
like, if i need safety signs or solvent containers or floor mats, ill check grainger but probably buy from uline
because uline = free flashlights, box cutters
uline is good for osha bits
im guessing its actually a huge chunk of their sales
yeah shipping dep is constantly re-upping from them so we often just tack orders onto theirs or use their accts

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theyre ballpark and almost never cheapest
but in general i think they attempt to be fair plus a reasonable convenience cost
and for small divisions of raw material, theyre often the only source
i think they could charge much more if they wanted to
right thats about the only thing thats going to be cheaper
local metals places often arent unless youre buying scrap
in general tho, mcmaster is fair price + convenience cost, and better than average shipping

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rab: also theyre pretty much a generic product distributor
in the sense that they purchase from vendors and sell as a generic item, so they prob have to track their source p/n vs their customer p/n, so maybe another layer of cross referencing
im sure thats intentional
in general ive found their products to be overkill in terms of quality, as opposed to 'just good enough for the money'
like, its usually not high value stuff, its high quality stuff
mcmaster is for last second 'fuck money, i got a list' problems
their commodity tooling is almost all known brand tho
in that sense, theyre very competitive
but no one really buys brand name tools anymore, and jobs are still completed, definitely not high value

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eh whatever they do to keep their inventory straight is fine with me
they do a lot of per length/area stuff thats likely cut to size
i wouldnt be surprised if they had some sort of behind the scenes inventory cross referencing so they can sell cert materials as non-cert and raw materials in any division of qty
and i dont see how that doesnt end up being a mess

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