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which is why i was bummed when i thought it was gone

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timecop: hmm weird pretty sure i tried all lordpil.stuff

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wtf where is my blog
timecop: !?

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shrug, neo-cons got us here
the common thread is unregulated use of money
which is also destroying F1 =(
thats debatable in modern politics
traditional liberals arent really a thing
neither are traditional conservatives
anyway, politics aside, its just the way technology and society need to go

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endurance racing, ya big news
maybe, and theres always talk of entering F1
F1 is hybrid for a long time now
they are running energy recovery on rear electric motors, and they are running motors on the turbine shafts
so they can spool up the turbo and then use the turbo for recovery
gas wont be over for a long time
efficiency in gas motors is going to help more than going all into electrics
the infrastructure and technology isnt there
im down with electrics, but governments and industry arent
and it wont be an instant change
F1 is about effiency
pfft, neo-anything is the problem
tho next year they are raising the fuel limit 5%
need to stay ahead of WEC =)

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which is why i think F1/FE style efficiency rules need to trickle down into amateur racing classes
these people see environmentalists as a threat, in a way they are right, and there is no infrastructure to support hybrid/EV motorsport at a level that will develop the breed

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efexx: ya, im split between the big ones and small ones
i really like the packaging
rab: basically governments are wanting space program results and dont want to help with space program support
my guess is more efficiency gains have come from motorsport than gov subsidized research

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i wouldnt do it because insane in a lot of ways, but id feel much better about selling the car
and i kind of feel like the car <3s me and the KRKs could care less
i dont make money with them
i was thinking of getting yamaha powered speakers/mixer setup, could use as speakers and whore out for little parties and community events
Joe says the rep told him that the reason for the delay is that VW believes stripping the car 'wasn't in the spirit of the buyback.'
ya but it sure seems in the spirit of fucking over the other party
i dont condone what they did but in understand why
they werent the only ones
and people are very happy with those cars in general, emissions aside
they are at the limits of technology, efficiency in production motors and even highest tier race motors is crazy high

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i think so
actually ive measured them side by side with DSP genelecs, theyre alot more reference than i would have guessed
well, pawn i could maybe get them back
this is basically the threshold of nothing left to sell

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rab: know anyone wants to buy g1 KRKs?
rokit 8, w/ 10" sub
i prob go pawn them

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class-d sounds better than it measures
so has someone done a class-d tube amp yet?
typical design already has like half the output filter
bias drift =)

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yeah i imagine just moving the big machines is financially unrealistic
the multi-station setups ive seen look like they could be handled by typical machine movers
like, they were machine tools more than work benches, but least they would fit on a truck without being fully dismantled
rab: yeah things like bus wires to elements, that didnt matter as much, were somewhat random
like, in a batch you could guess which tubes came from which worker
efficiency is dumb in cold climates
theyre binned
at tube job, we would either gets tubes all in the middle of the acceptable range, really sexy
or shit totally on both edges with nothing in the middle, coincidentally this would happen when boss was bitching about negotiations with russians
rab: he swears the best tubes in history came out of a particular chinese factory

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so my guess is that this vid represents american automation funded by a huge comparation subsidized by the military
vs typical russian creativity and hard work
why bother with 100% automation when we can fixture for consistency and provide jobs for comrades
the performance differences were huge
american 6L6, i believe RCA shit, acted like they were regulated or something
modern/NOS ru/cn tubes, you could vary plate voltage and current would be all over the place
it just didnt really happen with the american 6L6, it was significant and there wasnt huge visible differences

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cool it has mass production vids
i think a lot of tubes were less automated, this is likely the pinnacle of the industry
audio tube machines ive seen looked like rotation multistation work benches
person would basically operate the machine doing a single semi-manual task
current as of 10-20 years ago
but my understanding is the russian equipment is original
my guess is the chinese equipment is a clone of russian gear

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strange atoms, yo
hehe traffic cop grid
hahaha at pebble monkeys vs shutter
omg dominos wont release my pizza points

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