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shawn|i7-: razor blade or xacto knife

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i has no roommate
tho i am re-evaluating this for next semester
prob just neighbor would hear
and i dont care about that guy
hes always singing animu country, and cant hold a tone
and hes always mad and calling his MMO candy crush peers autistic faggots
he is older wheelchair neckbeard, fellow kids know him as guy who yells at kids in games, because he yells and sings ft from an open window 6ft from their porch

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my shoulder is all full of fuck
i so want one of those hitachi vibrators the pown girls have

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the mold has used the power of steam to innoculate all of your pourus items

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mongolia seems neat
i dunno they seem to have chilled out since then
bagpipes happened before start of 25 hours of thunderhill
was neat

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all the coffee i buy is single origin, its labeled w/ farm and country
raw its about same price as decent coffee at store
like, not the generic, but stuff like petes and starbucks, not the most expensive stuff
but light roasted, it doesnt taste like burnt
its completely diff its like a hardcore tea, but the taste of the beans comes through way more so if theyre bad beans you taste it

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tastes like it should, neat
so all it takes to roast coffee is an oven and some foil
i feel like coffee lovers all over the world getting played
wtf are you on folgers payroll or something

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rab: k for roasting when goal is just enough that it doesnt destroy the ginder, oven seems awesome
i did 375F for maybe like 20 minutes

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hmm awesome
i can hear the beans cracking
you cant so much with the popper all like REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
also they seem pretty even roasted, so either lower temp, crumped foil instead of directly on pan, or the fact that im not trying to make charcoal prob helping

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good idea, but i dont really ever use my window
sweet maries says do very high temp for like ~10min
so im doing low temp for a long time
i could get one of those a/c vent window inserts
cardboard might work okay, i can double it
else my whole place will get cold
i really like the pac nwest but this cold weather shit is kind of intrusive and im only like halfway up california

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i used to do it in the lab at guitar place
aim it into little trash bin, got most of it
they swept pretty often
me not so much
i was going to blow it into paper bag but then remember it throwing chaff embers so aborted
i need to make or buy a thing
well im worried because when i tried to raise temps a bit by partially covering opening the plastic edges got soft
like, cold temps kind of make this drama, like maybe i need to make a thing or just buy a thing
but cant afford a thing, so i try on aluminum baking sheet on top of crumped foil

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23:05:00 < neoimp> http://www.theverge.com/2016/12/5/13846396/lexus-led-lit-is-colors-dua-lipa-vevo
i have a plastic swingline stapler with rubber base, they do light and cheap pretty awesome
also i have a little handheld swingline, slightly rusty, has what looks like an early mid 80s date code on it, works awesome
rab: i think is too cold to air pop outside so im trying oven
chaff gets everywhere

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TIL in serbia, corn mash is the butler
i dunno what corn mash is

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