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vamp hunter d is neat

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omg fuck anime new blade runner wat

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these patches all suck except these, kinda https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1151/9112/products/FALLOUT_1024x1024_ec9d56a5-e9da-4ea7-a53e-a2c31634ef30_large.PNG?v=1482001696 and https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1151/9112/products/SPIKE_1024x1024_3de73231-f58d-4a9e-b987-af052064d67c_large.PNG?v=1482000831
yeah my fallout girl always looks way better than that
i usually make her a fake redhead
blackmoon: yes totally unnatural red is best red
i have red shirts i wash with everything else
only one of my white shirts is very slightly pink

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hey beastie boys are awesome
every girl in the world loves a beastie boy
gunsmith cats has a neat car at least
it looks kind of like anime laverne amd shirley with guns
wait fuck republicoup is in NC, not SC
america is fucked
they should be renamed southern carolina, and more southern carolina

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with the little shark gill cuts
totally a functional military uniform

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the grunt bots in gunbuster had this pedal and sliding joysticks setup to control shit
kind of like macross shit, like it wouldnt really work well unless their was some sort of neural control going on
but the big robot was pretty cool
it had like, this spherical cockpit that projected her surroundings in 4pi space
and she was kind of mounted by her back, floating, and there was this frame that attached to her kimbs
was more like lower back and hips, i dont think it wrapped under
but yeah basically
i think a setup like that is completely realistic for a mechanical control input
its like mini-series long
i think there were other series after ive never seen those

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no robots
that was the cutest thing i could get into
big robots, and then i dunno shes really good so she gets a super big robot
then aliens come, and she kills them all with the big robot
i dont think the power of love or pop singing was involved at all
hated when macross started singing

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this sounds like dragon ball z
do they fight a lot, with fights spanning several eps?
i dont like dbz

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are their mechs? androids? maybe just power armor?
or ninjas, or samurai, or just swords, or post apocolypse, or starts with nuclear war in prologue
anime is kind of like top gun to me
like, hey stop playing volleyball and fuckin with that teacher chick, get back in the fuckin plane

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god is mean
this looks like cutey semi-chibi anime

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i wouldnt be surprised if they eventually started blocking common useful sites to get more people to pay
we saw tits on wikipedia, bant
10:26:50 < timecop> .. and nothing of value was lost

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i keep having to remind myself they dont just mean for kids
anyway, they have 1 lawyer in that states congress, and he hasnt been licensed to practice law in like 20 years
probably all the minicoup laws are shit and theyll just do what they want anyway and itll all get sorted in court
they probably dont even do traffic tickers online there, arent creative enough to think of a chip that can be disabled from the internet, so when they say 'disable' they probably mean walk it into a place that provides this service
once they figure out the chip thing wont fly, the people who they have setup to do removal service will just offer to install software
that prob just blocks every other website ever
shit will get cracked first day

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when i am couch surfing in family suburbia, they got lots of cooking shows
some of them are pretty rad
i guess garage surfing would be more correct
bed surfing

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timecop: you dont
timecop: what happens is local PC installers will say HEY WE CAN MAKE YOU A PC LIKE THAT, since obviously any OEM is going to tell one state to fuckoff over some religious shit
and they will rewrite the law or just have a judge give it the thumbs up
timecop: alternative solution, neural network software
a lot of cooking and nature shows, BANT

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because trolls with lots of hosts
i just asked solopsism i think needs to be an op
07:35:28 -!- #cars You're not channel operator

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ha, in what context?

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nine times even

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