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haha NPV probs
did they give you a table!?

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almost entirely
yeah i really like materials
chemistry for real life
anyway that shit was way hard, but interesting, and pretty sure i got a B
you guys did all the xtal lattice stuff and test methods?
also im going to have done no statistics
im kind of pissed, eng risk and econ analysis was taight by a business dep guy
there was zero risk analysis
but i can calculate your car loan like 5 diff ways

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dx^: intro circuits course, and he wouldnt teach mesh or node analysis, because too cookie cutter, and he didnt like them
i was mad pissed
because of that we burned two weeks in circuits 2 learning it
im told he was chewed out for it
i dont have to take it
we take heat/light/sound course in physics
instead of thermodynamics and fluids
dx^: i mean i assume its Rth math in 3 dimensions
so, yeah i pretty much have to be intuitively familiar with that to be functional at all sorts of electronics design and test shit
wtf dug
anyway if i get fucked and have to repeat strengths, i can prob get a minor in manufacturing or some shit

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dx^: its fucked when you realize you understand certain things more intuitively than the grad student instructor
or when you realize that the EE prof either doesnt test his labs, or doesnt understand non ideal behavior of a fucking opamp
like, i basically made up a lab based on what i assumed was their intended outcome, then wrote about how it doesnt work as written, due to [bunch of datasheet spec references]
and got max points
theyre like HOW?!?! im like, wtf just make a PWM
yes but i think because he wanted me to shutup about it
i didnt do that great on the exams because he wanted everything done completely symbolically
plug numbers into mega equation at the end
so no way to really check values during intermediate steps
physics prof was same way
coincidentally they both admit to not being the greatest at lab work
ya no shit math dorks its like youre flying blind to prove how big your brain cocks

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kinda both
mechatronic, its like half EE half ME
robots make better frens anyway
ya thats my reward next semester for passing diffs
if i pass strengths, i get to take mech eng design concurrent
im hoping thats kind of fun
i normally hate group stuff
but this semester in embedded systems im in a minigroup with a little mexi stoner meca major
heh, its all ASM on ARM cortex, almost whole class is lost, im like THIS IS RAD and shes doin ok

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dx^: oh ya, how has your shoulder been?
indefinitely employed
maybe not
you dont mean contract work/
you said you do contracting work but now old job pays you anyway

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dx^: crash landed strength of materials final, maybe never have to take civil engineering course again \o/
maybe not, tho
i kind of envy the computer engineering/science dorks, life seems so simple in that building

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