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hes totally gonna die on 2019 or something

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ha neat i like squirrel nut zippers

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aerith_gx: mostly, theres prob a few nsfw lyrics

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apocolypse meow?
but theyre bunnies
oh the animal depends on nationality

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04:00:24 <@BlackMoon> animes where people die
haha, that actually seems like a decent way to categorize them
if no one dies, shit better have cats
that was the old school martian one
tank police anime
the main tank was so cute they needed *two* catgirls
cannon prob fires hugs

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w00t, i can fail my electronics final and still get a B- in the class
so least i got that and embedded systems going for me

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sucks people time was wasted, but they prob got some investor to pay their bills and rent for months, so you are actually a big startup success story

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what do you mean PR for brazil
what is PR
ya thats an accountants solution
made the numbers add up, and in some universe its a workable solution
right so you have to reverse eng some newbs code before you even know if its usable
yeah interns are supposed to be learning from experienced people
now companies hire them to be the experienced person, its kind of silly

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that sucks
there was never a signed agreement?
yeah that sucks, but least they cant take anything from you

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