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my 1920x1200 has some weird backlight fade/ripple issue on one side, still like it more than most monitors
ripples with respect to area, not time
1080 sucks for docs
sucks for everything that isnt a movie
higher dpi and you start to run into windows scaling issues
i dont numpad
k, thanks

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i have a dell work thing its huge
all my dell work things have had serial ports
i probably get a dell or hp
two storage is neat

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"I don't think they liked the car," Wright said.
heh, i dunno why i think thats so funny
rab: thoughts on modern lenovos?
i think i need a laptop soon
besides the evil firmware issues (have to research if this is still an issue), lastjob has four of the same family of lenovos, all their hdd died

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synth: definitely no

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sculptor: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cyr1nqBW8AA42B9.jpg:large

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theyre supposed to replace with a locking mailbox
but they have to install a concrete slab for the post office to install so prob doesnt happen soon

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neat, i liked the silver needle stuff i had before
i think i just successfully crash landed a diff eqn exam
instructor apologized for length, said he would curve up accordingly, i managed to finish most of it
synth: do you want me to paypal?
also i dont think i got the original tea package
tho my guess is probably some bum stole it from my mailbox
lately theyve been opening ripoff pre-approved loan letters, then putting them back when they realize its not a check or a card

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if you watch any of the interviews after the race, its really clear how much pressure he was under
like, crazy mix of euphoria and anxiety
curious if he gets into another series
i dont see him doing motorsport journalism, or managing a driver
i could see him managing a race team
not in F1 though

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sculptor: alonso to mercedes, vandoorne-mclaren 2017 wdc/wcc

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holy fuck
well, hes smart
10 years, 6 at merc, fighting a teammate literally his entire life
wife, kid, and he just achieved his childhood dream of winning an F1 championship, like his dad, as can be verified in an adorable video of little nico
lewis? still a pouty pop-star wannabe bitch

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black and white teas, and i guess pretty basic flavors
really like white tea, actually

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