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like its prob close to atomized
so in an explosion, it wouldnt be obvious like if an oil plan exploded
like i think a gear or synchro came apart and blew the transmission case apart
would explain the position of the debris, and then the complete random look of the bits, and the sound of thin metal plates bouncing
yeah but in a fwd and many awd cars, the diff and transmission are in the same case
add your numbers up and thats basically what my car uses
thats lmost exactly what my transmission looks like
just no space to get at the drain and fill nuts

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i think gears sitting in fluid is standard
like, i dont think manual transmissions are pressure lubricated
right i think thats basically how transmission librication works
right theyre sealed
they get hot but they dont burn off the oil like in combustion
often yes
highest tires are all awd
amateur could be anything tho
well theyre like 2-3qt usually
but i imagine in operation none of it sits in the case

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really stupid place to put a turbo
blackmoon: hold the jog button to frame by frame, first frame is debris from both ends of a transerve motor
blackmoon: damn maybe its his transmission
would explain the overrev when it blows
the motor unloads when something in the transmission snaps
yeah listen when it blows, rpm goes way up and doesnt just stop like destroyed, then yeah normal idea
they dont have a ton of oil like the majority would prob be coating the parts

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hmm not completely you can hear the pistons still moving, so crank is still there
also oil might be gone
i think it threw a rod after a piston siezed and the fragments were the oil pan
but right might be sploded turbo, doesnt sound like a turbo exhaust tho
and it just seems like too much junk to be a turbo

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the teams didnt like how much info it put out in the open so didnt happen this season
they used to have two way telemetry systems
they could track engine health and fix a lot of things on the fly
there was one race, car smoked like blown engine, then it just stopped and dude finished race
anyway, because shit like that, banned
i think WEC tech is going to get crazy in the next few years, which will force F1s hand
probably they will open up rules or just mandate more high tech high efficiency drivetrains
blackmoon: i think that was his bottom end falling out

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right but they are on the edge of the threshold by necessity
so one of the corners is likely to lose a majority of grip
dunno there is no braking for straights
you cant really afford for anything to lock up completely ever
current spec tires you flatspot bad
those arent even soft compounds
they live streamed IR camera info last season

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basically your rears lock before your fronts, so you get oversteer
racecar drivers dont like understeer
blackmoon: the thing is you shouldnt be turning much under braking
for max decel, all grip need to be allocated to braking
right but even with trailbraking, the majority of braking is done straight
then you failed
which is the literal definition of failure in racing
with rear bias, you basically make sure that your mass is already rotating in the direction you want to turn when you slam into the brakes
and you brake enough that the mass carries the car forward despite the direction of the tires
so when you come off the brakes, youre pointing in the right direction

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i think there is a little rachet on the rear brakes to take up ebrake slack as the brakes wear
you can check to see if maybe thats stuck
i want mine to apply as much pressure as i pull on the lever
my shit has like 45 deg of motion, you can modulate it
you have one of those
yeah but its a foot brake
pretty useless
ya wtf
so trip out but mclaren got a stup like that banned from f1
they had two brake pedals, late 90s so sequential w/ clutch for 1st on the steering wheel
one was normal brakes, and the other was just for rears
so instead of modulating front/rear brake bias with a knob, which is very common, they could do it mid turn with their feet
you use rear brake bias to turn the car under braking

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every ebrake ive owned can lock the rears
but on my abs cars, it will hammer the front brakes to kill ebrake spin parking
ive had both
ive been able to lock the rear on all my cars
mine goes nuts parking because wet leaves everywhere
prob a good thing
hate the shit it sounds like its trying to jackhammer my suspension apart
i modulate heavy braking as a habit so besides mud and wet leaves <5mph, my abs doesnt do a ton
you ever floor it and fish tail around?
in the gravel
ebrake should feel exactly the same to steer and burning out in the gravel
well im saying if your shit actually works
you should adjust that

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eh, you can oversteer without a front wheel in motion, thats basically a donut
06:07:34 <@BlackMoon> couldn't you lock the wheel thats slipping and transfer torque over?
this is a limited slip diff
well yeah typically you only get one parking brake
you want two parking brakes
which would solve the brake balancing issue
but introduces the issue of, ya you have two parking brakes wtf man
well its not really a parking brake its a rear brake
i dont understand why a parking brake wouldnt actuate all the brakes
omg ebrake at speed?
you know there is like a whole genre of comedy based on ebrake parking
also a few memes involving gf pulling the ebrake at speed
it spins the car
instant oversteer
do you have abs?
well your shit is weak

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ah, teh oversteer

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wtf, can replace all with rubbing alcohol
ya i think its a troll to get people to put milk on their furniture

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