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so i turned my ad blocker off on a bunch of sites... now like half the interweb is google semicorp ads
bitches i cannot afford thousdands of your chips pls2not rub it in
i guess semicorp google ads is less ambiguous

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exgf sent me two packages because im poor
then today when i told her i didnt have to decide on food or weed, because i spent on phone bill instead, she tried to buy me a pizza while getting gas on her road trip
girls are really nice when you forgive them for being fucked up insensitive assholes

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timecop: in the summer i worked everyday delivering trees
dont you have that gap?
kids will totally fit in that gap if a subwoofer can
timecop: hopefully i can get audio/visual tech job at school, i follow up after new years
sucks that the majority of jobs at school are work-study, which comes out of your cost of attendence student aid limit
im maxed out, so no work-study job
blackmoon: isnt yours an automatic?
its way weirder with a stick shift
elbow to passenger nuts for 2,4,R

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thats like, rens current level of innovation
well, i can just demonstrated how i do a 5 stage opamp circuit
then do another circuit in parallel
then copy that circuit, and modify it
and simulate all three, like 45 stages of opamp, to prove out rework
then show them the 1000 line netlist
and be like, so how long would that take you without capture?
timecop: i had a job, i had to stop for safety reasons and because it would eat car eventually
and it def wasnt good for academics
timecop: i need a bit more than typical 19 year old to make a net positive financial situation
blackmoon: i was operating on a students sleep schedule, delivering at night in the college district
drunk pedestrians everywhere
no, tapingo
my car cant uber
nope, not enough doors
and prob too old as of this year, i assume thats a rolling date

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timecop: we got an EE instructor convined other instructors that industry does not use schematic capture for spice
everything in netlists without exception!
my engineering buddies would fucking slap me if i showed them a netlist instead of a schematic
no man, like, let me fire up 3 pages of engineering pad and show you it
closer to asm
timecop: hmm?
timecop: have you ever looked at spice part files?
well, no you come here and ask us
but yeah i get what youre saying
blackmoon: [part name][positive node][megative node][value]
and some dot commands
ah, yeah guess youre right
timecop: like, i bought some part to make a thing earlier in semester, have it 2/3 laid out, but now i wish i hadnt bought parts because more groceries would be neat

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something not optimal is someone else was a better business person
timecop: makes me feel guilty, so not really
ive been watching web code lessons, because there seems to be a lot of that work around
yes, pfft indeed
but even locally, that shit pops up a lot
seems like it, but its stuff ive avoided forever and would help to know
im going to ask about 1/2 year contacts when i start hitting people up about summer jobs
timecop: i actually bought parts to start working on something, but stopped working on it because gig economics plus learning how to do electronics the really slooooow way that no one uses in industry

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dont agree, and sometimes the brokers are personal friends
like, they may be just as willing to fuck another broker as they are to fuck you in the right circumstances
thats not true
people get fucked over for lots of reasons, because business
shady and legit business
do i need to say his nick timecop? pretty sure you can guess
ohsixi: no im talking like, continuously
people will fuck people over to make more money with other people, or because of disrespect
since china doesnt need business like they used to, it happens a lot more
and im talking about how things are generally done

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because commodity
because psu
not really
pricing per watt is pretty consistent
they dont need to be aggregated
they just need to not be in isolation
thats what ops people do all day with components
crazy white guys with perfect chinese
waving their hands around a lot while talking on the phone
the price lists are distirbuted across thousands of companies
but theyre not in isolation
shenzen isnt in isolation either
there are other option in china
yeah but shenzen make the point, because i know of people who deal with multiple brokers, and play them against each other
its irresponsible not to
and in the end the price depends on how much business the parties already have

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well i wasnt talking about that
because we still make food
thats about all we still mass produce
well, i dont agree i guess
companies i work for scouted most of the sources of major parts
like, boots on the ground
if youre a little company trying to make money by manufacturing in china, and cant afford the plane ticket, youre rolling dice
i dunno man, specific consumer electronics arent really commodities
no subwoofer hedge fund
well PSU is kind of a commodity
interchangable, generally the same
pricing is generally fixed through competition
well, i dont think that makes sense ohsixi
because a lot of what china does is make finished consumer products
some might say they make most finished consumer products
im talking about competition on a global scale

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most of the problems you are talking about are sourcing issues, not really manufacture and engineering issues
youre generalizing, every cvompany does this differently
buy from digikey just moves accountability
in many cases, the reputable shit is coming from the same factory as the fake shit
i dont understand what you mean by that
this is all the result of individual decisions
and right i wasnt talking about import/export, i was talking about manufacturing
12:54:04 <+ohsixI> people sourcing it are disconnected from the person making it
you mean when you buy from digikey? or source through a CM? or source directly through china distributors? or when you are working directly with a component CM, but dont have engineers on the line?
which level of disconnect are you talking about? and now many companies do you know of who directly work with the manufacturers of the components the buy, at an assembly line level?

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people are sketched out about china because initially, they paid very little, to people with little experience, and got shit results
get what you pay for
that just isnt the case anymore, not in general
but in many ways, in america, it is
i dont think you understand how many people get a piece of the pie beween the factory and the customer
i mean they dont really sell to us like that
we sell to ourselves, and contract them to do the work
in most cases, theyre taking most of the risk initially
they dont get paid until they ship
anyway, im not sure what specific points you are trying to make
we made shit, and now china makes shit, and arguably they are better
the shit you are buying from reputable american distributors was made in china
they had to make it work same as any other manufacturer

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waaay more issues with fake docs
we catch that shit in testing pre production prototypes
so again, you test
i dont even know what hes talking about now
anyway, to circle around again
we made lots of shit in the 80s
and china manufacturing is pretty good now
meanwhile, we mostly suck at it now
thats doesnt change anything ive said
i never said we didnt import shit

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i dont generalize product managers, theyre all types
some of them genuinely think it will work out
many of them are right
shrug, BOM is part of the design
so test that
i tested until people were dying on the dancefloor
or dying of hypothermia
the french tank hacker CTO made us a nice freeze/heat box to do most of it
we dont spec that
and its never seems to be an issue on anything ive worked on
if youre that close and it becomes a problem, you saved too much money
well theres nothing stopping you from shipping parts there
and theres nothing stopping you from sourcing yourself
and theres nothing stopping you from using american companies with distros over there
ohsixi: shrug, hundreds of thousands of units a year isnt enough?
well we were talking about manufacturing in general
ohsixi wants to talk about electrolytics
because i guess some kind of special snowflake
ive had more issues with fake chips

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anyway, testing specs and engineering and SOP should be developed with the CM
caps are not so diff than any other part
how would obscenely low cap values pass test?
how would that pass test?
high esr will blow in 100 hour tests
unless its good enough, then ship it
sure, but its the responsibility of the customer to make sure testing is done properly at some point
preferably at all the points, in some manner
which is very, very common
you know who gets total shit product?
companies that go and buy china factory product
and has it direct shipped to distributors
with no input on QA
i have no respect for this model
tubaman: ya kinda
pick something off a showroom shelf, say i want this colors and this logo
wait a month or too at home, get a package
open the box, see it powers up and does something
ship it
ive seen that model, and it makes a lot of money
ohsixi: who knows?

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china caps are sillyness
10+ years ago
now its just business as usual
nothing is cheap here
i meant 10+ years ago with cap industrial espionage
ohsixi: honestly it doesnt matter so much
if youre testing right
ive shipped products with known counterfeit parts
they worked, they passed spec and qual testing, so we shipped
it implies testing right
sure, but do you want to ship?
or do you want to be right and win?
and ship in years or never
you work with CM or you leave
you dont try and force their hand
great way to fuck yourself 1000 ways
if you choose to manufacture over there, you either babysit or deal with the consequences
either can be profitable
tubaman: contact manufacturer

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if you train them to make it well, quickly, profitably, they will give you good results
if you suck at DFM and cause them QA issues, you will get shit product
american cant DFM because engineers are fucking lazy
'labor is cheap'
so workers burn out, and yields reduce, and now engineers on planes
ohsixi: how much QA work have you done with asians?
they have the infrsatructure, that guy doesnt
they have the other business to keep them going while your project delays due to tyicval fuckups
ohsixi: chinese mass production capabilities surpassed ours in terms of quality a long time ago
they make computers and car parts
us? not so much
yeah man show me some curves or some analysis because thats a lot of numbers that dont change anything about what im saying
how does .001% error gets freakishly large in volume?

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ohsixi: so youre saying youre wrong about us not making shit in the 80s on a massive scale?
dude were all peers, you dont have to mention that
im treating exactly how i treat people who say shit i dont agree with because its wrong, about a field im very interested in
we made a ton of shit, japan did too, china kinda did
actually i said why and gave a lot of examples which can be researched, as well as anecdotal stories
well, no not everyone
for example micronesia maybe made shit in the 80s, but they were not a manufacturing monster
well, yeah because thats legislated
they have to do that if they realize it means more money
the accountants told them to do it
didnt account for comm delays and burnt out engineers and shitty QA or shitty yields
american manufacturing is going to come back for the same reason it left
eventually our money will be devalued enough that it makes sense to build here again
and the accountants will make it happen
tubaman: china QA is exactly as good as you pay them to be

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in the 80s?
im not sure what youre talking about
that some business now is doing some of their manufacturing in china?
um, i was directly involved in making widgets in china, korea and america for like 7 years
im not sure what japan not being incometant has to do with manufacturing in america
theres a p missing
um, ya
that doesnt change that we manufactured on a massive scale through the 90s
like, lots of aerospace and auto industry was local to me as a kid
so basically a valley of 3M people, with a bunch of mega factories, and prob hundreds of shops supporting them
there was also decent electronics assembly in the valley
i know assemblers who have been working that long
so like, coming from someone who literally fell in love with this shit because i lived in the middle of it...
tf are you talking about?
we made shit here while i was alive
lots of it

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compared to know where its empty and stagnant with guys sitting around
yeah man first all electronics isnt everything
second of all, we made that shit here
so youre saying america never a significant manufacturer of products?
because at some point japanese labor was cheaper?
12:05:31 <+ohsixI> no we weren't :D
no i want to continue this is interesting
like somehow, massive amounts of industry didnt happen in your universe
yeah man we still made shit in the 80s
granted it was when we started to dismantle, but not nearly on the scale of the late 90s
we still did assembly in america in the 80s, there were still factories and shops supporting them

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shit will get worse here
and better there, and soon we will have manufacturing jobs again
lame dude
we were a manufacturing monster through the 80s
were not now
do you mind if i ban you for just making shit up based on a line in a comedy movie?
just because other countries import to here doesnt mean we didnt make things
i had speakers with a manufacturing address a few miles from where i lived a few years ago
every company i worked at had leftover tools from local manufacturing lines
in the valley, when i was a kid shit was happening in shops

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i dont think the enamel is that bad, not sure tho

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yeah bad PSU would fuckup a system, but not permanently
and ive had PSU fireball and not take out other components
it was an antec, i was kinda like wtf i should have just got a china one with a funny name
i didnt know anything about electronics when it happened
dunno what happened
blackmoon: thats the smell of speaker testing =D

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no for the amp
but the forward switchers are usually based on ancient pwm controllers, tl494 and sg-whatever, so its pretty discrete
like, all protection is usually a jumble of passives and BJT
which is prob why the PSUs fail a lot

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ohsixi: dude we work in dB
small effects are literally nothing, they dont show up in measurements, and usually arent audible
like, variations in wood glue will have more effect
blackmoon: discrete amp, forward coversion switcher

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dude gets a block of wood, put a block of wood on top of it
rigidly attach on one end and stimulate to make the other end buzz
do you think a blanket on top is going to do jack shit?

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take that, mother bitches
that kind of shit is why i left
the blanket?
no its completely transparent
if you fix it with mass, you gotta add like blocks of wood or at least heavy damping like unvalcanized butyl rubber
like dynamat
its almost always fixed with rigidity, moving braces around or something
like, you can literally lean on the biuzz with all your weight, and a lot of the time it doesnt go away, just changes it

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i do that a lot but its intuitive enough i just stare for a few sec and then feel stupid
rub and buzz is diff
you fix that with rigidity and mass in the cabinet
like, typically they happen between 50 and 500 hz, and almost every speaker has buzz issues
half the time, i got the issues signed off by testing competitive product in front of the product designers
haaaa, supposedly guitar shop tried to pin buzz issues on me years after i left the company
homie tech got the spec and quality test doc, and laughed
'ren tested it, its logged at buzzing at the same frequencies as now, he even put amplitudes affected, and you guys signed off on it, right here'

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ohsixi: no its not better than nothing
it can create audible turbulence, and looks like a fire hazard
literally nothing would have been better
like, 33% fill fiberglass is effective
it makes the box look bigger
dude that blanket isnt going to do jack shit to standing waves
thats about as useful as that silk pillow stapled to the back of that CV passive live sub
we literally just stood there and stared at the unassembled cab like, holy fuck we sell this shit?
standing waves dont really happen in subs
especially ones that small
theyre pretty much uniformly pressurized and depressurized
the wavelengths are like 10ft at 100hz
1ft is 1khz
thats pretty much the easy ref to remember
1.13 ft

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you had no comm issues, you got all the profit, and you had less volume
they see themselves as chill and laidback nice guys, with bad employees
when i left, two other people left same night, and another guy left next day
so this guy went like 3 months and completely flipped his staff twice

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er, banned
shops have to jump through local hoops, tend to have actually business practices, and decent security
delivery places have to afford weedmaps, thats pretty much it
my theory is the delivery places do well when its the owner and a few friends
when they expand and have to do actual employee and inventory management, they kind of trip over themselves
they only survive because of high volumes and margins
theyre making $$ but could be making $$$$, but they dont want to count
also they dont seem to understand that working for oneselves is not the same as working for someone else for pay
'when i did this alone...'

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and this manager would tell me how it is, how some drivers have some way, other drivers others
im like, bitch you started the same time i did, i dont want to hear your widsom
he was manager because he had literally nothing else going on in his life
and could work 60 hours a week
eh i wish
most places wont work out of an office because their shit can be siezed
by local or fed
thats why drivers holding inventory
most dispensaries operate oput of an apartment or something
well, taxes
paperwork you pay for
blackmoon: keeping it semi shady keeps the very big companies from coming onto the scene, tho
fed need to unschedule it and legislate some terms before that happens
whats that
i think local places that have band shops have done a huge disservice
delivery is known to be shady, my first hand experience was stereotypical

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if you tell your insurance your working delivery your insurance prob doubles
naw they pay ton of taxes
so i was stressing because i was doing the dispatch right
verifying all new customers, entering all orders into mmjmenu.com db, keeping everything up to date
so one time i worked dispatch after the manager worked for like a week straight
you call or check their docs on a website
takes a minute if online usually
for medical yeah
possession is legal, i dont think sales is totally
the law was mostly about protecting users
so one time i worked dispatch after the manager worked for like a week straight
and he wasnt entering *anything* into the db
like 4 or 5 days of zero sales, zero new customers
thats kind of when i was like fuckit
also i was hired after a complete replacement of staff

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after another hour, he says other owner says thats dumb because high foot traffic (duh) and that they will go back to driver carries all inventory in car, which i was specifically told wouldnt be the case
like, the job was sold to me as specifically avoiding drivers carry inventory
i was just showing that if they gave a shit, they could get a residential place in the college district and run the business out of that
blackmoon: also a $5k cash ziplock was accidentally left at my house and they hadnt noticed for almost a week before i called and let them know
'oh... yeah this week felt a tad light' wtf felt?
so yeah cannabis delivery industry doesnt 3rd grade math

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anyway, second boss was like I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU DID 15 MIN AVERAGE
bitch, that dont work when im parked in front of a house, and your spending 30 minutes trying to figure out a replacement for what they ordered
because didnt update menu
boss told us to update menu, so i did
got bitched out for removing so many items from menu
like, bitch it doesnt matter if you have that shit in some house we dont know about, its not in the box
no its like if they said okay
and the server showedup with hot dog and turkey sandwhich
but youre looking at a burger being cooked for someone else
blackmoon: so to make a point, because i live in a high pedestrian student district, when i was dispatch for four days i held all inventory and prepped all orders
all inventory issues were handled immediately with the customer, and menu updated in realtime
driver had no clue their were inventory issues, they just showed up, picked up a couple hours worth of orders and booked out
at the end of the four days, without talking to me, says that me method is now company policy
im like, um okay awesome, but... well not everyone lives alone, in the college district

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hangouts was basically the only thing the company did right
however, using a single hangouts account as a party line to communicate, with no indication of nicks, was retarded
like, wow boss you sure managed to take something useful and turn it into something confusing as fuck
this is the guy who had hundreds of stock items split unevenly between two drivers, and never counted inventory or money
typical delivery times: 10 minutes to 4 hours
everyone ive talked to uses them since says theyre still the same, theyll show up after a random interval, and likely wont have what you ordered
and will try and sling you what they got for a similar price
at my other job, the dude eventually stopped taking orders
he would just get an addy and go OK! and hang up
and id go and work it out with the customer based on inventory on hand
but in that case, inventory and volume was lower, i could hit everyone within 30 minutes and averaged 15
it wouldnt

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also hangouts integrates text messaging
which was essential for customer communication due to document verification, and was very helpful for dispatching drivers
google is retarded for not marketing and polishing it for this type of work

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i dont have to answer the phone, you have to answer the phone
shit i dont even answer phone when friends call
ill call back in a few min or text back or whatever
blackmoon: pretty sure i could take out a drone pretty easy if it means free weed
amazon doesnt sell weed
rab: then go back to what barely worked, or use what takes the void
they prob just add a module to slack
rab: also 'works great' isnt really true, 'works' enough to make mad money is though
seems like google gave up on full integration of all their tools and smoothing out the UI long time ago
that said, it handled mad calls and text in parallel, on multiple PC at once
k neat

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anything involving a landline ive largely forgotten
every corpy office job ive had, phone is a random decoation that blinks red
voice mails go to outlook as wavs
and everyone does business on their cell phones
except the really old manager fucks
they sometimes have a landline stapled to their face
if youre a receptionist!
shrug, landline is a landline
all my jobs had voip, my mom has voip
or did
the_gfr|w: because you dont have a receptionist
what kind of real business is that!?
why dont you use google hangouts and everyone can just use *all* the computers to handle that
plus text log
plus recording of all history in google voice
the weed dispensary i worked at for a bit did that, prob pulled in way more calls and money than your business, and ran fine from several locations at once, miles apart

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i have a d series latitude
i put 8gb in it and an ass, still use it for school, 1920x1200 monitor
ive never seen that shit
i guess shit works
oh haha
ssd offset by one key is ass
random orientation tenkeyless and a messy desk is ng
i do that stuff on my desktop
hopefully laptop lasts least until summer

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like meth manufacturers

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per domestic customer?
hardcore what if you have twins or triplets

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but youre prob fine 99% of the time
bose is buying billions of the things, so its likely their distributor got backed into a corner
fake parts are $$$
some family eats today because fake parts
some products ships today and customers are happy because fakes parts
theyre not going away =(
europe tried that and now lead solder is bant
well they put that fake egg factory out of business
and fake baby formula is def not lolo anymore
fake market gotta fake
thats why one of the engineers i know moved back to canadia
fell in love over there, they had baby, and fake formula news happened
and hes like, fuck this im out
i think he was there for almost 10 years

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it looks like thats whats about to happen
feel free to spray the circuit with .1uF, like across larger bulk caps, if youre worried about HF interference traveling around to diff areas of the circuit
or, if youre paranoid like bose, .15uF caps
yeah they got fucked once and theyre a huge company
the reason is theyre the most counterfeited caps ever

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if i was the violent type id prob fuck his face up
but that shit looks used enough i wouldnt trust it for final inspection
violence doesnt fuck up his ability to do work
which might be directly related to your ability to deliver
probably, some of the verniers are .001" tho
and i never trust the .0001" completely on shop mics
if you want accurate .0001" shit, you need tools hidden away specifically for that
and you need to be measuring at ref temps
could just be cheap timing

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same experience with high end and china shop calipers and mics
like, you gotta try reeeeeal hard to fuck up shit when youre going for .001
already got it, want to install but gotta uninstall something else =(
i did in #cars, d0gz beat me by 5 min
rab: also even if it did knock itself out of tolerance, my guess is recal and just using the click tensioner, and itd still be usable

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prob fine, he didnt weld anything with it
also like that it isnt loaded by anything except its own weight
and if was a joke, prob didnt happen
its in a shop and has a name tag on it, my guess is this is more for working than inspection, and if youre just going for .001, pretty awesome how well most measurement gear holds up to abuse
those china SPI calipers i have are all sorts of sucked, the needle is somehow 90 degrees off, the little brake for the height measurment extension is gone
but wipe the flats with your thumb, measure a precision ground dowel, shit is dead on with diff diameters

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ohsixi: this guy added a blanket as damping
just no
2% fill aint gonna do shit except maybe create more heat and create a new fire hazard
well he fixed it
even if its now lined in firestarter and has timebomb psu standoffs
i wish he had mentioned the name of the bad chinacaps

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im not sure hes right about the glue, it might just be flux that wasnt washed that ended up under the glue, which is conductive and corrosive and is often not washed off
also im not sure the glue ate the soldermask, it may just be heated traces that fucked the soldermask, and the glue pulled it off, bc glue
the board is overheated in large areas of the solder side
that said, i like this guy hes funny
i dont trust his screw tapped standoffs =\
fucking power supply gonna shake off and fall onto the woofer, those should have been Al in the first place

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if he doesnt replace the glue hes making problems
omg brown diarhea, the technical term in 'yellow glue'
i think white glue is better for subs
not elmers, 'white glue' is more rubbery like RTV vs 'yellow glue'

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at megohms over a mm?
all that shows is that fastones are shit connectors for power
TIL nothing =(
prob a cap
nice dandruff closeup

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ha, cambridge 'megaworks'
wonder if based in cambridge, or china figured out that boston engineering is marketable in home audio
cheap driver, stamps steel frame, doesnt look like any sort of fancy suspension
everything has rework
good part of my job was designing rework for new production
future running changes are an excuse for quick and dirty, they never happen
shrug, overengineered and chinese
'how do we do the same thing without real heatsinks?'
he things the conductive glue is a problem?

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ha, yeah the carpet was the first thing i thought when i saw the vid
maybe it is very cold where they are

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