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gov subsidies are wellfare
corn faming? welfare
oil industry? welfare

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naw man immigrants are the problem
and unions
its not like the people in charge made the decisions to outsource shit and fuck their employees over
its because the black people are lazy
shrug, thats youre party
thats the base
gpf anyone will work if you treat them right
alternatively, you can put them into desperate situations
and they will also work
republican talking points never do logic past the immediate next step
like, consequences are for college dorks
yeah well, for people who arent assholes, it takes more than abortion and gun laws to get em to vote
midwest voted for its demise
but hey you can keep your kid home and teach them god knows more than scientists
so theyre the big winners i guess!
my mom is a legal immgrant
so are my grandparents
my grandpa worked in a transmission shop until he was like 75
my grandma did seamstress work her entire life
i mean, these people work

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eh trump is as good as dead
guys prob being blackmailed 5 diff ways
anymore empty metaphors?
what is my kind?
im not regged dem
also i think the 2nd ammendment is about taking out the government with firearms if necessary
dx^: ur the problem, mr college degree
the old ceos were good
but then the young college ceos came and ruined everything
bernie in trumpland townhall was awesome
trump never finished his MBA
he bullshits about his education
like everything else

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gpf: he appointed the wife of WWE CEO after she gave him $6M
his properties are mortgaged at $750M, dud is almost a billion in debt
money buys a lot in trumps cabinet

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yeah most of those guys have an education, so...

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my android phone just has a decent size batter and fully charges in like 30 min
so i dont really check the usage or worry about dying
if i want some sort of estimate, i look at the usage graphs

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scarbs is f1 tech genius/journalist guy
i didnt know he covered FE

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hmm, i assumed it wasnt printed before because some of the vertical surfaces dont look printed
but a few are so maybe the stretching is making the lines fade, and its printed before
i think it is a cnc airbrush

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dunno i think it looks sex and would work awesome
rab: they say that can do flex and semi-flex, and their base material list is lots of random
so im guessing they get creative
like, silscreen seems close to impossible without factoring in depth changes, which is kinda nutty
normal inkjet wouldnt work, unless you had some tiny head tracking z

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hmm, i would have to sell a fuckton of coffee

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hopefully they put the cars one some real circuits soon
would be neat to see battery swap outs, as opposed to full race batteries
the car swap shit is kind of hard to take seriously
like, lets highlight the biggest issue with electric cars instead of fixing it

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teflon core, also wonder what metal core heatsinks means
maybe like the led stars
who designed it?
its a williams part?
i didnt know they did all the FE electronics, too

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post the thing!
its still etched?
yeah big radius but maybe ball mill i dunno
oh neat
right thats why i thought it was etched, but i dunno i guess
naw, something like that go quick with actual CAM
who makes it?
mclaren supposedly doing the full race batteries in a year or so
i wouldnt if gaps allowed, right angle prob more likely to pull up

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still having trouble with the capacity vs current thing
why is nyt killing our bots

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macegr: are they running multiple traces between the headers?
reza_: its like per layer pad settings
anyway, i wouldnt trust restring at all, but pretty easy to verify in the gerbers
id be more worried about the user than the software
macegr: fsaee guys asking me questions like, damn you guys need an adult or something

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and yeah car jobs are kinda fucked, besides maintenance there is the issue of operating heavy machinery in the dark on full time students (lack of) sleep schedule
in the wet, with pretty bad front tires
im guessing weed doesnt work with my management company, but coffee i can do

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tho there is non work-study AV job at school maybe works
everything else local that doesnt involve food is like, full time or just not that flexible

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guys maybe i can sell coffee at farmers market
local roasters charging like $12/lb and their light roast is lightly burnt, even compared to whole foods light
everyone trys my coffee like WOAH FUCK THIS IS COFFEE? THIS IS GOOD!
and making lots is easy in oven
and i can get for like ~$5-8 raw
no i need to fund the whole mechatronics things =(
turns out i am normal and dont focus so awesome when freaking out about bills/money/food, or working 20-30 hours week

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everything is wet

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anyway we put speakers in literally almost everything, and power efficiency is kind of a thing now
so we should stop using neo magnets in stupid shit

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e) usb-c detent feels like connector sex

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