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08:17:50 <@Grifter> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/12/16/doj_pounds_prenda_lawyers_with_36_criminal_counts/ wowzers

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i dont even think contact ignition should be allowed to be discussed even
wipe from history, correct all records
prob look cool with a clear distributor cap
i think they kinda do until they perfectly dont
well the rotors and cap usually look worn, so would be surprised
because it arcs over inside?

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did you punch it real hard?
oh, that makes more sense

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shrug, thats whats its supposed to be at 500mA
like an order of magnitude less than if a schottky is used
recovers a lot better than a fuse and rev diode
those things neat

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so you have feedback, or you have a 17mv drop?

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