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im not sure how much of that stuff is banned in endurance racing
like 10 diff sets of rules to try and figure out in that scene

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its not RC
the competition is supposoed to be about race algorithms
but i think it will feed back into normal racing too
ha, yeah it celebrates neat
right now the higher tier cars are super complicated, a lot of the engine, suspension and brake modes are handled by the driver
theres a lot of comm with the engineers, and the fans and drivers dont like it much
no i think if they allow more of the systems to be automated, the driver can drive
and we can get back towards 90s steering wheels
maybe a brake bias and a single knob for engine modes
also what youre desribing is basically F1 feeder series
GP2 and GP3 are spec races with simplified cars, versus f1

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omg roborace dorks talking about torque vectoring

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macegr_: dont be postin gore
ha neat everything has dropdowns for units

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