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ive only had one class with normal fucking desks and chairs
elementary school style
cant fuck with this
well, lecture, almost all that labs are like that, or legit benches with the shelf and some outlets

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most places are good about not reporting if it was the username or password that didnt match
guys my shoulder is all full of fuck
i try to double strap my backpack
but im from the 90s, like it just feels wrong and would take massive concious effort to do that all tha time
schwartznegger was too late for us
fuckin academic injuries
last semester it was the corner of the fucking chairdesk bruising my ribcage
its like they never thought that some of the chairs would be on the side of the classroom and the person would have to rotate their torso to see

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yes you know what everyone who supports him knows about him
he was talking in code directly to you
the things he said that you liked, you know thats the real trump
the shit he said you didnt like, that was just some shit he said to get the support of *other* people
he didnt mean it, right?
why, because the future president is going to hunt me down for saying bad things about him?
im not trolling, this is honest

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dude you support someone who is either a bigot or a liar
youre either stupid or an asshole

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texas might get there
depends on the issue

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because your leaders dont believe in climate change
they believe that the real problem is people on ebt
because people like you agree with them
its all related
well you have the same position
yeah well you think the main prob is people on EBT, too
you think?
or i can keep doing what im doing and you can respond as needed
hillary is over
no one liked hillary its a dead issue
anyway you say people in charge with money are the problem
trump just appointed billionaires and goldman sachs execs to his cab
he people a climate denying in charghe of the EPA and a fossile fuel CEO as sec of state
so your whole, lets not have wars over oil shit, haaaaaa

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good example of why republicans are allowed to continuously destroy the country for money
i could give a fuck how much they get paid if they do their job
its an honestly super minor fucking detail
theyre not the problem
stupid people are the problem
theyre doing what stupid people want
which is guns, no abortion, religion in school and state
oh and no gays
in return, republicans are allowed to please their donors
get what you voted for and pay the price
chose your priorities, live with them
but noooooo
they blame helpless people
poor people and immigrants
instead of the people in power or themselves
fucking idiots
if you want those guns and gays no to marry, yes gpf
thats what your leaders want
you get no abortion, you get religion in school, gays cant marry, and less gun laws
and they get mill spending
but the poor people on EBT, their the real problem
blackmoon: because north african myth
same reason they swear earth is 5k years old
how about we stop acting like a fucking empire
anyway the_gfr|w, your leaders dont believe in that

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the solution? blame poor people and immigrant
fuckin idiots
you know why jobs and opportunity are gone?
corp influence and republican policy
you know why republicans? uneducated people, abortion law, gun law, religion in state
thats what people vote for in more empowered midwest states
so the republicans get into power with these retarded social issues
and then the fuck their base hard
and the base asks for more
take my jobs and fuck my standard of living
just dont take my guns, and dont let the gays marry
so thats what republican base did gpf
they traded jobs and opportunity for religion at school
fuckin idiots
itll happen one way or another, its the nature of people
you need to not let them have power in the first place
because you maybe have to support yourself and a family
and because the people dont want you to owe someone other than the people
so you cant get bribed and infl;uenced
good thing the_gfr|w doesnt make the rules

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but business selling out america for more profit, not the problem?
yes, assuming you mean the lobbyists making the decisions
oh yeah there is that
lets see there are peoiple who make the decisions that directly lead to people losing their jobs
and people who dont make decisions, who are struggling to feed their families,
the lobbyists get?
if they didnt exist it would just go direct to the congress
why not focus on the people funding the lobbyists
you know but you dont bring them up first
you bring up helpless people
so, fuck you
again, looking at symptoms and not the problem
vote them out if they suck
you get a chance every 2 to four years

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ha nice, so GPF's local government fucks him over amd harasses him because of whatever state law, and to GPF its the poor people on EBT's fault

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