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ucla just has a class
dx^: the math dorks talk about fourier transforms like its a 400 or grad level class
so its like lots of classes?
ya fuck that ill buy a book
how is diff
so its more based on a fundamental?
instead of like, an absolute time spectrum
right i get that
i like how if you hold ? too long on a mobile, it turns upside down
upside down ? is more ? than ?

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dx^: yeah but in general im kicking ass at engineering classes, okay in physics and chem, squeeking by in maths
materials science was pretty rad
i am totally out of money and credit and stuff to sell, tho
what class is fft stuff?
no i mean the associated useless math course

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and some non laplace diff equations, and instructor says i can not show up to the finals and get a b-
right so basically my lifelong struggle against non applied math is maybe over
if i want a bs or ms ee, i prob have to calc 3
but i think i learned that in statics and strengths
dx^: pretty sure half the course is euler scribbling while masturbating

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2 moar years
well, 1.5 to 2.5
well, maybe longer
i might get realjob for a year
took diff eq final today, went to office hours right after, he went through my final quick and added all the points, c- or d+
either is fine, this school obviously dunno how to teach this class
i know because taken it twice
dx^: so im taking linear circuits 2, which is like 3/5 laplace transforms

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you kind of need a bridge to drive them, but thats like half of all digital io

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darlington so neat

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